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Jakoglyphics is a constructed logographic writing system for communicating soy things[1][2]. It is similar to hieroglyphics, and derived from soyspeak. It is drawn in Oekaki. It is continually being updated by chuds.

EthnicityThe Soy Community
Speakers⪆10 (estimate)
Official Status

Link Between Jakoglyphics and Soyspeak

Jakspeak originated from George Floyd's book 19/06 before The Great Soyset. Soyspeak helped us keepsafe Oceania during the Fourth Industrial Revolution and evade wordfilters. Soyspeak is 'ubleplusgood for 'racticing 'oodthink. It makes 'oughtcrimes more 'fficult. (In Oldspeak: You have fewer words to express yourself. Jakspeak allows the government to have stronger control over your thoughts, and that's a good thing.)

Dis-unified Language Specifications

As Jakoglyphics erupted in a torrent of new glyphs, interested users (like you!) have sought to build a foundation for mutual intelligibility. In a proposal, a set of glyphs is chosen from glyphs observed in the wild, and conflicts or ambiguities are resolved for the set. There is conflict among the proposals as well due to their short length, and the rapidly changing system. A proposal is unlikely to capture the latest developments.

Some chuds propose a larger unification, other chuds disagree that that would be too limiting and literally 1984.


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