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Israel is Jewish.

This page is about the illegitimate apartheid state named "Israel", it is not to be confused the true continuation of Israel, the Church.[it just is, ok?]



Israel's Flag as of 2024

Israel (even though isn’t real) (also known as: the holy land, Palestine, the most democratic country in the middle-east(ev&o a third of its pop. cant vote), jewland) is a nation on the coast of the Middle-East bordering the Mediterranean Sea. It's a jewish ethnostate secular state founded by britbongs because THE 6 GORILLION!!!!!!!

they are currently getting the 'BC by force GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEG

(((^ seething Mutt goyim faggot who will be beheaded by Brazilian Drug Cartels when xhe doesn't pay the ransom money)))


The Brave Citizens Of Israel

Israel is a very militant nation, especially since every nation surrounding it wants it occupied by arabs and Jerusalem no longer under jewish hands.

(((Despite being constantly bombarded by sugar powered rockets made by children and every militant Islamic organization being against it the nation still stands strong because the jews truly are gods chosen! Their battle-tested(on children) military ranks 18th in the entire world.)))


During the 19th century some ethnic jew called Theodore Hertzel(uncicrcumcized goy btw) wanted to do a heccin nationalism, he told everyone that jews should have a nation somewhere, and called it "Zionism". After many proposed places to have the jewish nation in, Palestine was eventually chosen to be colonized. After that the brits promised to fulfill the zionists' desires so they could get shekels from the insanely rich (((rothschilds))). <--SNOPES FACT CHECK: 'schwab is NOT jewish

The arabs already in palestine were promised by the brits that if they revolted against the turks they will have their own nation. Actually britian and france cut up the middle east in bullshit ways instead. The new-found Palestine mandate was quickly engulfed in a wave of kike immigration, which angered the arabs(naturally) and in the 1940s the 6 gorillion happened and even more jews flooded into palestine. This caused a 100 year long ethnic conflict, throughout it Israel just got rid of most their arabs with full 'mutt support (because of shared judeo-western values or however abby shapiro is BLACKED) and the rest just got put in large ghettos. then (((Hamas))) invaded...

Relation with imageboard culture

oy vey…

There has been a noted correlation between Israel and bright blue cat racebait threads on the 4cuck /pol/ board.[it just is, ok?]