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>Though Maybe you were looking for the other types of fail?
An example of a soyquote fail

A Fail is a post which is overwhelmingly viewed as overwhelmingly bad, and usually incredibly humiliating for the OP of the fail.

Fails can be caused for a number of reasons. The most common way that a fail is caused is when an OP forgets the meme arrow, and therefore he looks like the Soyjak they're posting and says what they say. If you see a fail, remember to reply to it saying something along the lines of "bumping this fail" to humiliate him.

Reactions by failers to their fail

Different failers will react in different ways upon the realization that their post was an epic failure. Some will take it in stride, and accept that they posted cringe. Others will double down, and insist that it was actually a Win and not a fail, while "Soyquoting" everyone who calls out their fail. Some will even try to delete their fail. Because of this last one, it is important to always screenshot those epic fails.