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Gibberish waller

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Gibberish waller is SILESIAN VANTABLACK BRIMSTONE straight from the FIERY DEPTHS OF NIGGERHELL!!!!!!!!!!!

an average Gibberish Waller post, or at least like 1/15 of it

Gibberish Waller is a notorious baby bot wannabe that spams walls upon walls of random letters in a way similar to the old dotspammers, his spam often makes the site unusable when it doesn't outright crashes it, sometimes he mixes (garbled to avoid script detection) messages among the gibberish, often calling Froot a nigger or something. You can often notice he is active by checking the ban logs and seeing that his bans have FILLED THE WHOLE FUCKING PAGE. He usually logs on and deploys the bot at around 12:00 UTC.

Contrary to popular belief, the operator of the bot isn't Ronald (the baby bot guy) because the waller's spam quite frequently nukes the site while Ronald always took care to never crash it. This was further confirmed by the fact that he doesn't really know who's behind it, and how it works exactly.


The bot has attempted to crash the 'sharty multiple times, though to no avail. One notable attempt was during the GlitchX event raids, which slowed down the entire site. Another was on 21st of December, where he attempted to derail the thread for 4cuck's /b/ GET #911111111 stealing event. After failing to derail the thread, he attempted to do everything so 'teens would not be able to obtain it, like slowing down the website with spam so the raiders could no longer communicate. Needless to say, he failed again, as the GET was obtained, and the bot was slain after half an hour.

What is known

According to Ronald and some other computer soyence autist[1]:

  • The bot was written in node.js.
  • The operator uses a residential proxy pool and a paid captcha solver.
    • The operator is also a massive faggot who should seriously consider ending his life at this very moment.


  1. - Reply #5723372 is when he pops up. The thread only gets interesting from there.
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