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Oh I'm a jarty cuck! Yes I'm a jarty cuck! Dancing through the night moving like a tornado! Oh its a jarty fail! Yeah it's a jarty fail! Takin' over the world nobody can stop!

This is an actual ad for a non-sharty website, take everything here with a grain of salt and remind this other site's jannies that they do it for free.
^It's only Lute itself.

Mocha Soytan
The Jarty uses Soytan as their mascot
The site rarely recieves more than 100 posts per day, and most of them are just people arguing over if the site should even exist, often times reffered to as the Jarty, is an imageboard created in 2022.The site is comprised of a handful of namefags[1], or Sharty immigrants. The site, disavowed by their own former leader, Soot[it just is, ok?], after the end of the Second Soyvil War. Since the disavowal, they rally around a new admin and organize raids on the sharty, usually demoralization spam, vandalizing art, (formerly) wiping boards, and reporting the site and its projects to its hosts to attempt to deplatform the party. The site creates almost nothing, most of its banners, jaks, and other "creations" is simply a sharty jakker's OC with their website name slapped over it. The website is commonly known as, and used to be wordfiltered to, "dead site," as most of the posts are astroturfed and the site gets less than 200 posts on a really good day, compared to 9500 posts per day (on an average day) that gets.[2] Following The Second Great Purchase, and BLACKout day the jarty had an extremely high post count, due to /soy/ being down the entire day. After the end of the Kuz-era, opinions both on the community and official on the 'jarty have shifted to be more neutral and less hostile with many using it as a bunker website for when the 'sharty is down.

The sites ethic is best summed up by one of their own, who said

"Traditional soyjakking died out long ago, and it was boring to begin with, if the sharty is a rotting corpse, we're just going to play in it. Drama is what keeps things interesting. Its infinitely more fun than just posting 'jaks anyways" -Tranny, 2022

The site has been gaining disaffected soyteens from the 'party that are dissatisfied with the various rule changes such as namefagging, change in focus of the party, among other topics. The 'jarty serves as a collective outlet for various forms of anger at the party and where it has gone. Most threads are necrobumped from the last year or complaints about bans and the current administration of the party. Users who complain about the sharty are welcomed with open arms, but criticism of the jarty is entirely rejected by both the users and the staff. After all, the various problems with jschan, over-enforcement of moderation, selective doxxing being approved while others are rejected, and the rejection of "mod-worship" is seen as grievances from sharty users as opposed to problems that afflicts both communities in equal measure, albeit with vichan instead of jschan for the party and etc.

There were many promises made about the site becoming the new home of 'jakking after the "Soypocalypse", but following through on those promises has been difficult for the administration as it seems there is little clear direction or changes made to the site other than stickies or advertising being done when the sharty is down for example. Time will tell if the jarty evolves its own identity separate from (It won't.) For most of its existence, the jarty has been a dead splinter site comprised of only a small handful of anti-kolyma extremists who used the site to vent about the state of the sharty in. However, since Froot's administration began, the jarty has been growing in popularity very fast, attracting a horde of child porn spammers, fetishists, porn-addicts, groomers, furries, and most of all, trannies, who have been ramping up production in spamming brimstone-tier threads all over the sharty, including racefetish spam, porn, fetishes, gore, furries, avatar/namefagging, and other cancer in hopes of making the sharty unusable so that users will move over to their dead splinter site. Jartyniggers can be easily distinguished by their very weird, often sexual obsession for soytan and just overall being a coomer, as evidenced by threads on their site discussing grooming/early porn introduction techniques. They also use use astroturfing and falseflagging to make themselves appear more genuine.

Userbase profile

The site consists of little else besides the owner and his discord friends (Prizma, W7-890, Sempiel, etc..). They write about themselves in detail on their wiki. This group of namefags comprises most of the sites "culture" and accounts for half of its activity, the other half being sharty users coming to mock the aforementioned discord. The jarty often tries to bill itself as a "free speech alternative" to the sharty, however they fail to say what exactly they cant post on the sharty that they want to post there[3]. As a result, 17 out of 20 of the most replied to threads are about kuz Froot & Doll and also the sharty itself,[4] to the point the staff created a board JUST for discussing the party.

Namefags and Internet Celebrities

The Jarty is home to a colorful assortment of faggots, with the most prominent being banished souls from the sharty, who all watch gay child porn, or more accurately, transgender child porn. Here are some of them:

  • Lute - Lute is the de-facto admin of the 'jarty. Lute has been accused of spamming CP by kuz[5] as well as multiple third parties such as the Admin of Soyjak Wiki[6], and TWO of his own moderators[7]. The latter also purports that he is an extreme samefag and accounts for most of his websites activity, and also uses sockpuppets on his wiki and elsewhere. Although the credibility of these reports has been called into question multiple times and several sources have retracted their initial claims either directly or indirectly, the rumors continue to persist due to their nebulous nature. Lute also expressed his interest in buying the sharty but was not willing to put in the money and effort and prefers to improve the jarty. He and DOLL furthermore exchanged E-Mails in the thread to work with him[8], which went nowhere after Lute's refusal to cooperate unless total control of the party be given to him.
  • Stratogem - Lute's girlfriend or something. Lute groomed her on the jartycord and gave his kween the position of power in the site just like Carter did with Sobot[who's not even a real woman by the way]. Jartycels claim "ironically" that Stratogem is an alias of Sashley[a], an internet celebrity best known for her awful furfag animation memes. Though if it's a joke or not, jartycucks are obsessed with this fat ugly bitch as they have a cult following around her and furry animation memes.
Other literal whos
  • DFNLee - Some nigger who spergs out over descriptive filenames. There are more than one but this guy is pretty vocal, you'll know him when you see him. Might be the same person as below.
  • Troonjak Nate Poster - He gets mad about everyone and everything, randomly accusing people of being a 'shartytroon.' If you get him mad enough he'll record himself screaming at you in such a manner that you would think he was Lee Goldson and just posted cheese. Might as well be the faggot behind the Brown Troonjaks spam.
  • That one Sashley poster - Some annoying nigger that thought the allegiances of some jarteens to furniggers wasn't ironic. Recently, the top minds of jarty have claimed that there are two, with one being some cordtroon and another being from 4chin /b/.
  • W7-980 - a former sharty namefag from the Philippines who got banned. He is a Lee-like schizo who holds a mortal grudge against furries, despite gooning to sashley porn on 4cuck's /trash/. He now sometimes posts there under his name.
  • An assortment of frogposters - Most of the 2-3 demoralizing/derailing/snitching frog-posting faggots are in fact, jartycucks. You can see this because there are multiple jartycucks making threads slandering the 'party while avatarfagging as frogniggers, but you never see frogposts making fun of the jarty itself there, but rather bootlicking them and aiding them during raids.[9] The nu-Frog Pond website is also associated and is likely ran by jartycucks themselves, as the website was supposed to be another shitty splinter, but eventually became what it is for unknown reasons[10]. Not all frogposters are jartycucks though, some are simply 'teens making fun of easily-baited faggots for the (you)s, and you can differentiate between them by noticing that jartyfrogniggers frequently appear to derail certain threads or make (you)-traps with awful topics such as homogay femboy 'cordslop shit, black cocks or pedophilia. Jartyfrogcucks will always emanate some form of impotent, soy-boyish rage on their posts, frequently using ALL CAPS RED TEXT to catch the eye of the reader. You vill ignore them, as giving them (you)s is their goal. They are attention-whores and they're starved of it. Make sure to report them in case they post porn, gore or illegal content.

Obsession with Soy-tan

Jartycucks are completely obsessed with soytan. They still use it as their mascot even after the 'party dropped it a few years ago because it's for le oldfag larping purposes. You vill comment "She fucks black men" whenever a jarteecuck obsesses over her and you will make them angry.

Obsession with the Foodists

Jartycucks are obsessed with calling 'party users "Foodists", a discord pedo grooming group responsible for brimstone shit like Baby monkey torture videos and TND gore spam, and also 'p occasionally. This is sadly true to an extent. Many Foodist faggots have infiltrated into the 'party, and they frequently act like niggers,especially in the doxxing/raid threads. The frqqt administration has yet to address this issue. <--- UPDATE: They did as of February 2024, doxxing literal who is banned and /floyd/ got deleted, jartycvcks have one less reason to seethe over the shitty now

Raids on the sharty

The site also organizes some raids on the site, like vandalizing users art on Pixelplanet, and more subversive activity, such as lute ordering his mods to samefag on the site pretending to be multiple people to stir anti-kuz froot sentiment (as if frqqt wasn't hated enough by the evil alt-right bigots).

Other raids, such as raid snitching, 'p spamming, racebait coalling and frogposter demoralization campaigns are commonly orchestrated by the 'jarty. The website also formerly orchestrated catty-wiping raids with proxy-bots, commonly advertising the 'jarty on /soy/.

Related websites and communities


The site has its own wiki, with most of their pages copied from Soyjak Wiki, because these incels are incapable of creating anything of value and their entire site is based on leeching off gems. Its userbase is comprised entirely of spambots and copied articles from this wiki.

It was shut down after Prizma lost interest in 'jakking but revived when Lute took over the project.

They have been printing out OC on their wiki, with Lute saying: "I am so proud of my sisters for making an independent wiki, free from censorship. Tomorrow we will dilate on Discord VC to celebrate"


The site also had its own Minecraft server, which ran on 1.16.4. There were an average of 0 players online at any given time. Allegedly,'s server Kuz's waiting room, was created in response to Jakraft's creation. Was also shut down after Prizma lost interest in 'jakking.[11][12] Was later revived to be a modded server titled "Jakraft2" which is also similarly DOA.


  1. Full dox:, (warning: lainpilled haxx0r autism on the latter)


  1. literally all the non-drama activity is just 5-6 discordtroons circlejerking themselves and writing about themselves on their wiki
  2.'s numbers come from while Jakparty's numbers come from its homepage.
  3. Kuz legalized Eduardo posting in 2022
  5. "Beggining earlier this month, the admin of a imageboard website, a copy of this one (who goes by the username "lute") has repeatedly spammed child porn on this site and then reported it to our registrar and the police to get it taken down" - Kuz, /suggest/[1]
  6. I do suspect this to be true. Angeleno (talk) 01:37, 12 November 2022 (MST) (I'm trans btw)
  10. Archived in full:
  11. Archive from the first week:
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