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Soyjak subvariant
Booru Posts 114 As of January 24th, 2023
Based OnGuinness World Record Soyjak

For the NAS coal female jak lineup, see here.

Femjak, tagged on the Booru as gapejak_female, is a soyjak subvariant that depicts Gapejak as a woman. More broadly, "femjak" can refer to any female soyjak.

She is often used to represent the mascot of the 'fe in jak form. And yes she is IAS even doe no beard or open mouth.[1]

Personality and Appearance

Femjak may look innocent in some edits, but don't let that fool you; this jak is a mad bitch.

appearance probably inspired by lady dimitrescu or something idk

OMGSISA <33 (my wife btw)


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  1. she just is, ok?