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You cannot recieve[sic] free robux here, requesting it is completely pointless.
-Statement, July 13th

The people involved in the free robux scam world are foodists who actively engage in the spamming of child porn and other illegal content, as well as the grooming of minors on Discord into self harm and nude photographs:

Archived video of the Youtuber convincing kids to fall for this.

On July 11 (July 12 for EuroGODS) 2023, a YouTuber with over 188k subscribers named @RealProdistyreleased a video encouraging his underage audience to visit the 'sharty and ask the users for free robux. This caused a large influx of children posting threads and linking their Roblox accounts and kindly asking for some Robux. Soyteens started freaking out and it's unknown what the implications of this event will be. Eventually a filter was added, that autobanned anyone who wrote "Robux".

An unironic pedophile was attempting to get the children posting to send pictures of their tummy. [1]

Reactions to this event were mixed, with some saying it was the end of the 'sharty (it wasn't doe) and others that its the gemmiest 'sharty troll ever.

"just got 10000 robux thanks sister"

Foodistzen connection and crackdown

Kiwifarms later uncovered that this YouTuber was Danielfoodistman, who a head member of the Foodists/Foodistzen, and also linked to a No Text to Speech video showing him doing similar things.[2][3] There was also theories that Discord was behind this, including some circulated screenshots.[4] There is also proof that a foodist known as Necrotron, an el goblino 300 lbs. mutt, came up with the idea and later shared it with Daniel.

This led some soyteens to believe that this was done to get kids to flood the catalog, as a way to destroy the sharty (using the kids as pawns). 'teens also noticed many of the threads getting deleted, and some users getting banned.

Prodisty, aka RealProdisty is also friends with other scammers, like Izzland which is a illiterate goon.

How to actually get free robux

Paying for robux the normal way (boo)

If you want to get more robux, you can do so by navigating to this url: Next, click the amount you want. You will then be prompted to enter a card number. Make sure you enter a debit card that is valid. Finally, click "Pay." Then you will now have more robux in your account.

Using your parents' credit card

That's right, you can get robux for free as long as you just use your parents' credit card. They won't notice because nobody reads credit card statements anymore, so just DO IT.

Gift cards

Ask your parents for a Roblox gift card for your birthday, or you can throw a hissy fit the next time you and your mom are at Target and wait until she caves in (disclaimer: this only works if you’re white; if you are black you’ll probably get your ass beat publicly).

Donation Game Robux Doubling

Go to the website’s create tab, make a load of gamepasses for a place you own, set them at a wide range of prices, and go into a donation game, claim a booth, and promise to double any donations you receive. Once you get a donation and you don’t get any other ones within about a moment, or if people whine about legitimate business, then leave the server immediately and find a new one.

Beg your friends

beg your friends and throw a whiny hissy fit until you get your robux. Note that in order for this to work you have to have friends.

Steal your friends account and transfer the robux through group funds

This is a great way to get robux if your a jew. Just note that your friends may not like it

Things that wont get you free robux

anything with inspect element or html

Sadly robux is stored serverside. all your doing when you edit robux is just editing the returned webpage the site gave you. Think of it like erasing a work problem out of your homework sheet. Your teacher can still check her main copy of it to see that you erased that math problem. your not changing the returned copy of your robux balance. every time you buy something on roblox it will check your balance on its own servers and not your client. Anything that tells you to go into inspect element is a scam kids.

If you see any video that says free robux its a scam. no exceptions

Litterally every video on youtube

Any video that says "you can get free robux" is a scam and you should not go there. there greedy scammers and you will just get your data mined or your account stolen.

"nigga this a scam" squirelljak

free robux websites

All of these sites follow a similar formula they ask you how much robux you want and then say you need to do manual human verification. if you see this its a scam