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To be researched: It would be nice to make a table with a list of imageboards by the number of messages to understand the scale of Sharty in the Internet space. Can (You) help us?

Screenshot from an imageboard

Imageboards are 4cuck clones invented by some basement dwelling jap in the 90's. The premise is that all posts are anonymous; there are no accounts nor any need to use a username in order to post (but you can still namefag).

Imageboard Engines

Comprehensive list:

Yotsuba engine

Closed source imageboard engine used by 4chan. Kinda shit due to lack of features that are more common in other engines, i.e. being able to post more than one image and being able to post images from your clipboard.


One of the most popular imageboard engine as of 2022, open-source and used by along with many others. Good functionality and utility, good layout for posting so typing doesn't feel so cramped, and less bugs. Works best without captcha. On March 24 2023, the ownership of Vichan's GitHub repository was transferred to a GitHub organization with 3 members, one of which being Kuz. Him, Angeleno and a random /g/tard called BasedGentoo are now the maintainers of the project.[1]

Infinity Next

Outdated trash. Known for glitches, lag, and captchas breaking mid-post(this happens often). Originally intended for 8chan but is now open-source.


A modern imageboard engine used on KOHLCHAN and few other imageboards. Can be extensible but lacks a search feature.


An engine with a similar look and feel to Lynxchan. Unlike Lynxchan, does not require separate frontend installation. Notable for being used on the Jarty.


A decent privacy focused engine, javascript isn't required to post. Popular with a few darknet altchans. Had some imageboard virgin drama associated with it but who the fuck cares. Use picochan alternatively. Open-source of course.


A small open-source imageboard mainly used on A very basic script, but easy to set up.


Open source imageboard software developed by KolymaNET and used on their imageboards. It supports rare features like TripMail, built-in emoticons, a dating feature, gemvoting, and some others.[2]. Was released to the public in 2023, had been proprietary prior to this.

SootEngine 2.0

Rumored hidden work-in-progress imageboard software which is built specifically to maximize datamining potential. Allegedly requires a credit card, SSN, passport, biometric face ID, fingerprint, dna swab, mind-reader chip, and signature reader to post. Soot apparently leads development of this.

List of Notable Imageboards

(Note: You will NOT raid any of these ok chud???)

You already know what this one is no, I don't, explain it to me

Ancient train imageboard circa 2003. Was btfo'd one day by soyteens and lost decade old threads in a raid. Made in the Tinyib engine. ::Notable boards: N/A


Women-only femcel imageboard. Male lurkers often visit to understand how 2/10 fujoshi landwhales view men and society at large. :Uses the vichan engine. :Notable boards: /feels/. The 'fe also has an article on this 'ki.


Defuncted FBI honeypot site designed to track and monitor domestic terrorist threats Friendly lynxchan based imageboard designed around free speech and discussing life as a downtrodden Australian NEET. Flooded to the brim with stormfags and psychopaths. :Notable Boards: /fascist/

The reincarnation of 8chan, /hebe/ included (it can't be posted to though). Allows tor posting (of course) and was once disputed to be the next soyteen bunker, until someone picked 9chan instead. Content is as you would expect: neo-nazism, inceldom, dogfucking, and pedophilia (not anymore) is:Uses LynxChan engine.

Notable Boards: /v/

Site made by an egotistical kraut called Twoot who slaps his name on everything in the site. Even the rules page with 23 global rules has his signature, not to mention the entire constitution(yes, this shit is real) he made about his sub 24 post per hour altchan. Hell, there's even a timeline page for remembering all the important events(lol) of his imageboard. Uses the vichan engine. Seems to be down

Notable Boards: /sewers/

l33t hax0rs imageboard with a focus on the late 90's anime Serial Experiments Lain. Famously has more staff than posters, bans and thread deletions for little to no reason are common since having fun breaks rule 3 and rule 4. Popular hangout spot for the obvious since it's a tech centered imageboard. Uses it's own unique lainchan engine forked from vichan.

Notable Boards: /layer/

dude weed lmao
Also used to have a tranny filled board named "/cd/ - Transgender Discussion" that was successfully raided by the 'Sharty once, and also has an wrestling board for some reason. Closed source engine. Has gone down rather recently, and might not be coming back.
Notable Boards: /w o o o/

Another defuncted Infinity Next 8chan clone, also full of dead boards, pedos and nazichads. Home of the /soyjak/ bunker which was (ironically) faster than any other board on the site.

Notable Boards: /bestpol/


(Was a) Popular German imageboard, know for creating CLASSIC memes like wojak[3]. Dead as of 2022 but was revived as Kohlchan. A new domain,, is also available for all the oldchads tired of pedoshit. It's succesor has been Kohlchan.

Notable Boards: /int/


Finnish imageboard whose users would raid Krautchan /int/ back in the day. Made memes like Spurdo Spärde, Apu Apustaja (shitty frog coal), etc. Has custom flags on its international board

Notable boards: /int/

Sosach/Dvatch/2ch (Russian)

Popular Russian imageboard. ‘Teens attempted to colonize its /int/ board during the Soypocalypse. Owned by the Russian government.

2ch (Japan)

4cuck prequel


Was a Shrek themed shitposting imageboard. It died in 2014 because the meme was getting old and the owner wanted to force pigs as a meme instead. Also because the owner didn't like how his imageboard turned into "shitposting and retarded jokes".[4]

Commonly compared to due to both of them being meme websites.

Notable Boards: /shr/


Was a Pig themed shitposting imageboard. it came out after ShrekChan died. It died in late 2016 because of pedophiles.

Noteable Boards: /pig/

Other lists