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/soy/ board on indiachan created after the raid

Indiachan is a 4chan clone for indian people who eat shit or however the sir has been wished a good morning. It's best known for being clearly the most cucked, anal fucked, retarded altchan in existence, as it has been repeatedly raided and wiped in multiple occasions. Oh my fauci this is just like when the indo-european aryans invaded northern India or something!

'Party raid

On January 18 2024, Indiachan was raided[1] and a /soy/ board was added after multiple boards were wiped, despite the best efforts by jartyniggers and foodisttroons to subvert the raid by spamming animal gore, racefetish shit, soylita/shoyta threads, etc, all boards were wiped with nothing but 'jaks, and the indiachan admin made a /soy/ board on the site. After this, 'jakkers piled in, with jartypedos and 'cord groomers becoming so enraged that they tried to spam the newly created board with bbc shit, baby monkey torture, o9atranny edits, soylita (with the soylita spammer likely being Red), and other offsite/discord threads but failed. They then started spamming bbc and pro-pedophilia/rape and discord threads on the sharty and samefag bumping them in order to hide the raid thread in an act of pure damage control. This raid is considered to be a massive win for /soy/ and an epic fail for jartytroons, foodistpedos, and nuqafe/afterparty discordfags.

Canadian win btw

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wow, fucking fantastic work guys