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Jesus Christ, the man himself. OMGHISA

Jesus is the central figure of Christianity and the most influential person in world history. He loves you and died for your sins.

Jesus was born in Bethlehem to Mary, who conceived her son miraculously. His birth is celebrated on Christmas. He began to teach and accumulate a following before eventually being condemned to death as a result of Jewish subversion. He was crucified and rose again three days later, then he talked to his friends. Then, he ascended into Heaven.

His disciples would go on to continue spreading the gospel. This Great Comission is mainly referenced at the end of the gospel according to Matthew, and the result is documented in the book of Acts.

Other Interpretations

There are varying interpretations of the significance of Jesus in other worldviews. Muslims believe Jesus (PBUH) was a Prophet. Atheists do not believe Jesus existed, or if they do, they think he was either a good teacher, or a madman.

There are also many other worldviews on who Jesus was. Some western Buddhists consider him a "Master" and Japan has a schizo story about how he swapped places with his brother and went to Japan.[1][2] There was also a dude in China[3] who claimed to be the younger brother of Jesus, then 30 gorillion chinks died.[4]

Jesus was a pretty cool guy i guess.


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