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An Iceberg chart is a spine-chilling genre-redefining bone-tingling slowburn kino discussing everything about a certain topic. Info on the top of the chart is common knowledge, but the info gets more heccin' obscurecore and disturbing the further down it goes. Here are some related charts for the day some 'tuber decides to go over one of these.

Soyjak iceberg

Currently the best one is this one, explanations for each entry will be below. Entries that have a page on this wiki will just link to the page, and ones that don't will have an explanation. Entries marked with "marge?" are empty and need explanation



Layer 1

Layer 2

Layer 3

Layer 4

Layer 5

Layer 6

  • /test/: Test/
  • Project Bounceball: Marge?
  • Rateyourmusic raid: Marge?
  • Operation Lukhanofka: Operation Lukhanofka
  • Captain Coal still owns the sharty: A theory proposing Captain Coal still owns the sharty
  • Soyjak black magick: The theory suggesting that the creation of soyjaks involves occult rituals, whether or not the creator is consciously using them.
  • variant:timothy: Variant:timothy
  • Cobson's ego death: Marge?
  • The Sharty is a psyop: A theory alleging that the sharty is a massive psychological operation conducted by some covert organization.
  • Soyjak and chill 5/12/2020: Marge?
  • Kolyma subliminal messages: Marge? Could be referring to how some KolymaNET websites including the sharty contained secret pages/secret messages embedded in the source code.
  • Soy spraying and weaponized soy: It's possible militaries can use soy products such as soylent to weaken enemy troops
  • 4chan jannies used to spam soyjak: Marge?
  • splinters on TOR: There are no known sharty splinters on tor, but it's possible that there are very secret soyjak splinter sites out there
  • Darkjaks: Marge? Darkiplier maybe?
  • Why do 4chan jannies ignore pepe but hate soyjak?: There are many possible reasons why 4chan mods are stricter on soyjak posts then pepe posts
  • Kolyma criminal allegations: Many users have accused Kuz and other Kolyma employees of being criminals/pedos/sex offenders, with one user going so far as to spam an allegation of sexual assualt Kuz supposedy had in Russia against a minor. However, after the Carter incident, these allegations are likely false
  • Soyjaks in art exhibitions: There is a less than zero chance that out of all exhibitions of art in museums throughout human history that one of these pieces could be retroactively considered IAS.

Layer Ϫ

  • All sharty admins have been the same person: A theory alleging that all the sharty admins are just personas of one individual who runs the site
  • poopϪ: A hypothetical synthesis of the Poop2 theorum, applied to the god number Ϫ
  • Pissjaks: Similar to poopjaks, this entry theorizes the possibility of making soyjaks out of piss. No documented cases of this has been found, yet.
  • Froot is Captain Coal: A theory alleging that Froot is actually Captain Coal
  • Becoming A Soyjak Subliminal: Marge?
  • Kuz is Captain Coal: A theory alleging that Kuz is actually Captain Coal
  • Banned Young non-nutwave version: The NVTWAVE version is the only known existing version of the song. Is the original non-nutwave version lost media or was it just never released?
  • The true reason for the removal of /qa/: The official reason for the death of /qa/ is because of the /lgbt/ raid and because "it sucked." However these could just be cover-up claims for something much darker
  • masonic symbolism: There is no masonic symbolism on Meds now
  • Soyjak tulpas: It's possible that somebody has tried to summon a soyjak as a tulpa, but they didn't live to tell the tale
  • Soyjak cult: It's possible there could be a cult out there comprised of soyjaks, or one that worships soyjak. See Cult of Chood and Soy Cabal
  • Soyjaks are an egregore: According to Wikipedoia, "Egregore (also spelled egregor; from French égrégore, from Ancient Greek ἐγρήγορος, egrēgoros 'wakeful') is an esoteric concept representing a non-physical entity or thoughtform that arises from the collective thoughts and emotions of a distinct group of individuals." Could soyjaks and soy culture fall into this category?
  • Soyjak (surname): Some people out there may have "Soyjak" as a surname
  • The Sharty and 4chan share jannies: A theory alleging that 4chan moderators also moderate the sharty
  • Big Rust incident: Marge?
  • The Soyvil wars are all falseflags: A theory alleging that all the soyvil wars did not occur naturally but instead were false-flag operations by some third party
  • Cyclical Reality of the Immortal 'Jak: Marge?
  • Childut: Marge?

Layer 7

  • Cheesejak (unrelated to Lee): Marge?
  • in 2004: If you search up "Soyjak" or "Soyjak party" on google trends and set it to 2004-Present, it shows that people were searching up soyjak and the sharty in 2004. However this is likely a glitch as Google Trends bugs out for very early years. Or maybe Soyjaks were around in 2004 and the sharty did exist then, but everything about it has been removed/lost to time
  • All sharty admins have been feds: A theory alleging all the sharty admins were federal agents. Soot was notoriously accused of being a federal agent by many users, even when the site first launched
  • Secret /soy/ board on 4chan: There is NO secret /soy/ board on 4chan, take your meds and stop researching
  • Soyjaks used for MKUltra brainwashing: It's possible that soyjaks were/can be/are being used for mind control operations and psychological torture by the CIA
  • Secret Kolyma Codes: Marge?
  • Soyjaks from other timelines: Marge?
  • Soyjaks leeching your energy: A theory alleging soyjaks leech off human energy to stay alive, which could explain why the meme is so popular
  • Soy Grand Theory (Soy becomes sentient): Marge?
  •'s ties with the CIA: Soot#Timeline_of_Soot's_involvement_with_the_CIA
  • Soot is Moot: A theory alleging that Soot is actually Moot
  • Secret boards that not even jannies and admins can access: It's possible there are very secret boards hidden within the sharty that not even the admins are aware of. It's unknown what these boards could be used for, but they could be used by pedos/criminals, federal agents, the elites, aliens, or other groups
  • The Final Soyderstanding: Marge?
  • Sharty homunculus: Marge?
  • Real meaning of the word soyjak: Marge?
  • The catacombs of the damned: Marge?

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