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>I am NOT a clittycel, you fucking nigger kike faggot nigger!

Don't make xer angry, or xer clitty may start leaking!

Frooby Froob

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I think its kinda funny how I can do like this thing where I ban anyone I dont like, its like my own private discord![1]
Führer of the 'Party
Depiction of Froot as Cobson
Owner and Administrator of
Assumed office
22 August 2023
Nu-SoyumvirateDoll (since December 25th, 2023)
  • Doll (until August 31st, 2023)
  • Angeleno (until October 9th, 2023)
Preceded byChood
Personal details
Other political
Soyumvirate (until October 9th, 2023)
OccupationLeader of the Frootist-era sharty
Best known forPurchasing the sharty and ending the Soypocalypse, later becoming one of the most controversial admins in the site's history
TripcodeChud ## Froot
IAS?Unknown, since xe has not shown xir real face yet.
Yes, The Dox info came from Jarty(faildox albeit)
Froot is most commonly portrayed as a Gapejak. This has never happened before.

Froot is the administrator and owner of both and Xe was part of the Frootcord Soyumvirate that ruled the 'arty alongside the admin Doll and admin Angeleno until the latter's retirement on October 9th, 2023. Froot's manager is Root, whom xe seems to bully and have a secret relationship with like previous admins with Sobot or Lolkek.[Because he just did ok?] Xe is trans btw.

According to Froot xemself, xe became involved with the Sharty somewhere around July of 2023.[2] Xe would later take a central role in the sharty's leadership during the Soypocalypse and subsequent temporary closure of the site, where xe offered to purchase the sharty altogether from Doll. This was received positively by 'teens, and many were hopeful that this would be the start of something gemmy. Despite this, xe of course remained a controversial figure in, because xe wasn't Soot or Lute.

While views on Froot were initially somewhat positive if not neutral, xe quickly became extremely controversial with the beginning of the 50 Board Plan and subsequent Great Purge, where many were 'nished for posting on /dawla/ and /mlp/, regardless of context. This caused many 'teens to turn against xem, with some even claiming he's Admin 6. Xe is often described as a tyrant, and is known to 'nish criticism against xem,[3] however some initially credited xem with saving the sharty and cracking down on coal.


Early involvement and first mention

According to statements from Froobenius, xe's been involved with the Sharty since at least around July 2023, although to what extent is currently unknown. Mysteriously, Fruit was first mentioned publicly by an IP in Israel, who created this article, with it only saying "sQQn, FrQQt VVill rise... Stay tvned FrQQt pvtriQts. a stQrm is cQming.". A 'teen attempted to delete the article, only for Angeleno to intervene and call it the "best page on the wiki".[4] Some state that xe is a disgraced deserter of the Battle of the Ridge, but this is unconfirmed, with Snopes currently working on a thoroughly investigated fact check.

Purchase of the Sharty

On August 23rd, 2023, Doll restores the sharty and it is revealed that Froot has purchased the site from xem, and would be co-ruling alongside Doll and Angeleno as part of the Soyumvirate. Xe would hold a QNA thread, re-instate /x/ as well as add a new board dedicated to xemself - /froot/. Xe also accidentally reveals xir tripcode the same day because xe is retarded or something.[5]. Froot's first few days as admin marked the largest amount of interaction an admin had ever had with the sharty, posting in many a thread, and even playing a few games with 'teens like Makeitmeme and Roblox.[6] Xe also somehow moved a faggot thread to the 'cuck's /lgbt/ board or xe just copied there, proving xe was also a 4cuck janny.[He just did ok?]

50 Board Plan And Other Controversies

Pissbaby chudcel Froot is just like da heckin orange man, oh wait...

On the 3rd of September 2023, Froot implemented the 50 Board Plan, a parody of Kuz's Five Board Plan, adding boards such as:

This was immediately met with mixed reactions. Due to a 'teens suggestion, Froot decides to hold a vote on which boards would stay and which would go.[7] During this time, many 'teens shitposted on /dawla/ and /mlp/ to fuck with muslims and bronies. However, this would come back to haunt them in a way they never thought possible. On September 4th, 2023, Froot would begin The Great Purge, also known as Operation Unthinkable, where xe 'nished anyone and everyone who posted in both boards.[b] Although 'teens caught in the crossfire were able to appeal later on and promptly un'nished.

Money opportunities

After weeks of searching, on October 9th 2023 Froot added ads to the Sharty for the first time. One of these ads linked to a Discord server relating to crypto.[8][9] Many accused xem of breaking xir own rule regarding advertising Discord servers.

The Frootcord leak

On 3rd of January 2024, a certain 'teen leaked a discord conversation of Froot and "koot_clitty" making serious humorous claims in support of Jeffrey Epstein, xem leaking a user's IP in front of xem and other questionable screenshots which the jannies quickly tried to memory-hole and wave off as fake. The leakers started to post the leaks repeatadly on /soy/ proving the Jannies efforts to be futile and forcing froot to make a public response, claiming that the 'cord server's only purpose was to help in the development of FNAC. It should be noted that "koot_clitty" was also a cytube janny for Doll's stream.


Froot is a Josiecel?
  • Xe is a nametroon
  • Xe is the most active owner as of September 2023
  • Xe is anywhere between 20 and 47 years of age (even doe the post where xe says that xe is 47 is an obvious joke you 80 IQ nigger)
  • Xe is planning to kick all Kolyma influence from the site
  • Xe is planning to use the slight profits from selling 'jak plushies to pay the server costs
  • Xir favorite NAS is Thugposting
  • Xe doesn't hate Kuz
  • Xe doesn't hate /caca/posting and is in fact a /caca/poster xemself. Xe even advocated for /caca/ to be made.
  • Xe loved Ongezellig and is planning to delete /qa/.
  • Xir favorite Fishtank participant is Letty and xe doesn't like Josie
  • Xe doesn't like Skibidi Toilet
  • Xe is in favor of TND
  • Xe wants to add /cado/ (he added it)
  • Xe's going to get new jannies for the sharty
  • Xe listens to nigger music but it's hecking ok because all the artists xe listens to are white.
  • Xe hasn't watched anime since 2014
  • Xir eye color is C20
  • Xe allegedly started browsing /qa//the sharty in late 2022/2023
  • Xir favorite soyjak variant is Impish Soyak Ears
  • Xir favorite soyjak is Cobson
  • Xir favorite sport is motorsport
  • Xe supports Russia, but only because (((Max))) said so
  • Xe is a diehard f1troon
  • Xe fucked a girl in Montpellier, meaning that he's not a virgin like 99% of us
  • Xe has a girlfriend that xe is planning to marry
  • Xe is a White European from a first-world country in Europe
  • Xe doesn't care about 'nishment evading that much and has been 'nished from the sharty 8 times
  • Xe was named by "a random dude on Discord." [10] Doll, so that xir tripcode would be “Froot ## Bowl”, but never did this because xe was “about to be the faggiest fuck on the site”.[11]
  • Xe uses Windows 10
  • Xe is Roman Catholic
  • Xe does not mind frogs
  • Xe likes the movie Parasite (2019)
  • Xe likes the show Breaking Bad
  • Xe heavily dislikes Muslims, Poles, and Soylita posters
  • Xe hates niggerweed
  • The last anime xe had liked is evangeylion when it was still popular with the movies.
  • Xe uses imageboards since 2015, QA culture since 2022
  • politically speaking, xe seems to be larp leaning.
  • Xe hates e-girls and will personally ban any user posting about them, especially Bonbi (wich mean "xe" is probally a FTM troon)
  • Xe is a fan of General Sam.
  • Xe is the gem that shaved the party.
  • Xe doesn't buy root any hot pockets, according to the trans manager herself
  • Xe is Brazilian, but "whiter than me" due to xir Jewish heritage, which xe learned to overcome.
  • This page is one of Doll's favorites.[12]
  • Xe's thinks Jakworld is good
  • Xe doesn't play games often but xe occasionally plays "My Summer Car"

Most of the facts just mentioned are sourced from the q&a in /froot/[13][14]. Feel free to read the entire archived thread that the citation links to and have Snopes factcheck the facts above in case troons try to vandalize the above list and add false facts.

^ None of the above facts are real though and Frooby froot said all of that just to fuck with you lol.

^^ Do you have a peer-reviewed study to back up that claim?

What typa guy is Froot?

Froot the typa guy that say "well well well" when xe sees someone eating a bowl of fruit
Froot the typa guy that say "aaaaaand... I'm in" when xe logs onto the janny dashboard
Froot the typa guy that says "tickle fight!" at the sleepover
Froot the type of nigga who fart in a toilet and flush it
Froot the typa booger that says "tootles" before xe hangs up
Fruut the type of nigga to take a day off from work on xir birthday.
Froot the typa guy who blows steam out xir ears when xe gets angry
Froœt is the type of fella to say "ermm.. that just happened!"
Froot the type of nigga who wiggles xir fingers before taking a slice of pie
Froot the type of nigga who say "No more Mr. nice guy" when xe gets angry
Froot the typa fella who say "Checkmate" whenever xe bans someone
Froot closes xir eyes when smiling
Froot the type of guy who calls time-out when xe gets cornered playing tag
Froot the kinda guy who say "I did NOT sign up for this!" whenever the catty get spammed
Froot would never say "easy peasy lemon squeezy" cuz that shit hurt xir feelings 💀
Froot the typa dude who say "one two three, thats enough for me" at the water fountain
Froot the type of nigga who sit on xir hands when the room gets too cold
Froot the type of guy who say "capeesh?" after explaining something
Froot says "Scrumpdiddlyumptious" after eating something
Froot the type of nigga who say "cut it out guys im serious" when the mods start talking shit
Froot the typa bloke who use the urinal next to you when the rest are open
Froot is the type of guy to go "Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes!" at a proposal
Froot the type of guy to giggle during xir bed time story
Froot's the type of nigga that send you a thank you card for coming to xir bday party
Froot the typa dude that say "Pee-Yew" when something smells bad
Froot the type of scallywag that lock the board and say "What's the passcode"
Froot the type of whippersnapper that uncover a mystery and be like "Uhh, guys... You might wanna see this"
Froot the type of guy to say "Uh Oh Spaghettios!" after being shot 42 times
Froot the typa guy that say "We've got company" when the bad guys show up
Froot the kinda nigga that say "It's not what it looks like" when xe gets caught
Froot the type of dude that wiggles xir fingers and say "don't mind if I do" when xe sees donuts
Froot the type of dude that wiggles xir fingers and say "don't mind if I do" when xe sees an unaccompanied minor
Froot the type of nigga that lick xir fingers before turning the page
Froot the type of nigga to go in a pet store and set the animals free
Froot that type of bloke to say "Geronimo" then hold xir nose and cannonball into the pool
Froot the type of nigga to send xir girl a homemade valentine's day card
Froot is the type of nigga to cry when xir pokemon evolves and say "but you promised me you'd never change"
Froot the type of silly goober to kiss and fondle a 17 year old girl at a concert
Froot is the kinda guy to say "Me Me Me Me Mee" before xe starts singing
Froot the kinda bloke who say "It's quiet... too quiet" when the catty is slow
Froot the typa dude that moans when xe wipes xir ass
Froot the type of mf to say "You're not allowed in here" when a burglar breaks into xir house
Froot the type of nigga that be looking at a falling leaf and say "It's okay, I'll catch you"
Froot the type of dude to eat two gummy bears at a time so they don't die alone
Froot the type of nigga to get into a pillow fight and die
Froot the kinda guy to say "I call shotgun" when getting into a car
Froot the typa specimen to say "Uhh, english please" after hearing some scientific shit
Froot the type of guy to jump into someone's arms when xe gets scared
Froot the type of guy to say "woah there big fella"
Froot the typa guy to say "That's it!" when xe gets mad
Froot the type of guy that tells the dj to be quiet
Froot be like "wait how old is she in dog years"
Froot that type of nigga to grab a deformed candy from a bag and say "It's okay, I'm different too"
Froot the typa nigga that moderate an imageboard
Froot the type of guy that stares into the barbers eyes during the line up

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  1. Based on the pinned thread (well it’s meant to be pinned but isnt doe lol) on that last board, in which he recommended “Hitler the Last Avatar” by Miguel Serrano, it is likely that Froot is a Fascist.
  2. Those who posted in /dawlah/ were originally going to be 'nished permanently, but then the 'nish wave switched to only a day, whereas /mlp/ posters were perma'd on the 5th.