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Hades (Patient)

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Hades was a patient at the Mental Asylum.

Patient File

Asylum Patient
ID: 4221
Name: Hades
Threat level: Somewhat Threating, Easily Contained
Filed: 2020-11-25
By: Dr. Soyowad

Soy Patient File: Patient 4221
Real Name: Hades
Threat Level: Somewhat Threating, Easily Contained
Description: Patient 4221 is a skeletally thin man with glasses and large open grin on his face at all times, his body is rapidly decayed by the point that it's joint's so not move on their own, the bones are long and clearly centuries old, the creature has a stringy wirey hair poking out of his head and a large lightining bolt weapon, this weapon can fire electric bolts and ignite things on fire, the subject can phase through walls and is impossible to contain, only willingly letting people trap him if they offer him some kind of offer, Patient 4221 is often see with the ghosts of the deceased or dead bodies, harvesting their souls and taking them to the underworld, Patient 4221 claims to be "Hades" the greek god of the underworld, he has knowledge of the history past to the point of the ancient greeks and the green river society

Patient 4221 is extremely witty and smug, and will often get people to wish curses upon themselves for laughs, but not seriously taking this, Patient 4221's curses are mildy annoying rather than malicious or life threatining, and will remove them upon request

Info Log:

Patient 4221's curses:
Growing a female staffs rear end to a large size, making it impossible for her to sit down
Cutting a man's heart out, man claimed he couldn't breathe or feel his pulse
Lighting a security guards head on fire, guard claimed a jittery feeling in his mind and mildly annoyed

Turning all weapons into mock versions made out of discarded soylent containers