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Jacobson may refer to:

History of the name and its usage[edit | edit source]

Jacobson, as a nickname for soyjaks, is one of many soyjak nicknames derived from "'jak". The first individual soyjak it became associated with was a baby deformed soyjak variant based on A24 Slow-Burn Soyjak, one of the first deformed 'jaks. On September 2021, a different 'jak became known as Jacobson, an angry 'jak similar in expression to Eat The Bugs Soyjak, albeit newer and much less popular.[2] The variant received a mixed reception on soyjak.party, where Chuds negatively compared it to the Croat's 'jaks [3] [4] and deformedposters disparagingly nicknamed it "Fakecobson". [5] Soon, however, the angry variant became more commonly referred to as "'Cobson" (occasionally spelled without the apostrophe, implying that "Cobson" is his full name).

Jacobson (Deformed subvariant)[edit | edit source]


Deformed soyjak subvariant
Booru Posts 189 As of April 19 2023
Based OnA24 Slow-Burn Soyjak

Jacobson is a deformed edit of A24 Slow-Burn Soyjak but without glasses or facial hair.

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