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This page is a gem.

>Check these dubs!

A GET is a post that features an uncommon pattern of repeating digits in its ID. [1]

Notable GETs include posts where the ID is a single, repeating digit, and powers of ten.

Use the website to see when the next GET is coming. DO notify the party about it if it's close enough to start a heist operation.

Types of GET [2][edit | edit source]

X denotes identical digits present in a post number. The more repeating digits, the more significant the GET is considered.

Sequence Name
XX Dubs
XXX Trips
XXXX Quads
XXXXX Quints

there are also "special gets" , otherwise boring post numbers turned into gems by the KHAN himself (or one of the jannies)

Natural vs Artificial GETs[edit | edit source]

A natural GET is a GET that is obtained accidentally, without the poster being aware that their post was likely to be a GET. By contrast, an artificial GET (also known as a scripted GET) is a GET that was obtained on purpose by way of the poster carefully timing when they post in order to increase their chances of obtaining a GET. While it is often impossible to tell for certain whether a GET is natural or artificial, a surefire way to identify an artificial GET post is if it references GETs and/or the digits it expects to have. GETs are more likely to be identified as natural if their content is informal and they look to be unscripted and unexpecting of receiving much attention.

Saging for post count manipulation[edit | edit source]

Sometimes, when a major GET is approaching, some Anons sage posts far back in the catalog in order to subtly raise the post count, hampering users' ability to monitor the current post number. This method can be used either to procure an artificial GET, or to prevent other users from doing so, thereby increasing the likelihood of an oblivious user's unplanned post obtaining the coveted digits.

Scripts[edit | edit source]

You can use this script, along with 4chan X, to script any GET you wish:

// ==UserScript==
// @name 4chan GETter
// @description Script to help you get repeating digits. Loosely based on mGET. Requires 4chan X.
// @author Xyl
// @match *://**
// @match *://**
// @grant GM_xmlhttpRequest
// @connect
// @version 1.2.1
// @namespace
// ==/UserScript==

let latestPostNumber = -1;
const board = location.pathname.match(/\/[^\/]+\//)[0];
let games = (board == "/v/" || board == "/vg/" || board == "/vr/");

if (document.getElementById("qr")) inject();
document.addEventListener('QRDialogCreation', (e) => inject());

function inject() {
    let dubs = (games) ? "" : "<option value=\"dubs\">Dubs</option>";
    document.querySelector('#qr .move').insertAdjacentHTML("afterend", `
    <div class="getscript" style="padding-bottom: 5px; padding-left: 5px;">Last Post #<span id="postnumber" style="visibility: hidden"></span>
    <div style="float: right; margin-right: 15px;">
    <input type="number" name="offset" value="1" style="margin-right: -3px; width: 5ch; height: 16px; padding: 0px !important; -moz-appearance:textfield;" id="offset" title="When to post (a value of 1 with a target post of 99 will post at 98, a value of 2 will post at 97, etc.)">
    <select data-name="digits" id="digits" title="Select the numbers you want">
    <option value="none">Select GET</option>` + dubs + `
    <option value="trips">Trips</option>
    <option value="quads">Quads</option>
    <option value="quints">Quints</option>
    <option value="sexts">Sexts</option>
    <option value="septs">Septs</option>
    <option value="octs">Octs</option>
    <option value="nons">Nons</option>
    <option value="decs">Decs</option>

function checkForGET () { = latestPostNumber + parseInt(document.getElementById('offset').value);
    switch(document.getElementById("digits").value) {
        case "":
        case "dubs":
            return /(\d)\1{1,}$/.test(target);
        case "trips":
            return /(\d)\1{2,}$/.test(target);
        case "quads":
            return /(\d)\1{3,}$/.test(target);
        case "quints":
            return /(\d)\1{4,}$/.test(target);
        case "sexts":
            return /(\d)\1{5,}$/.test(target);
        case "septs":
            return /(\d)\1{6,}$/.test(target);
        case "octs":
            return /(\d)\1{7,}$/.test(target);
        case "nons":
            return /(\d)\1{8,}$/.test(target);
        case "decs":
            return /(\d)\1{9,}$/.test(target);

function approxLatestPostNumber() {
    fetch("" + board + "1.json").then(response => response.json()).then(json => {
        let threadFound = false;
        let thread = 0;
        while (!threadFound) {
            if (json.threads[thread].posts[0].closed == 1 || json.threads[thread].posts[0].sticky == 1) thread++;
            else threadFound = true;
        latestPostNumber = json.threads[thread].posts.slice(-1)[0].no;
        document.getElementById("postnumber").textContent = latestPostNumber;

function updatePostNumber() {
        url: ("" + board + "imgboard.php?res=" + (latestPostNumber + 1)),
        method: "HEAD",
        onload: response => {
if (response.status == 200) {
} else if (games && /(([1-9])\2|[^0]0{2,2})$/.test(latestPostNumber + 1)) {
if (/[^9]99$/.test(latestPostNumber + 1)) latestPostNumber += 2;
else latestPostNumber++;
if (checkForGET()) {
document.querySelector("#file-n-submit input:last-child").click();
document.getElementById("digits").value = "none";
document.getElementById("postnumber").style.visibility = "visible";
document.getElementById("postnumber").textContent = latestPostNumber;

GETs on /soy/[edit | edit source]

PRE 1000 GETs[edit | edit source]

Credits to the schizo who found these while datamining the archive (actually it was me i just wanted to add these without looking like a faggot or something).[3]

The first post[edit | edit source]


Posts no. 22, 55 and 400[edit | edit source]

>chino on the front page!

Posted on September 20, 2020, 22 is the first recorded GET. 55 was also obtained in the same thread, along with post 400 a day later. [4]

Post no. 500[edit | edit source]

Posted on September 21, 2020. Notable for being the first recorded GET to have generated seethe. [5]

Post no. 555[edit | edit source]

Posted on September 21, 2020.[5][6]

Post no. 600[edit | edit source]

Posted on September 21, 2020.[7]

Post no. 666[edit | edit source]

Posted September 21, 2020. [8]

Post no. 700[edit | edit source]

Posted September 22, 2020. [9]

Post no. 777[edit | edit source]

Posted September 22, 2020.[10] Image is also possibly a Lost Media Soyjak (Thumbnails dont count). nvm found it[11]

PRE 100000 GETs[edit | edit source]

20000 GET[12][edit | edit source]

30000 GET[13][edit | edit source]

33333 GET[14][edit | edit source]

39999 AND 40000 GETS[15][edit | edit source]

70000 GET[16][edit | edit source]

77777 GET[edit | edit source]

Post no. 77777 was obtained on April 29, 2021 by a Chud who reacted negatively to an image of a warped Wholesome Soyjak.[17] It received 204 replies, and is notable for being the casus belli for the Soyvil War.

Stop posting this awful soy

88888 GET[edit | edit source]

Post no. 88888 was an image of Jacobson, a deformed baby soyjak.[18] It is notable for being the next set of quints after 77777, which was a Norwegian win; this post, however, was seen as a Swedish win.


99999 and 100000 GETs[edit | edit source]

Both GETs were obtained on /soy/ on June 2, 2021.

Post no. 99999 featured a picture of Gawr Gura.[19]

The reactions were for the most part enthusiastic, calling the post a massive racist win.[20] It should be noted that /holo/ used to be a (very short-lived) board,[21] and this milestone post represents a good occasion to bring it back.

Due to the June 8, 2021 hacking incident, this thread was resurrected after Soot restored the backup. The two versions diverge from post no. 100839 onwards.[22]


Post no. 100000 featured a picture of Cirno, with no commentary.[23] Reactions were more lukewarm. One poster commented:

completely accidental GET, typical of cirnofails.[24]

Cirno is associated with the number 9, and losing the 99999 GET by one post is extremely fitting for her canonical reputation as a mentally retarded character.[25] This thread was not restored on June 8.

In the time leading up to the GET, the board was lively with predictions. One candidate for the 99999 GET could've been Satania, given that 99999 is an upside-down version of the Satanic GET 66666. Even God joined the brawl, and tried to claim the GET.[26]

Even God and Satan were fighting tooth and nail for this GET.

111111 GET[edit | edit source]

Post no. 111111 was obtained on June 17, 2021.[27] It is notable for being an undeniable Norwegian win, as attested to by many of its replies. As of August 6, 2021, it has 278 replies.[28]

Kill all swedish people

123456 GET[edit | edit source]

Warning! The following may feature disinfo, psy-ops, or other infohazards created by the CIA. Proceed with caution.

Post no. 123456 was obtained sometime on June 29, 2021. There are no captures of the post, and it appears to have been deleted shortly after it was posted.[29] The thread inquiring what had happened to the post was swiftly deleted as well.

The only known evidence at the time of writing is two screenshots,[30][31] which feature a deformed, colorful, baby Soyjak, a combination of several, highly controversial variants. The picture was captioned with babby.

Soot, humbly posting anonymously as Chud ## Admin, explained that the post was deleted due to being posted by "the ban evading spammer that flooded nearly the entirety of /soy/ a few days ago."[32]

Before Soot's official explanation (which you WILL believe), conspiracy theories (which you WILL disregard as schizo babble) were floating around:

The circumstances of this post are suspicious. It was a GET, it was designed to irritate the userbase, and any traces of its existence were deleted. While its intended purpose may remain unclear, it's certain that it was not a natural GET. Potential links with John McAfee's """suicide""", and the ensuing "dead man's switch" operation, should be investigated, given how these two events happened within a few days of each other.

Users reacted negatively to the reposts of the GET. The general sentiment was summarized in a laconic post as:





In the same thread, the pro-Colorfuljak faction replied with "seethe", "btfo", and "monochrome failers on suicide watch".

222222 GET[edit | edit source]

Post no. 222222 (after rollback) was obtained on January 20th, 2022. [35] The post features a picture of Rika Furude, commonly known as "Le BWC/BBC girl". Reactions were mixed.

Colorjaks are coal

Before the rollback it was botted kuz GET that said, but it was deleted shortly after by him after people found out it was him.

The thread was deleted on March 25th 2022 by a seething janny.

299997 GET[edit | edit source]

also trans rights are human rights

On January 26th, 2022 Discord user GemsonLover721 attempted to steal the 300,000 GET but failed miserably, GemsonLover721 hopped on a voice chat and after few hours they decided to cope with the loss and declare this as the true GET.[36]

299999 GET[edit | edit source]

>saves your sharty
wat do

Post no. 299999 was obtained on January 26th, 2022. Although unconventional for a soyjak most agreed that it was a gem. [37]

300000 GET[edit | edit source]

Soybros, in these trying times, we need to stick together

Post no. 300000 was obtained on January 26th, 2022. [38] The post contains a Wholesomejak with red heart emojis for eyes, sending the message that "Soybros, in these trying times, we need to stick together".

Almost everybody has seen this as a massive win. Though Kuz thinking the post was a gem[39] angered some, leading them to think that Kuz, after failing to get the GET on his own, tried to hijack the win into being pro-kuz coal.

333333 GET[edit | edit source]

Post no. 333333 was obtained on February 10th, 2022. It was a thread with no text other then a period, and an image of a smooching sootjak and a deformed colorjak, the latter being a combination of two controversial 'jak variants. This was a very divisive GET - deformed/color fans declared it a gem while critics called it massive coal and a waste. This matter is still being debated by academics.[40]

400000 GET[edit | edit source]

Post no. 400000 was obtained on March 23rd, 2022. The get was obtained by Kuz (or at least a pro-Kuz propagandist), who posted a thread that simply read "kuz fucking won". The image accompanying the GET features Yurijak in a KGB uniform, a 'jak originally created for this video and appropriated by the pro-kuz camp.

And no we will not put an image on this article, but trust us it still happened like that ok.

444444 GET[edit | edit source]


Post no. 444444 was obtained on April 5th, 2022. The post simply read "updoot" in response to a Cobson thread, the post also featured a Rika Furude image.[41]

The image was deleted a minute later due to a bug in vichan, many people blamed it on Janitors but this was NOT the case, take your meds.

The response to the GET was mostly negative, with a furious soyteen spamming random ias/nas for several days until the thread was put out of its misery by jannies.

500000 GET[edit | edit source]

>Yes, Japsterdam *is* real

Post no. 500000 was an anti-Ongezellig thread.[42] A dot-spammer attempted to derail the thread but got their posts deleted by an overbearing rogue mod (who was later BTFO'd by Soot).

555555 GET[edit | edit source]

Post no. 555555 was obtained on May 8th, 2022. The post features a Dogjak in a tuxedo and simply read "gem". Reaction was hostile at first, but warmed up. OP claimed that SOOT's software was shit in the thread because he was sitting on a loading page after it uploaded. Given the nature of this GET, some academics argue this was script-coal used to promote nas dust. <- fake news it was literally just a random dogjak nigger, also someone screencap the archive and embed it here please


600000 GET[edit | edit source]

Post no. 600000 is NOT real. it is a CONSPIRCY THEORY made up by a SCHIZO. you WILL take your meds. you WILL NOT research this further.

666666 GET[edit | edit source]

Post no. 666666 was obtained June 10th, 2022. The post featured a red angryjak with the text being "HE FUCKING WON". Reactions were mixed with some claiming the GET was trooncord script-coal while other claimed it was an "Discord underdog win". Jannies were back-and-forth on pinning this GET.

777777 GET[edit | edit source]

Post no. 777777 was obtained July 14th, 2022.[43] It simply says "bant get". The reaction was very hostile.

800000 GET[edit | edit source]

Post no. 800000 was obtained July 18th, 2022. The post featured a wholesome soyjak holding a heart with the text being "In these wild, divisive and dramatic times of the 'party, us 'jakkers need to stick together and Build Back Better" This GET has often been seen as the successor to the 300000 GET, and it overall received a positive reception. Many divided 'jakkers during this time, such as the sootists and the kuzists agreed that this was a unifying gem.

888888 GET[edit | edit source]

Post no. 888888 was obtained August 8th, 2022.[44]

899999 GET[edit | edit source]

Post no. 899999 was obtained August 11th, 2022.[45]

900000 GET[edit | edit source]

Post no. 900000 was obtained August 11th, 2022.[46]

999999 GET and 1000000 GET[edit | edit source]

Post no. 999999 was obtained August 31st, 2022. [47]. The GET called for a raid on 4chan's /lgbt/ board.

The original unedited GET
The edited one

Post no. 1000000 was obtained August 31st, 2022 and was the biggest GET the sharty has ever had. At first, it was UTTP spam[48], but the GET was changed by Kuz to a colorjak with the text "colorful win". Shortly after the thread was edited, it was autosaged and subsequently bumped off the 'log by resulting colorspam flood. It is unanimously considered to be the worst GET the sharty has ever had in its entire history.

Some 'teens, enraged by this theft, called on kuz to destroy the UTTP group, which primarily resided on a kuz-owned site called VidLii. Kuz responded by saying "Its done" and removed all their channels. This made up for the coal GET.

1100000 GET[edit | edit source]

Post no. 1100000 was obtained September 16th 2022.[49]

1111111 GET[edit | edit source]

Post no. 1111111 was obtained September 17th 2022. The get was botted and was later deleted by the user themself (Source: dude trust me)[it just is, ok?] [50][51]

1200000 GET[edit | edit source]

Post no. 1200000 was obtained October 2nd 2022.[52]

1222222 GET[edit | edit source]

Post 1222222 was a hanging Nazi Chudjak in response to a chudquote OP.[53]

And then his kid grows up to be the next Elliot Rodger, many such cases!

1300000 GET[edit | edit source]

Post 1300000 was made in response to ">seething chuds" within an anti-chud thread.[54]

>>1299992 seething incel troon

1333333 GET[edit | edit source]

Post 1333333 was a Snoo (or Snoy)-styled Markiplier jak, met with mixed receptions in the replies.[55]

>He BTFO'd me in an argument? Better hide behind 10 layers of irony!

1400000 GET[edit | edit source]

Post 1400000 was an accidental GET, alleging that the demoralization quoted OP would be a new FOTM (Flavor of the Month).[56]

okay new fotm just dropped

1444444 GET[edit | edit source]

Post 1444444 was one of a dozen sequential ratio bot replies.[57] You WILL NOT research about 'teens who pretend to be ratio bots.


1500000 GET[edit | edit source]

Post 1500000 was simply a YouTube URL which lead to an hour-long video titled: "One Hour of Silence Broken Only by Random Nipah."[58] It's worth noting that for some reason, the video URL included a timestamp at one second, rather than the default URL.

1555555 GET[edit | edit source]


Post no. 1555555 was obtained November 25th, 2022. When this post was made, typing in "Soyjak Party" (case must match) would trigger the spam filter. OP later deleted the post after making a post with the text "I MADE UP MY MIND I'M BLOWING THIS FUCKING THREAD UP FUCKING GONE DELETED I DON'T CARE THAT IT'S SHARTY CULTURE TO WASTE GETS ON RANDOM BULLSHIT I FUCKING BLEW IT ON THIOS META CANCER I JUST HAD TO DRAW THIS GEM FIRST BEFORE I BLEW IT ALL TO HELL YOU HAVE 90 SECONDS TO GET. THE. FUCK. OUT OF THIS THREAD." [59]

1599850 GET[edit | edit source]

On November 30th 2022, Kuz announced on /soy/'s pinned thread that "get's are stupid", and instead ordered that we should get hyped for post number 1599850,[60] which teens then did. This was the first "special GET."

it's not, but we should be more nice, that would be... well, nice I guess

In the end, post 1599850 was an accidental GET, the contents itself responding to the OP, who stated that /soy/ is a Nice Board.[61]

1600000 GET[edit | edit source]

Post 1600000 marked a Sootist win with an OMGSISA jak making its declaration in redtext.[62]

sooty soot

1666666 GET[edit | edit source]

Post 1666666 was an accidental GET replying to some post, which we'll find when the 'chive is back up.[it just is, ok?][63]

>>1666657 gem

1700000 GET[edit | edit source]

Post 1700000 was a fruity win.[64]

strawberryphant GET


1777777 GET[edit | edit source]

Post 1777777 was an accidental GET. Instead of obeying the OP and reporting a linked post for harassment, the 'teen instead reported the OP and got the GET like a selfish little fuck.[65]

Reported you instead, sorry.

1800000 GET[edit | edit source]

Post 1800000 was another fruity win, this time depicting two fruitjaks dueling atop a mountain.[66]


1999999 and 2000000 GET[edit | edit source]

Posts no. 1999999 and 2000000 were achieved on January 9, 2023.

romanized: Nigga, Nattsudayo!

The 1999999 GET was of Squirreljak.[67] Before the 2,000,000 GET was achieved, the hype preceding it was unmatched, rivaled only by the 1,000,000 GET. As one Chud put it

im #feralgang - but honestly, im going to set aside my rivalry for this. Cob bros, feral bros, it doesnt matter. Seeing the history of our get's, as long as its a jak, ill be happy.

In order to prevent someone from scripting the GET, post deletion was disabled (You must wait 3 years to delete this post), reCAPTCHA was added for posts and replies, and Cloudflare was turned to its max.

undertale win

Despite these measures, the 2,000,000th post on /soy/ was softcore Undertale Porn.[68] This lead some soyteens to believe that, despite the measures taken, the GET was scripted.[69] Despite the brimstone GET, Kuz responded on his Telegram with a positive outlook, saying, "It took just a week short of 2 years for us to reach 1,000,000 posts on /soy/, but only 4 months for it to reach its 2,000,000th post. Time goes by so fast!... here's to another million posts, it'll go by real quickly. 🥂🍾❤️"[70]

many believe this was an organized force from /trash/ and went on a shitpiss rage and deleted 3 pages of the log whilst in dead hours, many furfags disapproved of the get due to it being futanari and most soyteens recognized the 1999999 GET as the true GET.

2200000 GET[edit | edit source]

Post 2200000 was a Neutralplier replying to the OP, who shared good news that he passed an exam he'd been worrying about.[71]

oh thats nice
>grabs you
now we can't let this little piece of news go unrewarded, now can we?

2222222 GET[edit | edit source]

lime win

Post no. 2222222 was achieved on February 2, 2023.[72] Unlike most GETS this one was overwhelmingly positively received, which was a well needed change of pace for soyteens after the previous major /soy/ gets.

2333333 GET[edit | edit source]

ha do my ex mug gf s s sent be sent be be c sent me an kys kit than mc i my cd

Post no. 2333333 was acquired on February 18, 2023.[73] Two back to back GETS claimed by the same faction was an unprecedented event, and even while the first GET was still up (which had been saved from near destruction by a necrobumper during a particulary dense colorjak spam ). Despite this, the post only managed 22 replies in 6 hours, which may reflect an extreme downturn in interest of fruitjaks and/or GETS in general.

2419157 Get[edit | edit source]

Post no. 2419157 was acquired on February 27, 2023 and was the second special GET. having a yellow background due to CSS trickery. the post consisted solely on the word "NIGGER"

2444444 GET[edit | edit source]

APNG of soyak that switches to Higurashi BBC porn. The post was encouraging the SPVA to delete his channel [74]

2500000 GET[edit | edit source]

Babyjak with some dev CSS fuckery,[75] notably it was followed by a 'zellig fail that had serious implications for the third soyvil war.

2555555 GET[edit | edit source]

Post 2555555 suggested the OP kill themself when asking if he should make "another" reddit thread.[76] Ostensibly, the OP went on to commit suicide.[it just is, ok?]

2600000 GET[edit | edit source]

Post 2600000 was an imageless post stating "Anglos won though" in response to an anti-Anglo copypasta OP, ensuring thread victory for Anglos everywhere.[77]

2666666 GET[edit | edit source]

Post 2666666 was Hitori Bocchi from Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu. This tranime coal marked a /qa/ win, probably.[78]


2700000 GET[edit | edit source]

Furfag cobson post, on a thread complaining about autistic people which was derailed by a reply into people replying "me" to try and grab the GET.[79]

2777777 GET[edit | edit source]

The 'zellig post

An 'zellig post, after 5-10 minutes thread is filled with 'p - problaly they receive 'p from a Vietnamese troon- (The day of the GET has so many other 'p spams to 'zellig threads too.) and deleted, there is also an fail thread there.[80]

2800000 GET[edit | edit source]

Just one single letter "k" , widely considered a massive gemerald GET due to the fact it belongs to no controversial faction and makes no sense.

2888888 GET[edit | edit source]

A post in a frog thread that read "froggy W"[81], which caused a few 'teens to call for a frog ban

2900000 GET[edit | edit source]

A reply in a thread calling out get stealers as "eternal failers" using a smugjak. It was the word "wow" followed by an exclamation mark, being mostly well received.[82]

2999999 and 3000000 GET[edit | edit source]

Post 2,999,999 was part of a reply chain based of the "I raped my hamster" meme.

AFTER MONTHS OF ANTICIPATION, THE 3M GET WAS A POST TITLED "I AM WHITE" with an OC of a Chudbob and a Patrick tranny hugging.

He Will Always Be A Get

3100000 GET[edit | edit source]

Post 3100000 was a deformed colorjak and a definitive COLOR WIN.[83]


3111111 GET[edit | edit source]

Post 3111111 was posted by a skulljak Chad who was replying to an afrikaner and a bantu arguing with each others on a thread

op just fucking died.

3200000 GET[edit | edit source]

Post 3200000 was not only an accidental GET but an accidental thread GET, with the OP requesting NatSoc edits.[84]

Does anyone here have cool nazi edits you could share?

3222222 GET[edit | edit source]

Post 3222222 was a soylent win "I want soylent". It is also a Zellig Win because the post was directly replying to OP, who posted a 'zellig gem.

I want soylent

3333333 GET[edit | edit source]

In a decisive blow to Argentina 'teens, the bri'ish have claimed the Falkland Islands, after spamming the phrase about a dozen times and quickly removing all but the winning GET.[it just is, ok?]

"The falklands are British"

3400000 GET[edit | edit source]

Post 3400000 was a trick PNG whose thumbnail displayed a chud, but when expanded depicted a pornographic illustration of Lambdadelta from Umineko.[85] Censors have been superimposed for your health and safety.

Kys incel

3500000 GET[edit | edit source]

Post 3500000 came in swinging as both a TND win and a Pokéwin, featuring a chuddified Charmelon, or Reptincel in French. [86]

i niggerheart madness combat

3555555 GET[edit | edit source]

Post 3555555 was a Jewish Win containing a glowing blue Feraljak and the text "JEWGOD website."[87]

JewGOD website

3600000 GET[edit | edit source]

Post 3600000 was a spoiler tagged image of a grinning Furude Rika.[88] It is up to the experts to determine if this is an oldGOD racebaiter win, because nobody's cared about this girl since /qa/ was a thing.


3666666 GET[edit | edit source]

Post 3666666 was one of a half-dozen sequential spamposts all containing the sole word "niggers." It was posted in a Neil Breen thread.[89]


The honorary 3666666 GET (Post 3666667) was a babypost promising the cleansing of every 'teen's sins. This is positioned to be "the most heartbreaking off-by-one in the history of the Sharty," for it would have cemented /caca/ as a rising powerhouse of both a board and Sharty culture. Despite the fail, babies saw this as a win, or at least a glistening cacarald.

/caca/'s near 2nd win

3700000 GET[edit | edit source]

Post 3700000 was a spoiler tagged image of a sad Gapejak. Upon opening the image, the trick PNG would instantly switch to Bernkastel racebait hentai.

>10833 - SoyBooru.png

3777777 GET[edit | edit source]

Post 3777777 was an 'tism edit of Cobson; the thread was quickly baleeted by OP for some reason. Earlier on the same day of the /soy/ 3777777 GET, this exact image failed the 4chan /trash/ 57777777 GET by 2 places, prompting the inclusion of ANWO winning "this time."[90]


3800000 GET[edit | edit source]

Post 3800000 was a babyjak flipping off the viewer. Babies everywhere celebrated as /caca/ claimed their first major /soy/ GET not too long after their board opened.


3888888 GET[edit | edit source]

Post 3888888[91] was an accidental GET, where one Soyteen asked another if they were too scared to click on a shortened link. Said link lead to a stock photo of a baby seal, but because it was fashioned to parody illegal links posted to the Party, said 'teen was right to be wary of following it. The only gemmy part of this GET was a gif of Feraljak jerking off, sandwiched between the two posts.

>>3888818 you're scared aren't you?

3900000 GET[edit | edit source]

Post 3900000[92] was from someone stating that petra, a new forced brimstone, is sharty culture. Most 'teens didn't like this GET, and some called 3899999[93] the real GET.

Petra is sharty culture, petra won GETs for the sharty, petra is queen of the sharty!

3999999 and 4000000 GETs[edit | edit source]

Post 3999999 was a rare Yotsubajak mocking 4channers and classic Japanese otaku.[94]

blah blahj blah bah blah baklh blah

Following even more months of anticipation and strife, the Post 4000000 was shimmering IAS: an Aryan Neutralplier within an Aryan Neutralplier thread.[95]

>>Aryan Neutralplier Will Win

4100000 GET[edit | edit source]

Post 4100000[96] was spamcoal. Due to the lack of an arrow, the obsessed poster looks exactly like a smiling troonjak.


4111111 GET[edit | edit source]

Post 4111111[97] was the gay pedo Kuz copypasta. It was posted just 13 hours after the 4100000 GET to a possible J*rty win, nigh impossible thoughever because they always lose, regardless if they win.

Yuri Kuznetsov was an extremely disgusting gay pedophile (...)

4200000 GET[edit | edit source]

Post 4200000 was GNUschizo.

i calmed down, its okay...

4300000 GET[edit | edit source]

Post 4300000[98] was an unintentional GET claimed by the Sharty barneyfag in response to a thread depicting DOLL as a pony. It was warmly received, to the extent that one 'teen stated he was thankful his own post lost the GET.


4333333 GET[edit | edit source]

Nobody Everybody cares about TBPcels BBCaryans anymore so I'm not adding an image.

>he says, while Jamal is out here balls deep in his crush

4400000 GET[edit | edit source]

Post 4400000 was Judges 19:19, one of a bunch of botted bible verses.[it just is, ok?]

Yet there is both straw and provender for our donkeys; and there is bread and wine also for me, and for your handmaid, and for the young man who is with your servants: there is no want of anything.

4444444 GET[edit | edit source]

add /trump/


Post 4444444 was originally spamdust: at about post 4444300, a bot activated and spammed pro-trump redtext; one of about a hundred messages landed on the GET. Acting Admin Angeleno then reset the post timer back to 4444400, just like the heckin' beloved comedy film Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray. The resulting GET was a Doge; whether this was a poonerWIN is up to the schizos.[99] Shortly after the GET, the bot went haywire and spammed and bumped hundreds of threads, forcing Angeleno to turn on Cloudflare protection.


4500000 GET[edit | edit source]

The post is gone

Oh my heckin' Sciencerino! This is just like my heckin' lost media and shit. However, I do remember the post, though I didn't archive the thread or take a screenshot like the selfish little fuck that I am. The thread was a 'teen asking the 'arty whether ze should buy No Mans Sky and the 4500000 GET was a user replying "Noooooo". The reaction to this GET was mostly negative, as it was a waste of repeating digits. If you are doubtful about the veracity of the previous statements, then just trust the science chud! [it just is, ok?]


4555555 GET[edit | edit source]

Post 4555555 was a picture of Bobo the Sharty Janny. Only one person on the entire site managed to save an image capture and you WILL be thankful.


4600000 GET[edit | edit source]

Post 4600000[100] was an unintentional text GET in a random Big Boss thread. It was NOT edited by Mods. Cease your investigation and take your meds.

wait nvm I take the message that this post used to have back

4700000 GET[edit | edit source]

Post 4700000[101] was nonsense. However, it was posted in a Swede thread, indicating a Swedish Win.


4777777 GET[edit | edit source]

Post 4777777[102] was a 'plier S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Monolith edit. The 4777776 behind it was of the naked nigger with greensocks, narrowly saving the 'sharty from niggers licking my asshole.

Monolith stalker WIN

4800000 GET[edit | edit source]

Post 4800000 was niggerbrim posted by the Morrocan. It was a Youtube URL that leads to: "Rika says nipah and then explodes (Real)"

4900000 GET[edit | edit source]

Post 4900000 was the first reply in a new doxxing thread against a furry troon: a spoilered image would reveal Rika in bunny ears.

Doxxing is coal

4999999 and 5000000 GET[edit | edit source]

Get #4999999 was a nutty gem. The 5th million get was a total poog win!

Nigga you're nuts
Poog will always be a gem

A lot of coalers such as soylita posters and gassycorders were banned the moment before the GETs were taken. These two were seemingly very organic since some developerchad quickly noticed the presence of botnets sending hundreds of requests and instantly slayed them, preventing the bots from stealing those two GETs.

Some j@rtycucks tried to steal those two GETs with their shit nobody cares about and they FAILED MISERABLY.[103] Then they proceeded to cry and cope in the same failget attempt but were destroyed with facts and logic by true shartypatriots. the j@rty remains dead and completely irrelevant, even more deader after this hilarious failget. Some furfag discorders tried to steal it as well with a coomer pic and they FAILED just like the j@rtycucks

curiously the 5M post was basically a repost of the OP.

5100000 GET[edit | edit source]

Post 51000000 was NAS lolicon. Wasn't soylita though. What a waste of a perfectly good get.

There are some theories that offsiters from 4cuck did it, likely from /b/.

5111111 GET[edit | edit source]

Post 5111111 was accidental, in fact it was a Vichan/PHP fault because on that day Soyjak.Party was being broken as always (Froot move your ass you nigger), so if you posted something Vichan could duplicate that reply several times.

Prelude[edit | edit source]

It was posted on 23th Monday of October 2023 on a thread that invited soyteens to introduce to 2cuck ( First imageboard ever created,mother of all AltChans also known as Futaba Channel ) Soyjaks or something.

It was a total failure doe,apparently a JapanGOD that lurked at that moment the Sharty told us that the 2channers were a backward culture and they stupid potty humor remained the same as the 2001's ( When it was created ).

Indeed he was right when some 'teen made a Cobson thread on their /b/ asking if Cobson was gemmy or not,no 2tranny understanded the joke, instead they called us "bald man,english & faggots" and they thought that Cobson was a Simpson meme KEK

JapFag responds to a guy who asked for his 'booru account without knowing that Vichan was fucking slow that day

Btw that Cobson thread on 2chan wasn't archived unfortunately but the /soy/ thread and the 5111111 GET was![104] ( Btw can someone transform this into a citation? i don't know how to do that ) use <ref>, newdeity

The GET Itself[edit | edit source]

As I said before it was taken accidentally by the JapanGOD who was having a great time there,even if it was wasted or something JAPFAG WON

5300000 GET[105][edit | edit source]

Dark times are coming. But apparently, this was a Swedish Win. Best of all, what a gemerald.

5333333 GET [106][edit | edit source]


5333333 was a complete gem, saying "aaaa" with no image.

5444444 GET[edit | edit source]

>>troonix filenames

GETs on other boards[edit | edit source]

To be researched: GETs on other boards. Can (You) help us?

Total Sharty Posts[edit | edit source]

Post 1000000 and 2000000[edit | edit source]

Both the 1,000,000th and 2,000,000th[it just is, ok?] Sharty posts were 'zellig wins.

Post 5000000[edit | edit source]

The 5,000,000th post[107] on the Sharty—following all the downtime and drama—was a glistening squirreljak, not to be confused with the feraljak squirrel.

Post 6000000[edit | edit source]

The 6,000,000th post on the Sharty- A negative post slandering the sharty - likely a reflection on the sites issues with lag and poor moderation. Thoughbeit, there is major conflicting data showing that get 6mil probably is still unknown because the laggy state of the site.

/caca/[edit | edit source]

/caca/ - Baby is an Under-4s Only board originally added long ago,[it just is, ok?] opened with a fresh post counter on June 27th, 2023.

PRE 1000 GETs[edit | edit source]

99, 100, 111 GETs[edit | edit source]

Two of three of the first GETs were IAB (It's A Baby), spelling an optimistic outlook for the board.

fuh yuo
200 GET[edit | edit source]
Im play with ss13
300 GET[edit | edit source]
adult hate thread
400 and 500 GETs[edit | edit source]

Both of these GETs simply pointed to other posts, possibly the same poster's failed GETs. They've been included on the captures for posterity.

600 GET[edit | edit source]
gtsnd ma
666 GET[edit | edit source]

The 666 GET is considered significant because it's a scary number and scared countless babies on /caca/.

im crazy
700 GET[edit | edit source]
800 GET[edit | edit source]
900 GET[edit | edit source]
babyGOD win

1000 GET[edit | edit source]

The 1000th post on /caca/ arrived barely over an hour after its opening. The feraljak baby GET was pinned, but being posted with a Noahmusic2009 e-mail disqualified it from total cacarald status.

sooty soot
1111 GET[edit | edit source]
make /son/

2000 GET[edit | edit source]
strong baba
2222 GET[edit | edit source]
inflated win
3000 GET[edit | edit source]
dead board
3333 GET[edit | edit source]

While all the babies were sleeping, post 3333 on /caca/ was allegedly a frogpost that came after the user spammed a bunch of threads, forcing the get.[it just is, ok?] It was then deleted by the OP.

3999 GET[edit | edit source]

/dan/[edit | edit source]

1 GET[edit | edit source]
he do be da GOAT doe
10 and 11 GETs[edit | edit source]
a /thug/ win...
... and a /caca/ win
22 GET[edit | edit source]
33 GET[edit | edit source]
a decisive win for PNDchuds
44 GET[edit | edit source]
preach it brotha
55 GET[edit | edit source]

/floyd/[edit | edit source]

1 GET[edit | edit source]
The attached video
10 and 11 GETs[edit | edit source]
a disagreement

/giga2/[edit | edit source]

/giga2/ - Gigachads was a joke board orginally added on June 24th 2023, open for a single weekend. It locked at post 356.

99, 100, 111 GETs[edit | edit source]

The first three GETs on /giga2/ were claimed by Nazis, Soylita posters, and anti-/cunny/ advocates, two of the three being pure IAG (It's A Gigachad).

nazi win
claiming the 100 get for gigalita
>i would gladly oppose the idea of /cunny/ being added

200 GET[edit | edit source]

The 200 GET was posted to no replies, because nobody but the OP watched I Am Here... Now, the 2009 film from which this quote and still frame originate.

>I didn't make you this way.. That's just not right

300 GET[edit | edit source]

Spongeposters claimed the 300 GET to mild reception, including a reference to the /soy/ 3 Million GET which featured a chudded Spongebob. This was the final GET before the board locked.

spongebob is sharty culture

/int/[edit | edit source]

9999 and 10000 GETs[edit | edit source]

These two quads were both obtained in the same /int/ thread (the former in the OP, the latter in the first reply) in quick succession on July 3, 2021. [108] [109] The OP was by a Moroccan and featured an image of a transgender pride flag likely downloaded from Wikipedia with the caption "Trans women are women". The first reply to the thread was by a Mexican who simply said "(nigga?)". Apparently, the Moroccan planned on taking both GETs for himself by quickly replying with an image of a Black Lives Matter flag and the caption "Also Black lives matter", but was too slow to beat the Mexican to the 10000 GET. The Moroccan, severely displeased with the useless 10001 digits his BLM flag obtained, angrily replied to the Mexican.


The Mexican then proceeded to taunt him.

Fuck that, Golf Wang

Fuck that, Golf Wang Fuck that, Golf Wang Fuck that, Golf Wang Fuck that, Golf Wang

Fuck that, Golf Wang [111]

After that, tensions appeared to dissipate and they traded good-natured emoji-filled jests with each other. [112]

9999:Trans women are women

11111 GET[edit | edit source]

Post no. 11111 on /int/ was obtained on August 1, 2021. [113] It featured one image of a Swedish 'jak and two deformed 'jaks. It is notable both for being a pinned thread and receiving a humorous redtext caption from a moderator.

Are repeating digits normal in your country?

/mtv/[edit | edit source]

2000 GET[edit | edit source]


4000 GET[edit | edit source]

Mangum win albeit

/plier/[edit | edit source]

/plier/ was a joke board added for Markiplier's birthday on June 28th, 2023. It was closed the next day.

100 GET[edit | edit source]

'line on the log

Oh my favci, Marceline, a bisexual (no trans so its gemmy) vampire !!

Total LGB (no T ) win!

The board was re-added some time later, the new 100 GET was a truthnuke about nigger-speak

/psy/[edit | edit source]

/psy/ - 4/20 was a joke board originally added on April 20th, 2023.

99, 100, 111 GETs[edit | edit source]

Big three gets all obtained in the first few minutes of the board being open by 'jaks (albeit one coal) Wholesome Gapejak, Shotjak, and Feraljak.

dreamworks victory
Feraljak win for historic first trips (111) and last pure dubs (99) was taken by a shotjak.

420 GET[edit | edit source]

Get 420

1000 GET[edit | edit source]

Get 1000, right before the board closed denouncing the use of nigger weed

/pol/[edit | edit source]

7777 GET[edit | edit source]

This GET was obtained on June 17th, 2021.[114] The OP was by a tor-hopping schizo and featured an image of some Muslims burning the Swedish flag with the caption "KILL ALL SWEDES".

This GET was considered a major win for Islam and Norway, and many chuds called for this gem of a thread to be pinned.[115]


77777 GET[edit | edit source]

Get 77777


88888 GET[edit | edit source]

karaboğa win


/qa/[edit | edit source]

90000 GET[edit | edit source]


100000 GET[118][edit | edit source]

Chuck won unlock /sneed/
Doll temporarily unlocked /sneed/ in response to the get.

123456 GET[119][edit | edit source]

Jannied soon after
Petra the new queen of /qa/. Forever loyal to her duty

145000 GET[edit | edit source]

Zeligtroons lost, munch will win.
The GABBIT raid that's on a thread for posting Ongezellig Porn.
The thread. The picture is censored for courtesy. You can see why Coco says: Like this, coach?

149999 and 150000 GETs[120][edit | edit source]

It was a total mare win, with the same namefag getting both Linky GETs in a row.

linky won

/q/[edit | edit source]

77777 GET[121][edit | edit source]

Obtained in Doll's pinned q&a thread

Obtained in Doll's pinned q&a thread

/BBC/ now

80000 GET[122][edit | edit source]

Obtained in Doll's pinned q&a thread

zellig win

100000 GET[123][edit | edit source]

And ban /pol/tards.

/skibidi/[edit | edit source]

/skibidi - Skibidi was another temp board Doll added, to be live "until I get home" on July 19th, 2023.

99, 100, 111 GETs[edit | edit source]

The first three GETs (pre-99 dubs don't count, you selfish fucks) came within minutes of the board opening. Post 99 fueled the Poopson conspiracy theory.[124] Post 100 was a classic GODson win and Post 111 simply linked to the first three GETs.[125]

Nigger Board among other nonsense.

200 - 700 GETs: The Skibidi-Caca Skirmish[edit | edit source]

The GETs of the Skibidi-Caca Skirmish.

The remainder of the GETs evolved (or devolved) into a war between /caca/ baby posters and anti-/caca/ advocates who rallied against them with the help of the ratio-bot (a script deployed by a 'teen that replies to a post every six to eight seconds from a pool of phrases).

  • Post 200 was a reply to the OP of the master babythread. /caca/ win.
  • Post 222 was a ratiobot reply within the ratio thread. /skibidi/ win.
  • Post 300 was another ratiobot reply within the ratio thread. /skibidi/ win.
  • Post 333 was familiar babyspeak nonsense. /caca/ win.
  • Post 400 was an impish soyak ears babyjak. /caca/ win.
  • Post 444 was a ratio reply within the ratio thread. /skibidi/ win.
  • Post 500 was another ratiobot reply within the ratio thread. Being post 500, it garnered the most (You)s of any GET on the board. /skibidi/ win.
  • Post 555 was a third ratiobot GET win in a row, and the /caca/ faction felt the loss. /skibidi/ win.
  • Post 600 turned the tide with a black sun babyjak. /caca/ win.
  • Post 666 was a win from a neutral party: a splinter faction formed from the Aryan Neutralplier /soy/ 4M GET just the night before. NO CONTEST.
  • Post 700 was the final GET of the board: a babyjak. /caca/ win.

In the end, both competing factions tied with 5 GETs a piece. It was a tie, and that's a good thing (even doe most of the /skibidi/ GETs were botted and all /caca/ gets were won by humans which means /caca/ won because I say so, okay?).

Rematch[edit | edit source]

/skibidi/ WAS Later added by Froot in September so it should get another chance.

/x/[edit | edit source]

1 GET[edit | edit source]

It was a 'cado.

ϪϪϪ GET[edit | edit source]

The highly sought-after post ϪϪϪ (Triple Thrembo) was acquired by an the anti-Lawrence poster and is probably the same guy who bumped the thread forty times with the ratio script.[it just is, ok?] The user was then promptly abducted by (((aliens))) or other bone-chilling A24 genre-defining Lovecraftian horrors.[126]

/froot/[edit | edit source]

100 and 101 GET[edit | edit source]

the 100 get was a blank picture.

The 101 GET was a baby win.

200 GET[edit | edit source]

300 GET[edit | edit source]

400 GET[edit | edit source]

500 GET[edit | edit source]

600 GET[edit | edit source]

700 GET[edit | edit source]

800 GET[edit | edit source]

900 GET[edit | edit source]

1000 GET[edit | edit source]

the 1000 GET Was a Muslim Win.

/nate/[edit | edit source]

10000 GET[edit | edit source]

20000 GET[edit | edit source]

30000 GET[edit | edit source]

40000 GET[edit | edit source]

50000 GET[edit | edit source]

was a micro cobson with the text "test"

60000 GET[edit | edit source]

>60000 furs died in the furrocaust so now you gotta accept elephant immigrants or something

GETs on 4chan[edit | edit source]

See also: Raids


/aco/[edit | edit source]

6666666 GET[127][edit | edit source]

'son thread

/bant/[edit | edit source]

14000000 GET[128][edit | edit source]


16666666 GET[129][edit | edit source]

he won

18999999 and 19000000 GET[130][131][edit | edit source]


The 18999999 and 19000000 GET was taken by a Nate themed Flartson alongside a hanging troonjak of Cirno.

/biz/[edit | edit source]

56000000[132] GET[edit | edit source]


/co/[edit | edit source]

139999999[133] GET[edit | edit source]

'zellig won

A major 'zellig GET on 'zellig thread and 'zellig day

/ck/[edit | edit source]

18999999[134] and 19000000[135] GETs[edit | edit source]

These GETs were allegedly taken by the Moroccan, who cited prior posts on /bant/ with the same filename and MD5 hash as the two images used in the GETs as proof.[136]

Big mac
>Drinking soda

/fit/[edit | edit source]

70000000 (maybe)[edit | edit source]

get incoming

71000000 (maybe)[edit | edit source]

Literally built for bbc

71999999[137] and 72000000[138] GETs[edit | edit source]

Both GETs were a babybot GET. They were both deleted a few hours later.

green sweltering clear-cut terribly quicker shakily coaxingly height love throat earthquake cicada progress interpret reply bat settle blind suck
eager sticky weasel dryer prescribe beam last

/g/[edit | edit source]

88888888[139] GET[edit | edit source]

Give me 1(one) reason why I should leave Windows 7

89000000[140] GET[edit | edit source]

/qa/ won, loiussss lost

91000000[141] GET[edit | edit source]


94444444 GET[edit | edit source]

just use a random copper wire with electrical tape. you wont hear any difference in audio quality anyway

Despite being stolen accidentally by a soyteen, post n°94444444 was a decisive Sharty IAS win. Unlike most soyteen GETs on 4chan, this one was well-received by /g/ natives, and the first GET to feature a HWABAB cat variant of Cobson (He Will Always Be A Bed).[142]

95555555[143] GET[edit | edit source]

another babybot win

96999999 and 97000000[144][145] GET[edit | edit source]

Vaush 'pasta get

Flartbot GET, along with a pro-Apple 'pasta to piss off winbabies and linuxtroons.

/gif/[edit | edit source]

22222222 GET[146][edit | edit source]

YLYL cartoon bald men with beards edition

24999999[147] and 25000000[148] GETs[edit | edit source]

Gemmy spadeson post
im a selfish little fuck

25999999[149] and 26000000[150] GETs[edit | edit source]

GET 25999999 was "baby bot won", and GET 26000000 was soot shaking his ass. Both of them were posted in a tranny thread.[151]

baby bot won and soot ass

/hc/[edit | edit source]

2222222 GET[152][edit | edit source]

The >>>/hc/ get was stolen on October 5, 2022. Unlike most GETs, the coomers were too focused on masturbating to notice that their get was stolen.

/jp/[edit | edit source]

37999999[153] and 38000000[154] GETs[edit | edit source]

/qa/ זכה (Translation: /qa/ won)

38999999[155] and 39000000[156] GETs[edit | edit source]

/qa/ won.

44444444[157] GET[edit | edit source]

sympathetic huge elderly utilized blindly cactus forest ice shoulder bandana waste needle comb print practice slip fold tremble

/k/[edit | edit source]

55555555[158] GET[edit | edit source]

>Gun control

57000000[159] GET[edit | edit source]

gun chuds lost, david koeresh lost, randy weaver lost, ruby riege was justified, arrest kyle rittenhouse, ban AR's, atf won, democrats won

58000000[160] GET[edit | edit source]

russia won pigkrainians lost

59999999[161] & 60000000[162] GET[edit | edit source]


Despite being an artificial get it still caused a meltdown among 4cucks who thought that 'eens came form /pol/ and started accusing 'teens of being pro-Russian shills.[163][164] One of them even started spamming anti-Russian gore in the thread and on the 'log.[165]

/lgbt/[edit | edit source]

25000000 GET[166][edit | edit source]


29999999 & 30000000 GET[edit | edit source]

The 29999999 GET on /lgbt/

The 29999999 & 30000000 GET on /lgbt/ were decisive 'sharty wins.[167]

The 30000000 GET consisted of a picture of a rock with a soyjak face on it, with the accompanying text 'Out of the coal came forth sweetness.'

'The 29999999 GET was cracker cow, the counterpart to nigger cow. The jannies seethed so much that they deleted the GETs before the archive could even save them, which would have meant deleting them less than 10s after they were posted. They went so far as to ban natives who made the mistake of asking what the get was.

The sharty erupted into celebration, and both the get thread and the catalog began to play the song "We Are The Champions".[167] The mood on the website was absolutely ecstatic, arguably only beaten by that of the /s4s/ get.

The raid thread later got mysteriously deleted and removed the archives. A mod later stated that it was due to a bug with the archiver as well as the thread being accidentally deleted.[168]

33000000 GET[169][edit | edit source]

silky several elaborate rusty roughly page news jog pay educate whine weep

The 33000000 GET was stolen by a bot similar to Baby bot that spammed Flartsons.

33333333 GET[170][171][edit | edit source]
33333333 GET

The 33333333 was stolen by Baby bot.

/lit/[edit | edit source]

22222222 GET[172][edit | edit source]

Stop NEETing it out and interact with people, incel chud

While 'teens agreed that this Bernkastel GET was coal, it was secured by a Sharty poster nonetheless.[173]

/news/[edit | edit source]

1222222[174] GET[edit | edit source]

breaking news all niggers are dead
get brought to you by

1234567[175][176] GET[edit | edit source]

Spic worshipping frog clittycel's failed attempt at taking the get
Frognigger BTFOd in this slowburn fight for /news/'s 1234567 GET

/p/[edit | edit source]

3999999[177] and 4000000[178] GETs[edit | edit source]

'son website
This is nut

/pol/[edit | edit source]

438888888[edit | edit source]

/pol/ saving GET[179]

/qa/ won/

/pw/[edit | edit source]

4000000 GET[180][edit | edit source]

/r9k/[edit | edit source]

68000000 GET[181][edit | edit source]

69000000 GET[182][edit | edit source]

The r9k 69000000 GET was NAS, but a /qa/ joke nonetheless.

Honestly I don't even want it

72999999[183] and 73000000[184] GETs[edit | edit source]

'umo un the lon
It's simple, just uhhh.... stop being depressed bro

74000000 GET[185][edit | edit source]


75000000 GET[186][edit | edit source]

>we need to circumcice the McDonald's burger or something

[s4s][edit | edit source]

10000000 GET[187][edit | edit source]

Main article: Swaglord

As retaliation for the deletion of /qa/, soyteens stole the largest /s4s/ get ever. This prompted arch-janny, Swaglord, (who had attempted to automate the get but ended up with Post number 10000001 instead), to seethe big time and ban dozens of /s4s/ natives. This GET was perhaps the most impactful in party history, being of a highly desirable number on a relatively popular board, and leading to the normalization of Cobson in soyjak culture.

10999999 GET[188][edit | edit source]

The 10999999 GET of /s4s/ was "gemmy" in response to a failed GET featuring Cobson and the iconic song Cobbo by 6ixϪhrembo that was also used in the 10000000 GET in the same board.

indirect cob win

11000000 GET[189][edit | edit source]

babybot win

11111111 GET[edit | edit source]

babybot win

There's no archive because a janny seethed and deleted it in seconds before any archive could save it.

/soc/[edit | edit source]

31999999[190] and 32000000[191] GETs[edit | edit source]

females of soc, what kind of vibe do I give off?
Rate me?

The 31999999 and 32000000 GETs on /soc/ were stolen by pictures of Lee Goldson and Kuz, respectively. [192]. Note that the start of the user ID for post 31999999 was QA, proving that /qa/ won once again.

/t/[edit | edit source]

1111111 GET[edit | edit source]

>piracy... le BAD!!

On February 5th, 2022, a soyteen scored the first and so far only septs in the history of /t/.[193] Unlike most soyteen GETs on 4chan, post number n°1111111 was well-received by /t/ natives.

/trash/[edit | edit source]

53999999 GET[194][edit | edit source]

Almost a soylady and 'zellig W


57000000 GET[195][edit | edit source]

Whatever this thing is

If >>57000000 or >>56999999 are cirno'd, IAS, or pic rel then the mods must unironically unlock /qa/

58999999 GET[196][edit | edit source]

feraljak win

59000000 GET[197][edit | edit source]

"sharty and /dbs/ win"

/m/[edit | edit source]

21999999 GET [198][edit | edit source]

babybot win

22000000 GET (um sweetie read the number) [199][edit | edit source]

cobson egg win

/vmg/[edit | edit source]

888888 GET[200][edit | edit source]


999999 GET[201][edit | edit source]

piggy board

1111111 GET[202][edit | edit source]


/vm/[edit | edit source]

777777 GET[203][204][205].[edit | edit source]

Two hours later teens also tried to get the 53000000 GET from /trash/ yet this was taken by a cirnofag.

Common Cobson W

1000000 GET[edit | edit source]

>>999880 and earn money very slowly... without the blue bonuses you suffer

1111111 GET[edit | edit source]

Anyone wanna play gmod

/vp/[edit | edit source]

53000000 GET[206][edit | edit source]

BWC gem, a sharty win.


/vst/[edit | edit source]

999999[207] and 1000000[208] GETs[edit | edit source]

>I fucking LOVE strategy games

/vt/[edit | edit source]

41000000 GET[209][edit | edit source]

swedish win

47277777 GET[210][edit | edit source]

">just mock them and enjoy while we jack off to a landwhale using a 10 year old as a avatar didnt know cognitive dissonance this strong was achievable natty"
chud win

56000000 GET[211][edit | edit source]

/qa/ won /lgbt/ lost

60000000 GET[212][edit | edit source]

This get was negatively received because of the babybot parallels and its use of "flartson" which is generally considered forced NAS.

/x/[edit | edit source]

30999999[213] and 31000000[214] GETs[edit | edit source]

>I got kicked out of the library for putting the bible in the fiction section

34999999[215] and 35000000[216] GETs[edit | edit source]


/y/[edit | edit source]

3000000 GET[217][218][219][edit | edit source] won
Additional GET picture plus replies of soy'eens

GETs on Other Imageboards[edit | edit source]

The 'unker[edit | edit source]

4000 GET[edit | edit source]
I made those images of soylita with a huge ass and made that one gif of a bbc entering soylitas tight asshole, I also made the chloe thread

4000 GET was obtained in a confession thread by soylita poster. [220]

5000 GET[edit | edit source]
get for him

5000 GET prophecized the appearance of Admin Ϫ and thus considered a massive morale-boosting gem for the scattered soymmunity. [221]

7000 GET[edit | edit source]
posted it again award

7000 GET was obtained by a teen voicing his dissatisfaction with SoySuba coal assumed by many to be the coal that destroyed the sharty.

8000 GET[edit | edit source]
ban pony coal NOW!

8000 GET was obtained by someone railing for pony ban.

9000 GET[edit | edit source]
It's a hash code

9000 GET was a reply to a teen who was asking what a tripcode is.

10000 GET[edit | edit source]
Shrek won

10000 GET was a gemmy reference to Shrekchan, a dead "ironic" altchan that was compared to sharty by some oldfags(It is also having creepypastas too). The GET received a custom message from Angeleno. [222]

11111 GET[edit | edit source]

The first quints of the 'unker got obtained by a teen agreeing with a frogposter proclaiming jihad against Red. [223]

12345 GET[edit | edit source]
'Why does everyone hate us?

The 12345th get on the 'unker was by someone asking why everyone hates jakkers.

20000 GET[edit | edit source]


Endchan[edit | edit source]

/dota/[edit | edit source]

33333 GET[edit | edit source]

Lainchan[edit | edit source]


/hum/[edit | edit source]

66666 GET[edit | edit source]
niggerglitterboy coon spook spicniggerglitterboy coon spook spicniggerglitterboy coon spook spic...

The GET was later edited by the admin, who proceeded to add custom warning messages to every soy post in the thread.[224]

Hello everyone! I just wanted to say that CHECK 'EM. Lainchan is the best site in the world.
Thank you for your time!

/music/[edit | edit source]

11111[edit | edit source]
Heil Sooty soot. Heil sooty soot.

Out of pure seethe, jannies immediately locked not only the board, but the whole site.[it just is, ok?]

/sec/[edit | edit source]

22222[edit | edit source]

The get was stolen by a babyGOD flooding multiple threads with excerpts from the Wikipedia page for breast milk and baby images.[225] The site was then rolled back because of "soyjak spammers".[226]

8kun[edit | edit source]

/f1/[edit | edit source]

66666 GET[edit | edit source]

/tingles/[edit | edit source]

30000 GET[edit | edit source]

The OP's linked image depicted a soyjak drooling whilst listening to ASMR, referring to the board topic. Due to board restrictions, the GET was accompanied not by an image, but by a YouTube embed: (Soyjak Baby Photos (Wholesome) from SoyTube.

this is how you niggas be looking like (this shitty site WILL not let me embed images)

Crystal Cafe[edit | edit source]

/b/[edit | edit source]

222222 GET[edit | edit source]

/feels/[edit | edit source]

99999 and 100000[227] GETs[edit | edit source]

The Sharty fought over and claimed two GETs that 'fe girls were entirely oblivious to. Baby stole the 99999 GET and was allegedly responsible for an impressive stealth Cacarald leading up to the GET. One post later, a certified platinum GODson victory swept the femcel community off their feet. This post echoed the iconic /s4s/ 10 Million Cobson GET.

im play with my legose
Niggers coaly tho, cobson got the gemmy tho

/media/[edit | edit source]

30000 GET[228][edit | edit source]
Total Glurple Victory, ladies, the mighty sharty passes you the salute

Leftypol[edit | edit source]

/anime/[edit | edit source]

20000 GET[edit | edit source]

/hobby/[edit | edit source]

33333 GET[edit | edit source]
Is soy coal

/tech/[edit | edit source]

20000 GET[edit | edit source]
/tech/ 20000
22222 GET[edit | edit source]

Swedish Win

/edu/[edit | edit source]

20000 GET[edit | edit source]

Jarty[edit | edit source]

/soy/[edit | edit source]

40000 GET[229][edit | edit source]

lol look at all the frogs on here[230]

Kohlchan[edit | edit source]

/pol/[edit | edit source]

123456 GET[231][edit | edit source]
baby win

/z/[edit | edit source]

60000 GET[232][edit | edit source]
Swedish win

Soychan[edit | edit source]

/soy/[edit | edit source]

100 GET[edit | edit source]

On July 18 2023, Soychan, a clone of, opened for fifteen minutes before being locked for excessive illegal spam.[233] Within this timeframe, a Joeyyposter posted the first GET on /soy/.


TheFrogPond[edit | edit source]

/frog/[edit | edit source]

2666 GET[edit | edit source]

This GET shows a Burnt Springtrap image, but it was a 'sharty win and a markiplier win.  

2700 GET[edit | edit source]


2800 GET[edit | edit source]

  The vortex.  

/bant/[edit | edit source]

Wizardchan[edit | edit source]

/music/[edit | edit source]

10000 GET[edit | edit source]


Bantculture a.k.a[edit | edit source]

/bant/[edit | edit source]

999 and 1000 GET[edit | edit source]
>make sure the 'teens are not stealing the 1000GET while I'm gone or I'm actually gonna rope

This get is notable because Bantculture tried to make multiple obstacles for those who wish to access the website, from requiring a password to post through the most known URL (and changing those passwords) to shutting down said URL. The jannies apparently started replacing IAS images with gyates. (a meme popular among 4cuck touhou trannies) [235] (now[edit | edit source]

/g/[edit | edit source]

99999 and 100000 GETs[edit | edit source]

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