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Illymations is Jewish.

This nigger has Assburgers Syndrome

Please remind him to breathe deeply from the toilet bowl.

The 'za has been ordered.

>i'm done with you you're such a piece of garbage
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Dox edit
xheir dox (GEMERALD ALERT)

>or something

Ilyssa “Illy” Grace Levy, otherwise known as Illymations (Born September 15th, 1997) is a 'tistic (((jewtuber)))[1] who became the target of the Sharty after some nerd posted about xer on /soy/ and the thread got moved a million fucking times and eventually landed on /raid/. Xhe is best known for mining coal at an unprecedented rate and coping about not getting any romantic attention in school because she was fat (even though literal ham planets get more romantic and sexual attention than the average Chad) promoting obesity to the youth with a video explaining that all food is the same and fat xueens are valid, xister. (ITS JUST WATER WEIGHT, I IDENTIFY AS SKINNY, JEEPERS CREEPERS!)[2] Illymation was doxxed before by hecking fascist pissbaby chudcelerinos since she's jewish,[3] which is quite ironic since she is also a staunch supporter of Palestine, even though Hamas would probably behead her for existing. It's also noteworthy that after her first dox, she needed 2 years of therapy to come to terms with it even after moving house[4]. She has now been doxxed 2 times! She's well known for whining about how she got abused by some pedo nigger ever since she was 13 and gained stockholm syndrome. She was suicidal and has been in and out of Psych wards throughout her life,[5] she still struggles to cope to this day. Related to this[6], xhe describes herself as ‘either bi or pan’[7] as mentioned in her 'fun times at the dentist' video. According to her wikitubia, xhe had revealed to be on the asexual spectrum, and xer gender to be demigirl with she/they pronouns (mentally ill) although this may be her fans assigning this to her. Another notable part of her life is that she was bullied in middle school, she references this in multiple videos[8] and obsesses over this, despite her being a 26 year old woman.

Another jewtuber, known as Think Before You Sleep, who is best known for making heckin' chuddy redpilled incel content, made a response video to Illymations, calling her our for her (((lies))).[9]. In her original Tumblr post, someone asks her "Did you see the total creep who did a 'takedown' on your fat kid animation?" She responded with; "Yes :( I didn't watch it, a friend did tho and gave me a run down." (full post archived in gallery below.) Her clitty proceeded to leak, and she cried more on Tumblr, calling for a mass reporting of the response video she called "bullying" EVANDOE she didn't even watch the fucking video.[10] This got people to see she's actually a pissy little bitch who cries when she gets criticized. 'The friend' who 'explained' the video to her is believed to be a faggot on Twitter that goes by '@Deezus_Walks' according to Think Before You Sleep's video called 'The ilymation drama continues'[11] and has been active on twitter white knighting her and crying in his Twitter threads.

Many gems were made in the process, however, in the thread, an unbearably coaly image involving Rapeson and a frog dressed up as Illymations was posted. This was likely created because of her aforementioned abuser and sensitiveness around these topics.

After the Admin Doll left and 'oxxing got unbanned, she was one of the first people to be targeted when /raid/ got reorganized. The soyim say there is now an effort to create a second Operation 9/11 (xer being one of the targets) but the new Admin of sharty Root has gone on to be critical of her doxxing thread saying: "We are not going back to doxxparty.shitty" even doe she has been front and center in a controversy she very much deserves and is almost the antithesis of what soyteens dislike. It's understandable that soyteens dislike her considering she inserts alot of retarded politics in her videos for children, this combined with the 'fat acceptance' controversy led her to be in sharty's crosshair. Opinion is mixed on doxxing but the line drawn in the middle was not targeting 'literal whos' many soyteens don't believe she falls under this criteria.

As of the of currently writing this she is yet to respond the the 'ox and the pizza sent to her house but has been blocking people on social media. Since she is a fat jew with no discipline or self control she will likely eat all of the 'zas sent her way as a coping mechanism for the mountain of criticism she is getting (she could still be on her trip to Japan doe). She will likely just memory hole the doxing that has come her way like Rev Says Desu did, or the alternative is complaining about the bigoted chuds who doxed her and blaming Think Before You Sleep or 4cuck despite sharty being mentioned in the doxing edits. 'teens are now having to come up with other ways to get under her skin such as getting people on Craigslist to come to her house, ordering empty boxes, raiding her different soycial media platforms etc. Hopefully she or TBYS respond to it blaming each other for the 'ox

Reactions From Commentary Community:

The event is still ongoing but it looks like the dox is starting to garner more and more attention from the commentary community channels, who is starting to make a video about it, the biggest one being sensitive society for now (edit 13/04/24, Pancho with nearly 2 million subs also made a video with the word doxxed in thumbnail but not mentioning dox at all in the 2 minute vid). If it keeps growing, this could blow up and force a response for both party hopefully.

All of the jewtubers and their heckin' commenting fans gave their very generic, very safe opinion of the event.

"What illymation said was wrong but le chuderinos are heckin wrong and le bad for doxxing"

Please kill yourself sensitive_society's video (HE ACTUALLY READ THE FIRST PART OF THE DOX PAGE GEG)

Pancho's vid with no mention of dox but "doxxed" in thumbnail. <-This literal who credited 'chan for the dox; also sperging out at subtle Soyspeak and other Sharty references

Hey retards emb it below you lazy fucks don't just leave the heckin links there

Full Dox:

<Le hecking reddit space

Youtube name: Illymation

Name: Ilyssa “Illy” Grace Levy

DOB: 9/15/1997

Address: 4756 W 137th St #A, Hawthorne, CA 90250 (SHE BLURRED HER HOUSE GEG)

She is half jewish (GEEEEG A KIKE NO WONDER), a wokie democrat and a self-harm victim

Her Socials:

Tumblr (Her most active social):



Tik Tok:





Previous addresses:

16841 Kingsbury St #7, Granada Hills, CA 91344

1345 Genova Dr Apt 205, Corona, CA 92882-7201

2734 Spring Valley Dr, Creedmoor, NC 27522-7850

2623 Yorba Linda Blvd Apt 323, Fullerton, CA 92831-1653

26035 Moulton Pkwy Apt 52, Laguna Hills, CA 92653-6242

121 Waiters Way, Youngsville, NC 27596-9230


Maternal Grandfather: Edward Lewis Franks (November 5th, 1933 – October 23rd, 2022) [12] Maternal Grandmother: Patricia Franks

Maternal Uncle: Edward B. Franks (Deceased)

Paternal Grandmother: Selma Levy (August 18th, 1926 - January 2nd, 2009) [13] Paternal Grandfather: Irwin Robert Levy (???? - 1996)

Paternal Aunt: Helene Adele Levy Schultz

Mother: Lori Levy [14]

Father (jew): Edgar Levy

Brother: Graham Levy

Dox made possible by soyteens and the sharty/


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