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GigaChad (Patient)

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This variant of GigaChad was a patient at the Mental Asylum.

Patient File

Asylum Patient
ID: ???
Name: GigaChad
Threat level: ???
Filed: 2020-11-25
By: ???


>beep beep…

Acessing file

Patient: GigaChad

Threat Level:??????? ????????? ????????
Special Containment Objectives:
Due to Patient Gigachad's nature, it is impossible to stop him from commiting actions, to stop him from progessing to his major goals, a nuclear fission bomb is ready to be deployed anywhere where he appears
Description And Summary: Gigachad appears to be a muscle bound male of indermitent age, the age of the creature could range from 1 day to 100,000 years, Gigachad is obsevered in carrying common features between appearences, large muscluar bodytype, visible veins and ribs, a pair or pants or simple underwear, and pale monochromatic skin, Gigachad has the ability to completely erase anything that comes into his eye contact, objeects will vanish in thin air, anyone who remembers the object or persons, will not remember it's existence, Gigachad is extremely well versed in hand to hand combat and martial arts, Exerts over 100000000 pounds of mere force, far beyond any average homo sapiens, is able to run across 100 meter distances in a milisecond and is extremely attractive to any human female, Gigachad is often seen blending into to human society, disguising itself as any sort of male, women who are seduced by him end up being found in their homes dead, torn apart and vicious signs of mauling and bite marks can be found, most victims have fluids of a non organic nature, and almost always appear to have extremely high levels of estrogen in their body, males are not safe THOUGH, Gigachad sometimes will stalk or hunt a desarible male he finds then anal rape them until he explodes their torso with his large penile unit, this unit can stretch from over 10 feet, Gigachad is extremely well respected in any social or human gathering he takes apart of, almost no one insults or berates him, when he commits acts of murder or grand theft auto in public, Gigachad has bulletproof skin and is immune to blunt melee objects, the one time a bullet piereced his skull, pieces of bizzare grey matter were found, in between being shot in the head, Gigachad regenerated all of the missing skull fragments and brain tissue,

Gigachad is not be used in any other tests with other patients or ordered in anyway, anyone seeming to be possesed or taking under infulence of Gigachad must be destroyed immediate. . . WHY YES, THIS ARTICLE IS ABOUT ME HOW COULD YOU TELL?[1]