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The 'za has been ordered.


Pissbaby Spergcel Jr.[it just is, ok?] also known by the online alias i664k is a terminally online 11 YEARS OLD (allegedly) actual autist and a 'p-posting future discoal groomer, best known for his spine-chilling video essays on Spongebob Squarepants. He's also best known for being an obnoxious selfish little fuck, due to his shilling campaigns of his youtube channel where he uploads videos based on the aforementioned "content" and for his odd behaviour online, apparently because his parents seemingly don't give a shit about what their kids are doing online. He's also confirmed to the Microphone Kid and is/was a member of the QAfe.

Early Life

i664k was originally known as "The Microphone Kid",s some kid who browsed the sharty and recorded himself reading off random quotes in threads and uploads them in .MP3s. No one knows what his real intentions were.[1] At some point he stopped posting on the 'party entirely due to getting banned and was hopping from splinter to splinter until he got even more underage bans. [2][3]

The Discovery

On 12/07/2023, i664k accidentally doxxed himself after shilling his youtube channel on /soy/, calling for people to view-bot his video on Goonerworx so they could spread the word about xher being a creep or something.[4] At first, it was ignored, but then the thread began to gain traction when a sagacious chud decided to check on the rest of his channel and quickly discovered it to be a mile-deep well of autism. After the initial discovery, someone else decided to google his alias, where it was found out that he had many accounts bearing the same name on a lots of other websites, such as Reddit - where his second most upvoted post was posted in r/discordvideos[5] - , IFunny, Tumblr, Quora, and even obscure, glowie-infested websites such as AboveTopSecret for some odd reason, probably for tips to grow black and red liquens in his backyard. He also owns a fandom wiki where he writes his spergslop, and even has an account here.

After the initial lookup, more discoveries were made. It was found that he had a 'cord, and that he also read suggestive furry webcomics on his tumblr account, despite his age. Later, one found out that he was also the author of an embarassing video[6] that was posted on a /soy/ raid thread a few moments earlier.

Spergcel is also a 'p and TND spammer according to the phonecall video and the archived evidence, probably learning those dark arts from the discord grooming centers he used to frequent.

Click here to view the highlights of the thread.

The Phonecall

StutterQUEEN ends i664K's internet career; 144p due to compression

The phone number of his mother, Ms. Spergcel, would be found and shared through her Instagram account that he was following, which a neutralplier-posting OMGSISA latinx qween would then call and tell Ms. Spergcel that her kid was posting homemade 'p on the sharty, advising her to block the kid from the site and monitor what he does online.[7] (Yep issa stutterald)

15 minutes later, the thread was locked by jannies, then deleted after another hour or so.


Spergcel Jr. is a rather problematic autist. Because his parents allow him to use the internet unsupervised, he began getting himself into many brain-melting rabbitholes such as fandomslop, EPI-inducing twitter artists, discord groups and also the soysphere itself. Because of this, he was exposed to niggerhellish content such as porn and gore. He suffered some severe brainrot, since he was found out to be gooning to deltarune troonslop comics on his tumblr, and further proven by the fact that he has TND gifs saved on his SCHOOL LAPTOP. (even doe he's apparently homeschooled.)[8] According to him, he's also homeschooled[9], which is definitely a contributing factor that amplifies his autism.

Spergcel Jr. also thinks of himself as a geopolitics doctorate, and also a chess mastermind[who doesn't at this age] as evidenced by his brilliantly articulate and insightful political analyses - On Spongebob Squarepants creepypastas. According to him, he also wants to "run away" from his home due to the "internet slavery he has".[Marge…] While we don't know exactly what Stonetoss could possibly mean by this, one would think he meant to say he doesn't have enough freedom to browse the internet, which is a total lie and ironic considering that if he really didn't have the freedom to browse the 'net, he would've never involved himself in all those dark cyber-shitholes, and we'd also not be talking about him here at all.


i664k deleted all of the videos and community posts on his Jewtube channel[10]. Since there are no archives, the videos are now HECKIN' LOST MEDIARINOS. This shows that he is definitely aware of the dox. Even more seething is likely to come after Ms. Spergcel brings the phonecall up with him. He also has a second channel here.

bright side

On the bright side, a day after the initial message was sent, a very short conversation ensued between the stutterfag and i664k's mother.


Update, someone brought him up in a new thread.[11] The reply linked pushed me to text his parents again. Obviously, there's no response yet, but I will keep this updated.


Many chuds were concerned that people this young are aware of and frequent vile websites such as our own, and they consume the "content" hosted in it, such as 'cado, TND, and unfortunately, the occasional 'p spam. Though completely blocking underage users seems like an impossible task - especially considering it's an anonymous imageboard - some chuds suggested the implementation of an 18+ disclaimer in tandem with rules that forbid underage users from posting.

Other chuds were also infuriated because LOTS of failraid calls were started by these said underage posters, which only stains the 'arty's image. Same underage posters were also responsible for most neutralplier blogposting threads, which infuriated some users so much that it culminated in a war.

Don't let your kids delve into sketchy shit online. Block certain websites (especially fucking twitter), and tell them about all the disgusting shit that happens on the internet. Also, don't let your kids consume brain-rotting, sexualized troonslop media.

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