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Hyperjumper is an Slovakian-Indonesian Youtuber[1] who makes videos of the Soyical Arts. His videos have spiraled into popularity on TikTok and Twitter, with some sharty members vehemently disliking him for exposing Sharty culture, especially once his "Chudbob Soypants" video became popular on TikTok and was broadcasted on Time Square. Hyperjumper is a tourist to the sharty and not a regular user, and it's possible that he isn't aware of it's existence. He IS aware of the sharty's existence, on a community post in his yt account, he mourned the sharty's death when doll deleted it (including a screenshot of the soyjak party page when that happened

On October 22nd 2023, Hyperjumper channed was terminated after violating YouTube's terms of service.[2]