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Euromutt is a forced meme?
Heccin' downvoted

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>euromutt is antimatter vantablack coal forced meme from niggerhell or whatever


Soyjak subvariant
  • Obsessed faggot
Origin/soy/, (October 2023)
Booru Posts 249 As of February 26th, 2024
Based OnNeutralplier

Euromutts are a race of insectoid Arabic-Saharan-Mongolian "people" who regularly immigrate in droves to inhabit Western Europe; similarly to Amerimutts, they are the end result of thorough (((race-mixing))), the difference being their gene pool contains much more Arabic DNA compared to the average American's unusual amount of hispanic DNA.

They typically indulge in walkable cities, shivving random natives, going to World Economic Forum meetings, and having exceedingly long and pointless arguments with Amerimutts on /pol/ about who's whiter.


Eternal Anglo mutt

The original "Euromutt" soyjak was an edit of the Amerimutt version of Impish Soyak Ears with pale grey skin, pointed ears, Homer Simpson's hair, and a European Union shirt. It's based off the obscure /int/ meme Eternal Anglo, since germanics and Slavs blame Anglo countries, the Brits specifically, for ruining potentially great things. Few gemeralds were made with it, but it died shortly due to being too derivative of regular mutt-posting.

Bulgarian Euromutt/Arabjak

The current Euromutt (also known as Arabjak) is now a subvariant of the Markiplier Soyjak created by a bulgarian[it just is, ok?] that’s used to mock Europeans as being non-white arabs. His characteristics include a long wrinkly head, weird big glasses, small bloodshot eyes, an EU hoodie, a half open mouth, snot leaking out of his right nostril, and a "Most Obsessed Faggot" award.

It evolved out of a similar 'jak with white skin that was first posted on October 24th 2023. On October 27th it was modified to have brown skin and was heavily spammed in retaliation to mutt-posting.

Status as IAS

Contrary to popular belief, Bulgarian Euromutt/Arabjak falls under IAS, even more so than his american counterpart, sporting several IAS qualities:

  • An open mouth (Although only halfway)
  • A bald head
  • Plenty of stubble
  • Cartoonishly magnified glasses
  • Is used almost exclusively for quoting and mocking people


>Allah save the queen or whatever

Euromutt was accidentally discovered on October 20th, 2023 by Soyentists who were attempting to use interdimensional imageboard travel to discover a universe where /qa/ was never locked. While their efforts were fruitless, they did happen upon an alternate bizarro /pol/ which vehemently mocked Europeans rather than Americans for their declining white population. Researchers immediately took interest and took the European specimen with them for study, dubbing it "Euromutt." But interest quickly turned to fear as the Euromutt started exhibiting extremely violent behavior, shivving and raping anything white in his vicinity whilst insisting he was NOT in fact, obsessed with Americans. Containment efforts were made in hopes of preserving the muttposter population in our home dimension, but they only lasted 72 hours before Euromutt breached onto /soy/ and an IAS version was made within the hour.

What ensued was the Mutt-Euro War, a shitshow which turned /soy/ into a smoldering battleground and left thousands of innocent 'teens dead and even more more mortally wounded as their gems were blown away in the crossfire. Froot, desperate to protect his butthurt muttposter army from the anomaly, swiftly quarantined all amerimutts from /soy/ like the selfish little fuck he is to try and curb the ongoing genocide on his website.

Ever since, Euromutt has shown to be a very malicious addition the soyjak ecosystem, prowling and reproducing within unassuming amerimutt threads. If you are ever unlucky enough to encounter a live Euromutt on the 'log, your options for defense are:

  • Hide the post and ignore it
  • Engage in a muttduel with it and hope it runs out of arrows before you do
  • Bitch about how it's NAS vantablack brimstone (Largely ineffective)



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