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>Though Maybe you were looking for (You)?

An Incel is a person who needs to have Sex[a]

It is also recommended that they touch the Grass

Furthermore it is imperative that they be shown The Door

Incel is a fake mental discorder used by ugly 4 foot tall hobbit vigins to explain why even the filthiest cracksheboons from the lowest depths of niggerhell wouldnt touch them with a yardstick. they use red herrings and blame their simple internet addiction and social anxiety on other things like their height or their face.


A typical Incel might say stuff like this and also look like this: >There's literally nothing I can think of that's more cringe than some genetic dead end socially outcasted low status loser trying to "self improve" to fit into society. It's like they're so far off the mark I don't even know where to begin with them. The average person, and even the above average, just exist and the things that you consider "normal" just happen to them. No high schooler ever had to "self improve" to get a girlfriend, he just existed, thought it would be cool and fun to play sports, and a girl was attracted to him and they gravitated towards each other. There's no thought out into any of this, these things just happened through the natural flow of life, no "self improvement" necessary. That's what happens when you're not a genetic dead end mentally ill freak, you don't ever find yourself one night lying in bed alone wondering why you don't have a single friend or you've never kissed a girl at 23 years old. You don't devise a plan to stop touching your cock for six months in order to look a girl in the eye. You just exist, you go with the societal flow, and you end up with a wife, a nice job, a house, and some kids. If you missed out on this flow, it's probably because you're complete genetic shit. Nodbody EVER had to work for ANYTHING ok???

The typical Incel lifestyle consists of nothing but rotting in their room for the whole day. They are typically unable to do basic stuff like using public transport, tying their shoes or cooking. So they either resort to leeching off of their parents until they go under or eating slop all day. They usually subscribe to fringe and extreme political ideologies they defend to their last drop off blood (online).

Incels furthermore believe that the reason they are a friendless virgins at the age of 26 is because the hecking moids dont give him attention due to their gonial angle or some autistic shit like that, when in reality its just that they are uninteresting people who are unable to hold a conversation even with other males.

They also like to worship the most degenerate human beings on society, like Elliot Rodger, who is a gookkike that shot people because he felt cucked or something.


Killing yourself (le suicidemaxxing)

trying to develop an actual personality (>le personalitymaxxing)


Incel Communities

there are a few incel sites here and there, they're hard to find since google shadowbanned the search term incel, but here's a list

  • - some glownigger honeypot forum
  • Incel Wiki - a wiki kinda like the one your on right now. Except its for different types of incels, -maxxing, -mogging and whatever shit no one cares about.
  • r/shortguys - a shortcel community on preddit that's a splinter from r/short where faggots bitch and complain about tall people and claim they get free pussy just for being tall (being short sucks but lifes not that easy nigga) the site claims its not an incel community despite the fact that its userbase can be found using incelspeak like JFL, broooootal, and heightmaxxing. Most of the top posts are tiktok screenshots of some thot thats probably a minor saying she only likes 6'0 men, and the comments are seething from it and eat the low effort tiktok bait. The top mod of the subreddit "ScrimmyBingusTwo" is a kikelet who bans anyone above 5'9. he's also a known troon supporter feel free to bully him by spamming his modmail and messages.


incels have their own words that usually end in the suffixes, -maxxing and -mogging or -cel

  • Looksmaxxing - an internet deprived persons way of saying "grooming" (not that kind of grooming pedonigger)
  • Moneymaxxing - making money to escape inceldom
  • JBWmaxxing - Just Be White, being an aryan to attract woman (usually works on gooks and other 3rd worlders)
  • Brutal - whenever they see top 10 photos that will make you blackpilled n' shieet they say "broooooooootal"
  • JFL - just fucking lol, if you see someone unironically saying this at the sharty be sure to call them out on it


  1. (You) totally need to have sex with ugly bitches with aids to be happy, trust us goy