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The subject of this article is about as real as the jarty is alive.
Take everything below with a grain of sproke.

This page is a gem.

J or JAnon is an international eiconopinacical conspiracy theory and eiconopinacical movement. It originated in the soyjakking eiconopinacical sphere in 2022. JAnon centers on true claims made by an anonymous individual or individuals known as "J", a rogue janny from 4chan who leaked the janny board and the janicord. J has been inactive since 2022.





A compilation of the leaked files can be found here:


  1. First thread: /soy/ - "I'm a 4chan janitor, ask me anything"
  2. J makes a thread on /qa/ so he can start using a tripcode (name field is disabled on /soy/ because of namefags, this will come in later). Later, mods have moved the thread to /soy/ for some reason. The thread continued as usual for an unusual event, that is, a deluge of half-typed posts, but in that sea a head of reason emerges: If /soy/ doesn't have a namefield, how is J still posting with his tripcode? Is J a mod? Have the mods unpersoned J, why? Kuz? ... Mom? ... No answers surface, and as it was about to be memoryholed, and as you realised it was ready to be memoryholed, emerges the counter-narrative that questioners are simply seething anti-J shills. When that didn't work, it was explained that mods had gifted J a special login, after contacting him through a 'nishmen notice. You WILL not question why it took so long to be explained, as if the discord scrambled for a few sweaty minutes to come up with the elaborate-but-unfalsifiable answer. You WILL forget the implications of this incident. Move on to the next entry, resume reading the heckin history two year old literally who bald man selfie cartoon literally who website. What do you mean incident? What incident?
  3. J leaks a stingy batch of /j/ screenshots, watermarked
    • 2009-2015-20?? "I'll be gone" thread - batch leak 1 (11).png
    • 2013-2015-20?? (cutoff) Discuss A - batch leak 1 (12).png
    • 2013-2016 The Big List of 3rd Party Archives - batch leak 1 (22).png
    • 2013 Quests, TG and other boards - batch leak 1 (23).png
    • 2013 UI Feedback ideas - batch leak 1 (13).png
    • 2014 Recurring spam on porn boards - batch leak 1 (16).png
    • 2014 Recurring spam on porn boards - batch leak 1 (9).png
    • 2015-2019 Improvements for moderating - batch leak 1 (3).png
    • 2015 :^) Have you finished the report queue? - batch leak 1 (19).png
    • 2015 Spitting on moot's grave general - batch leak 1 (10).png
    • 2015 Spitting on moot's grave general - batch leak 1 (15).png
    • 2015 What is the purpose of the QA board? - batch leak 1 (18).png
    • 2016-2017 How to moderate A - batch leak 1 (24).png
    • 2016-2017 Suggestion for combating ban-evasion - batch leak 1 (20).png
    • 2016 Auto-janny image MD5 banning - batch leak 1 (25).png
    • 2016 Finance of 4chan servers + moderation - batch leak 1 (21).png
    • 2016 Highlighter HPH extension - batch leak 1 (17).png
    • 2016 Highlighter HPH extension - batch leak 1 (8).png
    • 2020 The case of Barneyfag - batch leak 1 (2).png
    • /j/ Page 1 - batch leak 1 (5).png
    • /j/ Page 3 - batch leak 1 (4).png
    • /j/ Page 4 - batch leak 1 (1).png
    • /j/ Page 5 - batch leak 1 (23).png
    • /j/ Page 6 - batch leak 1 (6).png
    • /j/ Page 7 - batch leak 1 (14).png
    • /j/ Page 7 - batch leak 1 (7).png
  4. J leaks janicord discord members profiles
    • mod (1).png
    • ...
    • mod (49).png
  5. Aug 24 - J releases the much teased thread that had 'nishment evaders as subject. J fucked up the screenshot and it cuts off before replies in the last 7 years can be seen.


Members of this party have one philosophy:

  • Ensue chaos, to restore order.

Little else is known.

Parallel discussions

The #Jatriot revelations made waves across the chan sphere.

4chan Happenings General (/hap/)
1. This thread quickly becomes entirely about the leaks (review: fun thread)
2. Disappointment in the next thread as the leaks have dried up

Janny Userscripts