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IRC or Internet Relay Chat is an ancient text-only messaging client best known for hosting the #soy server on It also hosts the official 4chan server, presumably because IRC is home to many ERP (Erotic Role Play) servers which jannies regularly use in lieu of real sex. You WILL NOT create an account just to spam them with ASCIIjaks.

How to create an IRC account

To join the #4chan IRC channel (irc://

  1. Choose your nickname and click "Connect."
  2. Type this to register your nickname: /msg nickserv register YOUR_PASSWORD YOUR_EMAIL
  3. Wait for an email from Rizon and type what it tells you to complete registration.
  4. Type this to join the #4chan IRC channel: /join #4chan
  5. Type this to join the #soy IRC channel: /join #soy

See also

Discord - a newer but just as tranny infested chat client