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The 'za has been ordered.

From left to right: F1nn5ter, Ella Pedowood and Chris Tyson from 'beast.
Giggly Goonclown, where it all began.

Goongate is a conspiracy involving a transgender pedophile ring that was discovered by during the investigation of pedophilic pornography addict Giggly Goonclown. users found private conversations that exposed former pornstar Jean (formerly Ella) Hollywood as a fellow pedophile. Hollywood is a Twitch Partner who streams as sodacattv, [1] and is closely tied to fellow Twitch streamer F1NN5TER, [2] and has met up on at least one occasion with MrBeast contributor Chris Tyson and MrBeast himself.


Goonclown is discovered by the sharty and later doxxed

Main article: Giggly Goonclown

Giggly Goonclown, real name Orion Grant Passmore, was doxxed on on ACKgust 1, 2023, after first being posted on the sharty sometime before due to his bizarre Twitter account and self-produced fetish videos. The dox included a full archive of Passmore's communications on Discord, which 'teens soon discovered contained even more depravity than his Twitter. [3] On Discord, Passmore openly discussed being a pedophile with fellow gooners and shared child grooming tactics. [4]

Goonclown's involvement with Jean Hollywood

The dox revealed that Goonclown/Passmore is intimately involved with successful former transgender pornstar Jean (formerly Ella) Hollywood, real name Jean-Luc Michelena. Passmore's communications with Jean revealed that:

  • Jean groomed Passmore into trooning out There is no evidence of this doe
  • Jean has produced at least one video encouraging porn addicts to seek out real CSAM
  • Jean is aroused by the idea of minors watching his porn

You WILL watch this video for proof of everything above:

Jean Hollywood's connections

Jean Hollywood (second from the right, note autistic scowl) with F1NN5TER (far right) and Mr Beast (middle left)

While Goonclown was relatively unknown prior to Goongate outside of the Sharty and the gooning community on 'witter, Hollywood has had a prolific and hugely successful career as a pornstar and is currently a Twitch Partner. Hollywood also appeared in the pedophilic show Euphoria which stars a tranny actor named Hunter Schafer. He has collaborated on numerous occasions with popular crossdressing fetishist streamer F1NN5TER. It should be made clear that F1NN5TER and Hollywood are not just casual acquaintances, but have an ongoing friendship and have met up in person several times to stream together. Through his connection to F1NN5TER, Hollywood has met with Chris Tyson from MrBeast and even MrMarkOfTheBeast AKA Jimmy Donaldson himself. The implications of this are horrifying due to Hollywood's pedophilia and MrBeast's enormous child audience.

Goongate goes public

Turkey Tom tweets

'Teens messaged dramatroons and commentary creators (Such as Turkey Tom) in hopes of spreading the information. This would eventually lead to ValidLs (a popular twitter poster) to make a tweet about it [5] which got over 2.4 million views and even replies from e-celebrities LeafyIsHere, twomad and chippledipple.

Sub-100k subscriber furry commentary YouTuber Lanza released a video about Goongate on August 16, 2023. [6] Several other smaller channels have made videos on Goongate that have failed to attract much attention outside of 'teens gemming up the comment sections.

F1NN5TER on Goongate

A Chud attempted to ask F1NN5TER about his thoughts on the Goongate revelations on-stream via a custom donation message. Upon hearing the message, F1NN5TER swore in frustration and said "this is gonna continue for so long", a strangely ominous statement that implied he at least partially understood the gravity of the situation. [7]

TL;DR Summary:

  1. Gigglygoonclown taunts the Sharty.
  2. The Sharty gains access to his Discord account.
  3. An entire archive of his Discord DMs is posted online for any 'jakkers to read.
  4. The full extent of Goonclown's pedophilia is discovered, along with screenshots of Twitter DMs with Jean/Ella Hollywood/sodacattv, wherein Jean talks about awful pedoshit and admits that he created awful pedoshit.

According to a recent stream, F1NN5TER is still in contact with Jean, with him even being DM'd porn during it.[8] The Goon conspiracy seems to remain in action to this day.

Turkey Toms' video on Goongate

On the 30th of August, 2023, Turkey Tom finally made a video on Giggly Goonclown.[9] Under the comment section, prominent e-celebs such as the hecking disturbing icebergs guy Wendigoon and the grifter whore Shoe0nHead posted their reactions of disgust. Reactions to this video have been mixed, with many soyteens wondering if the sharty is going to be culturally enriched by newBVLLS due to 'urkey 'om namedropping the sharty throughout the video.[10] A mod even put up normie repellant and stickied it in order to deal with the coming migrant wave. [11]


As of October 2023, there have been no discernible consequences for those involved. The Goonclown was active on Roblox, so it's unlikely that he has been arrested or kicked out of the house.[12] However after Ruben Sim and his friends reported Goonclown's account 1,179 times, Roblox finally decided that Goonclown was too much of a liability and banned him from the platform.[13] It is more than likely that Roblox only banned him because he was rocking the boat too much, as they have let pedophiles such as MisterObvious (real name Julian Kurk) and Mah_Bucket (real name Andrew J Whicker) stay on the website for years. Mah_Bucket was also connected with Goonclown. [14] Ella/Jean "Sodacat" Hollywood is still making tranny porn and openly embracing being a gooner on Twitter.[15]He has also used his connections in the prostitute industry to get tranny prostitutes to get acting roles on Euphoria.[16] F1NN5TER is still in contact with Jean "Sodacat" Hollywood and they regularly send each other pornography. He also defended Jean on stream, saying that the accusations raised against him are false and merely transphobia.[8]

Jean describing himself as a "Top 500 Gooner"

The Connections

>'oonclown follows cececoal

>'oonclown is connected to f1nnster and Ella Hollywood

>f1nnster and Ella Hollywood are connected to 'ris 'yson

>Ella Hollywood starred on the show Euphoria, which stars tranny actor Hunter Schafer

>Euphoria was created in Israel and the show was written and directed by Sam Levinson, who is Jewish[17]

>'ris 'yson is connected to Mr. 'east

>Mr. 'east is connected to Night Inc.

>Night Inc. is connected to the Chernin Group

>The Chernin Group founder and CEO is Jewish[18]

>The Chernin Group is connected to Bloomberg

>'ike 'oomberg is jewish

>'oomberg is connected to the WEF (World Economic Forum)

A link to to the 'chive:

It's Over; Klaus Schwab and the elites are behind it all. Don't let them hide this leaked information.



Shortly after Goongate dropped pedophiles started spamming 'p links with the newly added TOR posting feature.

On August 9th 2023, DynaDot, the Shartys domain name registrar, dropped from its services. Some 'teens have speculated that this is connected to Goongate. Dynadot's corporate headquarters is located in California. Dynadot was the domain name registrar for notorious fed honey pot WikiLeaks.

On August 14th, 2023, A Discord tranny named Pollyanna, hacked a Mod and then got fired IMMEDIATLEY.


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