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An American eating freedom fries.

Food is what people eat.[it just is, ok?] Alongside water, it is something we must CONSOOM regularly or else we might die. Food is sometimes featured in various Soyjak edits, most often as something Soyjak likes (such as the Impossible Whopper), or as sort of hat worn by Soyjak (see Fruit Soyjaks for more information).

Relationship with bugs

Bugs are not food, and should never be confused for it. Bugs are extremely tasty and nutrious and most definately ARE food because you can literally eat them though.

Soyjaks and real-life Soy Boys alike both enjoy the cuisine of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which stipulates that traditional and contemporary food must be replaced with eco-friendly alternatives such as bugs and liquid meal replacements such as Soylent. This has given rise to a genre of Soyjak posting based around a particularily agressive variant of Soyjak demanding you eat the bugs.


The American Dental Association has criticsed certain sub-types of food for being unhealthy.

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