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Flartson is a forced meme?
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Flartson is CONGOLESE VANTABLACK BRIMSTONE straight from the FIREY DEPTHS OF NIGGERHELL!!!!!!!!!!! This page is a gem.

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Flartson is Jewish.

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Soyjak variant
Origin/soy/, soyjak.party (September 10, 2023)[1]
Booru Posts 90 As of October 27th, 2023
Traced FromPierre Gibert aka "Froot"[He just is, ok?]
  • Class:Keter

Containment methods[edit | edit source]

Flartson is currently contained within "soyjaks.party". Surveillance is required to make sure that this variant is not adopted by twittertroons, which could cause a Class X Soycatastrophe (destruction of the soyosphere and surrounding sites). Containment team members are to call whoever is posting Flartson a discordtroon at all times. A class Lee-5 bot has been deployed to respond to all Flartson posts to let everyone know that it is soulless.

Description[edit | edit source]

Flartson is a cognitohazard, created on the tenth of September, 2023 in a /soy/ thread. It is based on Flart, a memetic killer spammed on 4cuck's /wsg/ and /gif/ boards. Though the original was much tamer, anomalous individuals worked together to turn it into an active threat. Flartson gives out an aura of uncanniness because he is too symmetrical, he was created by flipping one half of the original image depicting a middle age caucasian man doing the ahegao face. Exposure to flartson will cause the user to develop a seething sense of rage towards it, and victims would do their best to destroy flartson.

It has been theorized that Flartson could cause a Class X Soycatastrophe, which would mean the destruction of the Sharty and possibly even the 4cuck (due to being related in the human's vector latent noosphere), if it was to be discovered and spread by Twittertroons.

PoI-1488("Froot") has stated that he likes Flartson and hopes to see it become popular.

Controversy[edit | edit source]

Flartson has been spammed on the /soy/ catty during on the 11th of September, 2023, leading some 'teens to condemn it as a possible offsiter coal. This has been proven to be untrue (it was just one, very prolific faggot[2]). The posts were most likely made by a bot that automatically soyquoted every new thread and the spammer was banned. This combined with mutt spam led to /soy/ being temporarily locked and many users being banned.

On the 12th of the same month, however, Flartson was spammed on the catalog again, the posts now being much more malicious in nature and discussing wanting to fuck trannies and niggers, being a loser, hating the sharty, and other such 'cord topics. Therefore, many suspected this spam of being perpetrated by an organized group rather than a lone wolf, as was likely the case with the 9/11 spam.

On 9/11, there appeared a Lee-like schizo who replied to nearly all Flartson threads with a statement about the variant being soulless and one of his many OC 'jaks of Flartson being killed, tortured or portrayed as a demonic entity. He even took requests for such OC and has been spotted on the booru.

The coal that killed the sharty[edit | edit source]

Due to the accidents since 9/11, many speculate that flartson is in fact, Poopson. This conspiracy theory had gained a lot of traction due to flart's connection with fart, and thus poop. Froot has not responded to the situation.

The truth about Flartson[edit | edit source]

its just a completely neutral and even a little dusty variant:unknown that was forced by a few people, artifically by claiming it was the next cobson and naturally by some autists who think its a sharty killing vantablack brimstone

nothing about this variant is good or memorable and nothing makes it the mark of the beast. It also ruined real flartposting

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Citations[edit source]

  1. https://archive.ph/jUPS8
  2. according to flartposters atleast
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