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Hacker Soy (Patient)

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Hacker Soy was a patient in the Mental Asylum.

Patient File

Asylum Patient
ID: 1913
Name: Hacker Soy
Threat level: Physically low, but may be able to cause damage to computer infrastructure
Filed: 2020-11-25
By: Dr. Soykowski

Soy Patient File: Patient 1913

Unauthorized access to this document is a serious violation of federal law and can lead to imprisonment of up to 40 years. Only authorized personnel working in the hospital or military officials holding the rank of [LIEUTENANT-COLONEL (O-5)] are permitted to access this file, except with prior clearance. This message has been automatically generated. No further warnings will be issued, and continued unauthorized access may result in legal consequences, including imprisonment.

Alias: Soy the Intruder Threat Level: Low physical threat, but capable of potentially damaging computer systems

Description: Patient 1913 is a caucasian male, 28 years old, who has been admitted to the facility following his arrest for attempting to breach the computer infrastructure of the United States. The reason for his placement in the facility stems from his computer recovery, which revealed his online activities on websites such as and the /qa/ board of 4channel. These activities suggest a possible mental illness, further supported by his posting history on said websites. Patient 1913 displays difficulties in normal social interactions, even in online settings. Limited information is available regarding his hacking background, as most details are classified. However, it is known that he managed to hack into the Soylent company and unlawfully obtained their products to be delivered to his address. Beyond this incident, his actions and intentions remain largely unknown.

Interacting with this patient: Patient 1913 does not pose a violent threat. He struggles with interpersonal communication, often repeating others' words in a demeaning manner. While his physical capabilities are uncertain, they are presumed to be minimal. No violent tendencies have been observed in this patient.

REPORT AUTHORED BY: Dr. Soykowski, M.D., Psy.D[1]