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Are you sure that it's over? Because my peer-reviewed studies indicate that IT'S JUST GETTING STARTED.

This page is a gem.

The original meme as it appeared on the front page of the Huffington Post in 2016[1]

IT'S OVER is a meme buzzword that has been adapted for use in Soyjaks. The original phrase/meme was created by the Huffington Post during the 2016 United States presidential election.[2] They predicted that "IT'S OVER" for Donald Trump (he's going to lose ). The anons on the /pol/ board on 4chan parodied this by creating "IT'S JOEVER", a similar format but instead implying "IT'S OVER" for Joe Biden. The phrase did NOT become popular in 'jak culture when Soot posted the "IT'S OVER" format with a Markiplier Soyjak, after a /qa/ soywipe. The format has been used with many soyjak variants, such as Impish Soyak Ears and Feraljak. The format has over 730 posts in the booru.