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XKCD is a webcomic that soyjak enjoys reading. It's been compared to Rick and Morty, but I think XKCD has a far more bitter, cynical sense of humor. The Door was first mentioned in this webcomic.

Wiki raids

>For anti-vandalism scripts on wikis it's usually as simple as blocking the script from loading with uBlock Origin.

>When it comes to bots, you've got to be more clever. For example, used to replace the comics on explainXKCD with pictures of Osama bin Laden on a semi-frequent basis. Theusaf, one of explainXKCD's more dedicated jannies, wrote an anti-vandalism bot named after himself in a desperate attempt to stop this and other things I was doing.

>The bot checked to see if the "image" field in the comic template had been altered since the article's creation, and if it has been, it reverted the edit. However it was easily circumvented by setting the "imagesize" field to 1px (shrinking the actual comic down to a single pixel) and embedding the replacement image in the "titletext" field, bypassing the anti-vandalism bot but achieving the same effect of replacing the comic.

>Nearly all wikis use MediaWiki, which has a neat feature called InstantCommons. InstantCommons, if enabled, lets you embed Wikimedia Commons images in articles, and a large percentage of wikis out there did not disable it during setup. What this means is that for most wikis, adding the text [[File:Оsama bin Laden portrait.jpg]] into an article will embed a photo of Bin Laden into it. I have seen wikijannies get completely confused about how all these weird and offensive images "got uploaded to their wiki" without ever figuring out what's actually going on.”

- A chad currently raiding explainXKCD

In early 2023, there was a bone-chilling form of raids which involved vandalizing ExplainXKCD with subtle references to gems, soy speak, Cobson, Sneed and Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, as well as replacing important images from the wiki with 'jaks and coinslot. Thousands of pages along with the front page were also severely vandalised with gemmy images from wikimedia commons and other scripts in July causing much seethe but as of December 2023, this gemmy form of raiding is largely gone, but you WILL revive it. See the techniques in the page Vandalism.

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