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Gooning originally meant jacking off and edging for extended periods of time, ranging from hours to days, in order to achieve a "state of trance where ones mind intimately merges with ones cock".[1]

In recent years gooning has become the fetishization of porn addiction and masturbation itself. Gooners create captions[2] and form communities in which they come together to share porn and encourage each other to fall deeper into porn addiction.[3] This leads to desensitization to normal pornography, giving gooners the urge to jerk off to weirder and more disgusting stuff. Eventually gooners might start jerking off to bestiality or 'P, since it's the only thing left that gives them the rush of breaking a taboo. This process is called "pornography progression".[4]

Gooners are usually found on Twitter or Discord, but they are also active on the 4chan /trash/ board and certain alt-chans.

History of Gooning

Some internet historians have tried to find the earliest use of the term "gooning" in connection to masturbation. Early uses of the term include an Urban Dictionary definition from 2005.[5] Some have suggested that the term "gooning" came from SomethingAwful since users refer to each others as "goons".[6][7] Though this theory is mostly speculation.

The start of the "modern" gooning culture is hard to pinpoint. The subreddits r/GOONED and r/GoonCaves were both created in 2019. Gooning captions are similiar to JOI (Jerk Off Instruction) captions which have been around for some time. The 4chan /trash/ board had the /beta/ general focused on submission and humiliation. According to one anon, a small discord clique drove away a lot of posters who then splintered into /pag/ (porn addiction general), /epag/ (extreme porn addiction general) and /pfg/ (pussyfree general).[8]. Eventually /epag/ was banned for promoting pedophilia and grooming and /pag/ moved to Sturdychan.

Rise of Gooning

An EPI bingo found in the "pussyfree general" on /trash/.[9] Note that "Bad Belle" is a semi-famous captioner in the gooning community who used to make EPI and lolicon captions. Why the fuck do you know this THOUGH

Some reasons for the rise of gooning culture since 2019 might be:

  • Zoomers are the first generation who had access to the internet since childhood. Most of them also had their own private devices to access it. Thus they are likely to have been exposed to hardcore pornography including cartoon pornography of their favorite characters since childhood, interfering with a healthy sexual development.
  • Young men are getting increasingly more lonely and are seeking out parasocial online relationships instead of meaningful real life ones. Many Zoomers might also be completely incapable of forming real relationships.
  • Paraphilia and general sexual deviancy is becoming more and more accepted in society, making people feel comfortable displaying these traits openly.
  • A general push towards "sex positivity" and downplaying the personal and societal effects of pornography and porn addiction.
  • jews contaminating potable water sources with suspicious chemical substances, furthering the brainrot[10]

Many gooners reminiscence about their first exposure to pornography as a child. There's even a subgenre of gooning called Early Porn Introduction (EPI) which fetishizes the early exposure of children to pornography.[11] EPI fetishists either get off by pretending to be children themselves or exposing other children to pornography.

(In)Famous Gooners

Giggly Goonclown / Orion Grant Passmore

Main Article: Giggly Goonclown

The clown prince of gooning himself. 'Teens used to spam videos of him on the party in order to shock other users. Eventually his Discord account was compromised and he was doxxed. In an export of all his discord messages people found evidence of him being a pedo- and zoophile, among other things. The Goonclown case gained significant notoriety outside the party and spawned the Goongate conspiracy theory. Turkey Tom also made a video on Orion, which has amassed over 1.4 million views as of January 2024.

Jean/Ella Hollywood / Sodacat

A tranny porn star who is part of the larger Goongate conspiracy theory. 'Teens found screenshots of Twitter DMs between the Giggly Goonclown and Hollywood in the Goonclown discord leaks. In them Hollywood admits that he watches and makes loli edits encouraging pedophilia and specifically mentions Bad Belle.

Bad Belle

A caption creator who was active on the /pag/ and /epag/ generals on /trash/ and on other sites. Their edits were usually either loli or EPI related and many of them encouraged gooners to go "deeper" than just lolicon. It is also said, that some of their edits include actual 'p which was filtered or redrawn to hide it.[12] They also dumped their content in a password protected ZIP file on /pag/, which caused the general to be temporarily banned off of 4chan, since the file included actual 'p.[13][14] They haven't been active under the Bad Belle pseudonym for some time now, but their edits still float around in some gooning communities.

Connection to Trannies

An example of "pinkpill" content, encouraging young men to feminize themselves and take Estrogen. (Artists interpretation)
This is an infographic showing the Ϫ stages of EPI (Early Porn Introduction) which inevitably ends in being groomed into paraphilia.

Many gooners are also trannies. Other than "normal" trannies, gooners usually don't deny their autogynephilia. Trannies like CeceFem can be regarded as gooners, as their transition is usually the result of their addiction to sissy pornography and the urge to live out these fantasies. They also encourage others, including minors, to start transitioning to live out their sissy BNWO fantasies. Many trannies run literal cults of personality on Discord and Twitter and encourage harmful behavior such as self-harm or self-sterilization.

>kid sees trans people at a young age, typically from the internet

>becomes fascinated with them and the trannies start to groom them

>starts to identify as a "femboy", starts wearing cat ears, striped thigh highs, etc.

>starts hornyposting, which is the final step before the introduction of porn

>child troons out and gets hooked on porn

>as people try to help the child, they either kill themselves before its too late or start identifying as bullshit like "therian" and "xenogender" meant to reinforce the grooming

>the final step, and what the troons want all along: minors that have completely trooned out and are either attracted to adults or animals (fictional or real). the porn addiction becomes so strong that the only thing that gets them hard is zoophilia

Gooning terms and dogwhistles

Gonners have their own terminology and dogwhistles to express their fetishes. These can often be seen in Twitter Bios of gooners. Though some of these might be used outside of gooning culture.

No Limits / Limitless - Having no "taboos". Often used as a dogwhistle by pedophiles to signal that they're ok with pedophilia.

Tooner / Tooning - Portmanteau of "Cartoon" and "Gooning". Someone who mainly likes cartoon porn or drawn porn in general.

MAP / 🗺️ / Cartographer / Folder - Minor Attracted Person (Pedophile). The term cartographer started being used when people wised up to the meaning of MAP.

Zoo / ζ - Zoophile

Knot / Knotted - Used by zoophiles to refer to an area of a dog's penis

😭 / 🍭 / 🎒/ 🎀/ 🍼 - Lolicon

🧸 / 🍯 - Shotacon

💄 / 🥠 - Refers to male and female dog genitalia. Ok with either feral furry dog porn or real dog porn.

🌈🍖 - Pro-Fiction, supports themes such as incest, rape and pedophilia in fiction.

🔪 / 🩸 - Into cutting / bloodplay / self-harm.

Age in Location - Some minors want to interact with pedophiles online so they put their age in their location info. They oftentimes write things such as 14th Street or use arithmetics such as 10 x 2 - 6 to, for example, express that they're 14.