Fundamental Paper Education

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Fundamental Paper Education is a forced meme?
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Fundamental Paper Education is BHUTANESE VANTABLACK BRIMSTONE straight from the FIERY DEPTHS OF NIGGERHELL!!!!!!!!!!!

>FPE is sharty culture o algo

Fundamental Paper Education, often shortened to FPE is (yet again) another piece of brimstone being forced by roughly around Ϫ autists on the sharty, it originated with a singular animated music video based on a Baldi's Basics song called "Basics in Behavior", it gained around 8 million views in a month (12 million as of now) and birthed a fandom (somehow???), it even has a fandom wiki for it now.

It apparently has plot and characters but nobody cares.

The FPE Wars

FPedos really do say this KEK!

The FPE Wars are ongoing wars on the sharty /soy/ and /qa/, booru, and to a lesser extent Reddit. One day, some autists REALLY liked the "series" Fundamental Paper Education , so xhey started uploading several FPE themed 'jaks to the booru[1], and constantly shilling it on the sharty. In retaliation, a few (or one) other autists started calling it a Baldi clone and declared war on it; FPE autists also compared it to Skibidi Toilet which sparked significant backlash. An FPE autist also created a page about FPE on this wiki which was removed due to its overwhelming sperginess.[2] Root welcomed the new autists into the /qa/ lineup and declared it their home (/qa/ is the designated autist containment board).[3]

On April 9th 2024, FPE threads were made on /soy/ where autists gathered and sperged as usual[4], causing a minor NAS war; there was a sage-spammer, some porn was posted, and it ended with the autists making a new ID thread to avoid the sage-spammers which was then moved to /qa/. A thread was made telling the mods to ban FPE and get the thread stickied if it got 1000 replies, which it did, and for the next 3 days posting FPE in /soy/ got you a surprise ban between 15 minutes and 6 hours[5]. Hilariously a few autists intentionally posted threads on /soy/ with FPE imagery just to see how long of a ban xhey would get.

After the temporary ban of FPE on /soy/ ended, the war resumed; which had the side effect of making the 'log coally half of any given day. Notably, a Soytan avatarfag and a couple other retards joined the "crusade" against this forced coal and kept falling for the most obvious bait ever; and as a result the 'log was filled to the brim with posts talking about FPE to the point of there being OVER 2000 FUCKING MENTIONS OF FPE ON THE 'LOG.[6]

Sometime before April 26, 2024, all FPE 'jaks were deleted from the 'ru; likely due to suspicions that this coal is being forced by Der 'Cord. The approver who deleted the 'jaks was later removed. [7]

Joel and King Caesar

Sometime around late April, Joel would start replying "Kys Canadian FPE troon" to every FPE post or any post hating on him. This is because according to him FPE spam was started by an old literal who booru namefag named "King Caesar" who he'd somehow known for years as rivals (Discord on Discord violence). Joel says the reason he hates FPE is because it "ripped off Baldi"

King Caesar would later be featured in jaks and fanart of him being killed by Baldi or Joel. Notable namefags such as The Bulgarian, Hamas 2, Albert, Fozzy and Miko joined in on the side of Joel. The shemmy and Cytubers joined in on the side of FPE/Caesar because of Joel hate and love for FPE too, and many FPE fans and haters jumped on different sides. Because of Joel living in Washington and King Caesar living in British Columbia many countrywar elements were included in the war as well, such as depicting KC as a pajeet or depicting Joel as an amerimutt



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