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February 4th ‘p spam incident

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On February 4th, A 'teen made a thread claiming to be a federal contractor for the US government and to ask him any questions about the job. He posted a picture of a government ID badge and a screenshot of a government server login screen as a form of proof. The 'een went on about the details of his job before alleging that the government spammed ‘p on websites as a type of control. Somebody claiming to be the OP says he was banned. After this, the thread was spammed with 'p and mods deleted the offending material, though shortly after the entire thread was nuked. Jannies then posted a message saying that nothing he said was true and started deleting all discussion about the thread in question. The site went offline briefly, showing a Kolyma "this site has been paused" message. Cloudflare was turned back on. Once Cloudflare had been turned back on and it was clear the situation couldn't be swept under the rug. The mods took a less harsh approach and allowed some discussion about the incident. They then released a statement stating that they do not cooperate with the US Authorities unless the offending content was posted by an American IP address and violates the site TOS, with CP and school shooting threads being mentioned specifically.

This incident caused a panic among the site's user base and due to the bizarreness of the situation, the topic of the thread and the paranoid tendencies of the forum it spawned a wide range of conspiracy theories. Deleting the thread in question seems to have been a poor choice by the moderation and has only added fuel to the fire. Some ‘eens started to suspect that Kuz is being held against his will by the federal government and that they are operating the site currently.

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As strange as this theory may seem there is some evidence for it. During the live stream he hosted Kuz was asked to cough twice if he was being forced to do the stream and ‘eens reportedly heard him cough twice shortly after then ending the stream. His distinctly American accent has also caused some speculation about the true nature of his identity.<MARGE HE LIVES IN THE USA Some ‘eens have noticed his absence from the community as of late with him rarely interacting with us outside of his telegram channel. The site recently displayed a notice claiming that the site was seized by the federal government for a short amount of time but was quickly dismissed as a joke.

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