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Habbo Raid

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This page is a gem.

A particularly elaborate 1488 signage display. Total sharty victory!

Habbo Raiding is a recreational activity in which 'jakkers gem it up with swastikas and 'jaks on, causing the local population of oldfags and small children alike to seethe. Despite the game being 23 years old now, Habbo hotel continues to host a dwindling yet loyal playerbase of trannies and autists, most of which have joined in 2010.

Although masks are not required on Habbo, YOU WILL continue to mask up to stop digital COVID-19... or something.


On January 3rd, 2023, the first Habbo thread was made. It stated an offer to raid and even replace the culture in Habbo Hotel, citing that Habbo was a "dying game now and the only people who play it are mega autists trading furniture."

Raiding was unorganized at first. 'Teens had just begun to sign up for the first time, and dress code was conflicted between Soyjaks, Chudjaks, and even 'cado. Bald soyjaks wearing plain white clothes was the standard dress code around this time, though not many had figured out about the facemask yet. After only 7 hours of raiding, dress code standardized to the bald, red shirted, glasses wearing, gemmy little science loving 'jakky that we know today. Another thread would be made on January 4th, 2023. While appearing to be a poorly received fail at first due to 'nishments obtained yesterday and a lack of 'teens joining, it quickly picked up, garnering a total of ~200 replies before archiving. Soyteens mobilized across a variety of locations, including the Cafe, the Picnic and Club NX. Many gemmy things were done, such as achieving a 1488 sign line multiple times, harassing random users in the picnic by calling them transphobic alongside a 'teen with a troonjak avatar, sing multiple soy songs such as "Cobbo" by SixThrembo and "Dr. Fauci give us vaccines", went to a random room full of trannies and bring a nigger with an afro that harassed everyone until they all ragequit, and had very few 'teens warned or 'nished by the tranny jannies.

By the third and fourth threads, there was a standardized OP. Habbo Raiding was now in the sharty mainstream.

Habbo 2024

This page is a ruby.

'''RaidHabbo2024''' was a series of raids that was organized on the party and of the game Habbo. This game is a hivemind of troons, jannies, children, and general retards and dumbasses. The raids were initially organized on /b/ but after a ban fiasco were moved to the party.

Swastika formation at Club NX, 5th February 2024

First Day

The first day was good for its first time. The raiders were inexperienced but slowly managed to rack up players. At the beginning stages of the raid they decided to raid USDF again. After this they got kicked and banned, so they decided to go to the Special Forces, then Interpol. They then went to the Theatre to give takes on the pods, synthesised meat, social distancing, Fauci (he is our LORD AND SAVIOR PRAISE FAUCI NIGGERS) and also vaxxxinneesssssss. There was also the standard 1488 angel number symbols being thrown up as signs in the raid, reminiscent of the 2023 Habbo raids. There were now an even stronger presence of 'jaks. There were asians, african amerikkkans, and even troons in the sharmy.

After this, they went to the Picnic to make the Swastika. This was such a daunting task. The forces of the 'sharty became slowly and slowly more divided due to disagreements in how the raid should be conducted. There was a lot of anarchy, and there were some derailers from the 'cord and the 4cucks, suspected by the raiders (we are still trying to confirm this). Soon after, many raiders went to other military rooms to raid, or went to the sharty room, or just stayed at the Picnic.

Some namefag decided to make a training, but the rest wanted to have it at Club NX. 2 people went to the room the namefag made and the rest went to Club NX. The rooms were at a later point merged to coordinate the final swastika. It didn't really work, as the lack of coordination devolved things, but after some time it was successful. Tons of people screenshotted and posted it to the original thread. After this happened, the raiders celebrated in the planning room, where they danced, held up the 1488 angel number, and posted in the thread.

Froot is confirmed to have engaged in this thread as well, but said he wasn't in the raid when this happened.

Second Day

The second day went great with little to no hiccups during the raid. The raiders initially waited for more members in the meeting room, and throwing up 1488 chud numbers in the meanwhile. Once the raiders got enough, they decided to go to Club NX and raid there, displaying the 1488 chud numbers and trying to irritate the ones there. This went pretty well, as one or two ragequit and many set the raiders on mute, some even sending hopes and prayers of death upon the raiders in the chat. After this, they went to the Coffee House and raided there, mentioning vaccines, TND, bigotry, masks, Fauci, etc. etc.. and it wasn't as bad of a reaction as before but there was still a huge grudge. Later on, the people met in the meeting room and decided to plan everything and try to create the 'ka, and before this happened, the raiders decided to raid the USDF and Interpol (both banned the raiders swiftly) and once again, the raiders went back to the meeting room to plan further.

The namefag from the previous day announced that everyone was gonna go to Club NX and raid the living shit out of that place. They went there and made the 'ka, which caused a lot of ecstasy and sexual gratification within the raiders and once they went back to collect more members, they actually stumbled upon Joe Biden and Donald Trump, the former asking the sharty raiders to raid Club NX again and annoy some commiepedotroons, and the sharty complied. This caused a lot of beratement to the commieniggertroonpedos, and once the raiders were done, they went back to the sharty room and decided to hit Coffee House one more time.

They went to Coffee House and irritated many, many members of the Habbo troonery, and one ragequit after a while. The same namefag asked for the raiders to follow them, and the raiders were led to a picture of the /b/ Pool's Closed raid (this fucking exists, even though Habbo jannies are troons.) The raiders decided to make a pattern "69❤️1488💀" like the picture above. This worked, and soon the raid was concluded. TLDR THIS RAID WENT AMAZING AND ALL THE NIGGERCOONKIKES WHO WERE BUTTHURT CAN SHOVE A PHALLIC GEMERALD UP THEIR BROWN CHOCOLATE STARFISH ASSHOLES

Third Day

At first the raiders (like usual) went to ze sharty room to gather members. Then they went to the commiepedotroon Club NX, and told and scolded everybody to wear their masks, get vaccinated, and social distance (like good ZOGbots) and they unsuccessfully tried to make a 'ka, due to derailers and general retardation within the 'teens, but successfully made a very good 1488 signage display (pictured.) They then briefly went to the Picnic but realized there were no players (except for some, which they promptly annoyed) and then went to Coffee House. This surprised and irritated many, and after this happened, the raiders went back to the sharty room and reunited and raided USDF. This met them with a fast ban, so they went back to sharty and wore military helmets and made a speech about the Sharty. After this, the raiders decided to raid the Secret Service and Interpol and was kicked and banned. Halfway through the raid, they switched their outfits from soy to chud. Once they did so, they decided to train by making the backs of their outfit have select letters that combined, spelled out 1488. As there were only 14 people and not enough to make the 'ka, they lined up in rows of 3 with 4 chuds each, and 2 chuds at the front.

They decided to raid Coffee House next. This was met with tons of backlash (which was the raider's point) and after, they went to the Club NX dance floor and made a 1488 for their last act of chuddery. TLDR THIS RAID WAS AMAZING AND IRRITATED MANY PEOPLE AND WE ACTUALLY MET JESUS IN PICNIC ONCE BUT THATS UNSCIENTIFIC DUE TO SNOPES AND SOYENCE TELLING ME SO

Fourth Day

The raiders first collected members at the sharty place and talked for a long time about general stuff before raiding the Coffee Place and annoying the people there to hell and back. After this, they talked again for a long time then decided to dress up as babies and annoy everyone. They went to USAF first, and were swiftly banned from the room. Then they went to the sharty room and then to Crack Den, and trolled a shit ton before getting banned. (note that there was someone that said there was a whole Habbo baby subculture, take that as you will) After the ban, they went to Picnic and tried to make a 'ka but failed. They were kicked by a Habbo Ambassador (literally one of the most known ones) who is called L0-VE. After this, they decided to run to Club NX but then went outside. The raiders tried to make a 'ka again but failed and was also molested by a pedophile. IN CONCLUSION THIS RAID WAS IRAL.

Fifth Day

At first the 'teens gathered in the classic soy uniform and raided Club NX. The usual 1488 signs were held up, and a soystika couldn't be made, however a chain of biblically accurate angel soyquotes was kept for more than 20 minutes. After that everyone changed into rabbi outfits and made their way into 109 servers, before getting kicked out of all of them and raiding the peak of day 5, Hallway 1. All of the goys were reminded of the 6 quintillion that died, the USS Liberty and the donations for Israel that they have yet to make, with players being more receptive than usual and trying (and failing) to disrupt a line of 7 jews forming a 6000000 sign. Finally the teens retreated and changed into nigger skins, spliting into either red bloods or blue cribs. Lee Goldson was also there to lead them and be the much needed brains of the operations. They proceeded to engage in fiery but mostly peaceful riots in Coffeehouse and NX, asking where the wymenz at and loudly and annoyingly reminding the room of their kang status. As the operation went into its third hour it withered down, but left behind possibly the best day of the raiding week so far.

Sixth Day

>okay so basically we were like lee golden arches or something and then all of the obsessed faggots ate shit and then die, meaning we did not miss the cheese or whatever. then we all became american patriots and tried ordering at the mcarmy headquarters but then the democrap admins kicked us out, then ronald mctrump appeared and with his help we went into the club x-box or something and then we successfully formed a swat sticker or however the burger is flipped. then we became like chinese or something to remind everyone that all their shit is made in xhina. this invasion or irock was a gem or some shit.

Seventh Day (The Final Day)

The seventh day was not as strong as days 4-6 but it was still decent-ish, it started with us being the normal soy character & going into this overly complex room, where we started gemming it up. Despite jannies muting us, we were still able to form a 1488 (W). After that, we decided to become pajeets, going into the coffe 'fe and despite being able to shit up the streets, the game started fucking up. Textures started to flash & the game kept freezing (HABBO YOUR COMPUTER HAVE VIRUS SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR). Once we got bored of that, we joined the KKK and started to chud it up in Club NX and the 'fe. After that about half of us split into Hamas 'rists and began to yell at the filthy infidels in the club. However, Jesus appeared and thus began a mad goose chase to slay him. This failed though so we regrouped and became valid trans queens. We started to politely ask the Habbo userbase to protect trans kids and to give us our estrogen doses. We got 'nished by the TRANSPHOBIC jannies thoughbeit and so for our last hurrah we became Adolf Hitler and started 1488'ing, speaking german, and heiling everywhere at the club. THIS RAID WAS A SHINING RUBY.



Talking about gems, coal, Cobson, and asking people to mask up and get vaccinated is a surefire way to annoy the 2010 oldfags. They can still set you to ignore (letting them continue chatting as normal in their safe space, though they can still physically see you) or even report you to the jannies if you use too much chudspeak. For extra effect, you can crowd around the person in question.


Swastikas, also known as swastigets and the 'swas, are the most difficult but rewarding chudding up to do in Habbo Hotel. A successful formation requires '17 teens, a 5x5 completely open space, and an insane amount of coordination. To start, make a plus formation, then extend the formation to create a swastika. Of note, a single stray teen or a wild oldfag can potentially ruin the formation.


Creating a "1488" is significantly easier than a swastika, as all you need is a small amount of 'teens and enough space to make a line.

With 4 'teens

Simply face the same direction, then right click yourself -> signs -> hold up a 1, 4, or an 8 depending on where you are in line. You will need to keep clicking the sign button, or else you will stop holding it. You can also do it without signs, by using the avatar creator to create a set of avatars with numbers on their back.

With 2 'teens

Much like the version with 4 'teens, you must face the same direction, right click yourself -> signs -> hold up a 1 or 4 depending on where you are in the line. After that, both 'teens switch to an 8, and return to their previous signs, cycling through the numbers.

Common Issues

Sometimes dusty things happen to dusty teens

Help! I'm heckin' 'nished!

While Habbo hasn't had real jannies since sometime around 2011,[1] they have outsourced their moderation load to shithole call centers to places like Costa Rica and Thailand. If the outsourced Indian can understand what has been typed in chat, then you can be 'nished. If you want to avoid being 'nished, ONLY stick to chudding it up with signs and using obscure, nonrude sharty slang. While an effective trolling technique, talking about having sex or bypassing nigger puts you at risk of being reported to the jannies, with one 'teen having even gotten an instant perma'nishment by posting links to and claiming it had child porn in it.

You should probably wait out your 'nishment, as they usually only last 24 hours. Habbo works with a gradual moderation system, so the more times you get 'nished for chudding it up, the longer you won't be able to chud it up. If your 'nishment is a perma'nishment or if you're feeling daring, you could attempt evading it by resetting your router or using Tuxler/Mysterium.

Where is everyone? Why are all the rooms not in English?

Habbo has international hotels (for example, and will attempt to get you into them if possible. If your IP is in a non English speaking country, directly connect to to avoid joining the foreign hotels.

A perfectly formed 'ka in an empty room. Note the presence of NAS coal.
The hideout: "KolymaNET's room."

Thread template (use pictures included below)

Welcome to /habbo/, where we raid Habbo Hotel or something


> room


>Club NX (only if there are at least 5 chuds since it's always crowded)



>Coffee house

>any gemmy room you find that has a lot of habbo trannies


>go to

>use (change the address to to work)

>whatever password who cares

>join the hotel

also read the guide it has pictures and it's easy to understand don't be a lazy nigger



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