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A soyjak streamer being jumpscared by a Fingerboy.
The original Fingerboy.

Fingerboys are a species of monstrous soyjak that draw inspiration from modern horror games such as slenderman and other games popular with streamers are legally distinct parodies from infamous YouTube academic Sam O' Nella's video "Top 10 Worst Animal Skeletons".[1] They have been sighted in Capitol Reef National Park.

They are very dangerous to the average Soyjak, but sometimes juvenile fingerboys are taken out of the nests for food. [2] The hunting of their babies has led to an increase in fingerboy attacks. The only Soyjak that has been capable of defeating an adult fingerboy in unarmed combat is Swolesome Soyjak. [3]

There is evidence that Fingerboys may have a weakness to Sproke. [4] It is also possible that prolonged exposure to Sproke can cause harmful mutations in Fingerboys. [5]

The Origin of the Fingerboys

The kid named Boys:

The exact origins of the Fingerboys are unknown, however some 'teens have theorized it's Slenderman's brother after 1 year of living solely off of Soylent products, xir cells have become a tumorous growth that split up in multiple Fingerboy larvae ultimately becoming it's own species as seen in impjak adventures. But in truth Fingerboy is actually A24 slowburn jak with all his facial features removed except having his mouth be elongated to cover his whole face, it is unknown how A24 became such a creature.

Usage in soymedia

Fingerboy is in the game Five Nights At Cobsons as an enemy who runs at you and kills you unless you close your door.

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