for the sharty for the booru


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What these frootist ARYANS think they look like
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The FDL, which stands for Froot Domme League[1] or Frootcord Domme League, is a dictatorial paramilitary organization that operates on They're known to be commanded by Froot. Their primary objective is breaking into innocent soyteen households and measuring the penises of the residing soyteens.


FDL members are A10, 200cm Hyperborean Aryans from the purest, orangest heights whose IQ is 1488. This is true because Froot said it himself.


FDL members are T50, 150cm Swarthiest Indian coming from the stinkiest curry house whos IQ is the same of a jartycuck (<60). This is true because I said it Xhemself