Italo-Argentine War

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Italo-Argentine War is darker than coal...

Italo-Argentine War
Part of Imageboard Autism

>total argensimi-ACK!

>total shitali-ACK!

Date31 July 2022 - 9 May 2023
(9 months and 10 days)
Result Stalemate, somewhat ongoing

Italy and friends

Italian_Chad [1]

Supported By:

Sectionalism [2]


Argentina and friends
satoko_houjou_fan [4] [5]

Supported By:

The Moroccan BBC spammer [6][7]
Autism Autism
Casualties and losses
  • Irreparable damage to the booru and its comment section
  • Brain damage to everyone involved
  • Creation of the Brunetto subvariant

The Italo-Argentine War is/was a flame war between two groups of posters fighting and arguing over which group is whiter than the other, even though they're both not white because I say so okay trust the science goy.

As of May 2023, the war has mostly subsided, with a stalemate for both sides, albeit arguing and related posts continue.

History[edit | edit source]

Original TSD post. Subsequent posts switched from Italian to Shitalian

On July 31 2022, a local Argentinian schizo (unable to buy his meds due to inflation) started to call for "TOTAL ITALIAN DEATH" on /int/.[8] Since /int/ is a natural watering hole for the mentally ill, his calls for genocide went unnoticed at first. However, his passionate insistence started to gain a cult following.[9] A large and dedicated anti-Italian campaign grew on /int/ and spread to other vulnerable boards such as /tv/ and /a/.

Battle of the 'ru[edit | edit source]

In January 2023, the calls for the death of all Italians reached the 'ru. Anti-Italian images were posted and the Argentine howled for the death of all Italians in the comments. In response,  anti-Argentinian images began appearing. The comment section was flooded with images of the Italian/Argentinian chudjak with a small dick. The fighting escalated significantly in February and showed no sign of stopping. It is unknown whether the participants are actually Argentinian and Italian or just a bunch of board samefagging teens. Multiple peer-reviewed studies have been conducted to confirm this theory.

In an attempt to curb the spam, the Booru filtered key words and images, including Italaryan, shitgentinian and the aforementioned images of Chudjak on February 21 2023. This has not worked, and the filter was eventually lifted near the end of April 2023.

On March 24 2023, the Booru announced that it would ban all country war comments in unrelated posts.[10]

Falseflagging[edit | edit source]

As soon as the flame war on the 'ru started, the autistic Argentinian started falseflagging against Italy, in which pretending to be an Italian he aimed to harm Italy's reputation making them look as anti-white or BBC spammers, or even Furries.

Many falseflags were done, including:

  • LARPing as an Italian
  • Typing under BBC pics or Furryjaks "this was posted by an Italian IP" (even doe no one can see the IP of the person who posted the 'jak)
  • Typing "built 4 BBC" under Soylita pictures and then immediately posting the Italian Chudjak with a tiny pecker
  • Samefagging hard
  • the Argentinian admitting to deliberate countrywar instigation
    False thumb BBCode fail
An example of a common Argentinian falseflag

How to find and troll the Argentinian[edit | edit source]

Despite the Booru comments being anonymous, it is quite easy to find the Argentinian lurking in the comments. Since xhe is a incel pissbaby with no job, the Argentinian polices the ‘ru 24/7 to hate on Italians.

Argie’s posting habits

  • Hatred of everything Italian to the point of obsessive insanity
  • Love of BBC and cuckolding; constantly in BBC posts
  • Low English proficiency (and literacy in general)
  • Incoherency of posts
  • Nonsensical ramblings
  • Constantly thumbing images (favorite being Italian Chud[11] and manlet tranny[12])
  • Making every post a part of his pathetic flame war

Now if you have a sharp eye, you can instantly see this schizo as extremely milkable which is true.

The entire war in a nutshell

Ways to troll the Argie

  • Calling xher a sudaca (greaser)
  • Calling xher a shitskin
  • Call xher a latinx
  • Thumbing argie excellence[13][14][15]
  • Posting the accomplishments of Italians and anything good about Italians in general

The End of the War[edit | edit source]

The war was partially subsided when every term related to Argentina and Italy was banned from SoyBooru.

This just in: A poll is being hosted on the booru, Italy is in the lead in terms of popularity this is possibly an Itaryan win

Brunetto[edit | edit source]

Soyjak subvariant
Origin/int/, 4chan (August 15, 2022)[16]
Booru Posts 122 As of November 5, 2023
Based OnTroonjak

Brunetto is a deformed subvariant of Troonjak with eyes bulging out and olive shaded skin. Originally posted as part of an edit of the painting Destruction, a standalone version was eventually posted where it spread.[17][18] The subvariant was named Brunetto, an Italian name meaning "brown"[it just is, ok?] on February 18 2023 by dust when a blank template was posted.[19]

Other Wars[edit | edit source]

The war has spawned a few ripoffs spinoffs on the Booru and on the sharty, including:

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