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Isaac Kate

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Issac Kate(born 2003/2004), aka obsessed serbian faggot or "Nikolas Uroś" (pseudonym) is a Serbian-American 'p-spammer best known for being part of the group that killed the sharty with CSAM spamposts[totally not fearmongering and inducing paranoia], and also known for making Amerimutt memes. He was doxxed by a 'sharty user on Kiwifarms on the 20th of August, 2023.[1] He is also the Petra spammer.[he just is, okay?]

He uses Arch Linux[he just does, okay?] and pretends to be a l33t Lainpilled FBI-dodging h4x0r despite using a systemd distro and using Der 'Cord... in the desktop-monitoring Electron app. This LARP is only amplified by his failure to triforce and his belief that compiling LTS kernels from nearly 4 years ago makes him look cool. He is also incapable of getting past a simple edit conflict on this wiki. Issac is also obssesed with the main characther of a canadian adult animation cartoon Kevin Spencer, if you see someone with Kevin Spencer as their screename its 99% likely its him.

Isaac is the leader of GIH, the 'p spamming group that killed the sharty with it's CSAM spam, killing multiple splinters, including and the bunker. Isaac apparently wrote a bot to spam the wiki, as seen in a desktop thread posted on /soy/ where he posted a screenshot that clearly shows a part of the bot's source code.

He's also acknowledged this very article, and attempted to spam it with 'p out of fear of having been doxed. He lives at Karađorđeva 101, Novi Sad 21138, Serbia 7200 South Sunset Court Hamburg, Jew York and his phone number is +(1)716-649-5647.

Fake dox

The 20th of August 2023 dox posted on Kiwifarms was a cover up by Isaac himself, previously planting a fake dox on Doxbin. Sharty users quickly figured out that the dox is fake because of multiple suspicious factors, such as the name Nikola Uros which according to serbGODS from the sharty is not a real name as Uros is a first name as well.

Real dox

A few days after the fake dox was posted on Kiwifarms, a 'teen on /incel/ shared his discovery. Apparently Isaac had terrible OPSEC, and forgot to pay for WHOIS protection. All of his personal information was in the WHOIS record of his domain


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