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This page is haram
The subject of this page has been disapproved by Allah and is considered haram

Do not trust any infidel you see. Read every page in the Quran to learn the truth.

This page was written by hateful chuds!
This page contains content with far-right themes such as bigotry and racism.

Watch the alt right playbook and read the alt-right glossary in order to debunk the heccin bigots.


>Soy Vey!

Judaism is a religious minority of somewhere around 14.88 million people. Jews mostly reside within Israel and America, but also have a widespread diaspora around the world.

Modern Jewish culture is descended from the Ancient Israelites, who largely converted to Christianity and Islam, or willingly emigrated from Syria-Palestina and found employment in the Visigothic Kingdoms were genocided 6 thrembillion times by Roman Emperor Titus.

Zionism is a product of the Modern Jewish desire for a homeland. Many locations, such as Madagascar, Antarctica, the Argentinian-Chilean Patagonia, the Moon, (((Poland))) and the Jewish Autonomous Oblast were considered, but ultimately rejected for not aligning with schizoid kabbalic tennets appearing in the Bible. Other measures such as reviving the Hebrew language, forcing palestinians into crowded ghettos, stealing middle eastern cuisine and turning golgotha into a parking lot.[THIS DID NOT HAPPEN GOY, PLEASE EAT YOUR BUGS AND DRINK YOUR COUGH SYRUP.] These measures have been taken to make Israeli citizens feel like they have truly returned to the bronze age.

A bone-chilling, character development-driven, emotionally-draining, genre-defining slow-burn looping gif of an evil jew with laser eyes

Jews bad even doe they are the real life version of soyteens (we got kicked out of 109 boards and Jews got kicked out of 109 countries)


According to peer reviewed studies, Jews are the cause of everything bad that has ever happened and function as an evil, semi-omnipotent hive mind responsible for controlling the media, turning women into whores, importing immigrants into the west, grooming children into trannies and worst of all, stealing incel chins. As such, they have been relentlessly persecuted throughout the ages: in Europe, many millennia-old christian traditions and tales regarding the jews and their conduct have paved the way for genocide and expulsion - meanwhile, in the Near East, similar Quranic verses that justly demonize the jews led to mass jewish exoduses because of local hostility and attempted pogroms.

Jews pride themselves in their acceptance of all races (despite their hatred for Tunisian and Ethiopian Jews) THIS IS NOT TRUE, YOU WILL TAKE YOUR MEDS NOW!!

Notable inventions

Judaism in the Soy Community

A jewish family

List of canonically Jewish soyjaks

In relation to Soot

Many chuds have speculated that Soot has some amount of jewish blood influencing his behavior; however, this dangerous conspiracy theory has been widely debunked and repeatedly attacked by credible scholars of the jewish tradition and other renowned experts on the topic[it just is, ok?]. Soot is NOT jewish[it just is, ok?].

In relation to Max

Many chuds have also speculated that former NSS director, Yuriy-Kuznetsov Trust co-founder, and former sharty administrator, Max is also of jewish heritage. These beliefs were cemented when Max initially offered to sell the sharty to Doll for $6,500 before pulling out and starting an open auction with a starting bid of $7,000 - a move that only the slimiest of jews would have the gall to pull off.

On July 18, 2023, Doll confirmed on Telegram that Max was actually jewish, shocking no one.

On July 20, 2023, Max further confirmed his Jewish heritage by forcing Doll to run ads on the Sharty, specifically those promoting an industry his kind pioneered.

In relation to Froot (Unsubstantiated section needs cleanup)

First mentioned by a Israeli Ip, Puts Ads on the sharty. loves posting Gay Porn and brimstone, good relations with faggots like Angeleno.

Is French therfore likely that xhe loves Israel and jewish people, since xhe hates Muslims and is White

Hates Muslims who are the main enemies of current Judaism.. is publishing a shitty FNAF clone and uploading it to (((Steam)))

Bans people for the slighest reasons, lures his opponents into (((Open Air Prisons))) and then bans them..

Datamines and put Google Ads on the party.. Banned all VPNS and Tor nodes to stop """Pedophiles""" even doe they still post since they just use proxies and anyone who doesn't want to get datamined has to expose their ip to the big fat Kike..

Was found half the site's userbase under him during late october were ((('Cord))) trannies. Allows nashit and discord to rule over /soy/ while xhe sits on xher hands like Doll but doesn't have the excuse of having a family and job like him..

Is the 6th Offical Admin.. Listens to nigger music and promotes sodomy and gay sex to the most likely underage userbase permeantly tainting their minds with his phallic and grotesque imagery...

Is the shittest Admin since Max... took all the credit for ressurecting the site when in reality Dr E was the one who brought the sharty back up (even doe Max is Dr E), stopped CSAM and slayed the Baby bot.. before he was mysteriously replaced as lead Admin by (((Froot)))...

Has his goons as SoyBooru ban and block all new soyjaks or variants and forces his discord tranny brimstone... is a general cunt and waste of oxygen...

Confirmed by an anonymous source to have Jewish Heritage...

Is most likely The Anti-Soot in disguise..

Will go to the pits of the hades when xhe dies and will stay there forever...

Racemixing and (((Blacked Porn)))

A Jewtube ad, advocating for racemixing

Jews love to advocate for racemixing and pornography. If you mix the two you get a type of interacial porn known as "Blacked", a subgenre of porn that tells our precious vvhite vvomen to start dating and having sexual relations with Blacks (even doe white women were obviously built for dat BWC). Israel itself is an ethnostate (they won't let you be a citizen if you don't worship Moloch or Baal) and yet promote garbage to western culture to weaken the white man's vril. You can see this happen to America with white men having significantly less testosterone than 50 years ago due to Tranny media and products with High amounts of Soy and seed oils, meaning less children, causing a decrease in birthrates while black men fuck multiple white women without protection (their primal brains simply cannot fathom that condoms prevent child support) (even doe, condoms are also a machination of the Jews, or something) and cause an increase in blacks (>and coincidentally crime but don't worry about that goy, also you owe me reparations for killing my family or something). You can see jews on the sharty every day, larping as trannies or 4cucks, trying to racemix 4cucks (pedophiles) and soyKINGS (Even doe, 'jakkers come originally from 4chan, or something) . Every day 4Pedocucks (even doe someone told me is actually Der 'Cord, or something) try to raid the sharty with 'P, NAS, "(brown skin people) are actually le aryans or something" posts and post shitty ragebait, albeit jannies deal with retards like this daily (even doe, they mostly don't delete half of that crap in time because they probably are Jews too something).

(((Israeli Soyjak)))

(((Israeli Soyjak / קורנליוס האיום)))

Soyjak variant
Booru Posts 139 As of October 27th, 2023
Traced From(((קורנליוס האיום)))

(((Israeli Soyjak))) is a front-facing 'jak based on the youtuber (((קורנליוס האיום.)))

What Jews believe in

Everything said in here is what the halacha says and has proof for it. Denying the proof here is denying the Judaism itself. (esl award)

>These are acutal stuff in the book. This is what they worship and believe in. take note of Aboda sarah 37a. Chud commentary: these are quotes from Talmud and from medieval rabbinic texts (even doe most of them are misspelled). Jews do really think this thoughever

A 9 year old child can consent. (Proof and exact text for this)

ADD MORE HERE(can we add more here)

Remember that confronting them about this results in them denying everything. Their book could literally say "kill everyone who isn't a Jew" (erm chud they do) and they would find a way to defend it and say "No he meant x instead of y your just interpreting it wrong" these people have the biggest mental gymnastics of all time.

This one is spelled right

See also


  1. Almost all the scientists who worked on the Manhattan project were somehow linked to jews, a proposed explanation would be that they did NOT want Nazi Germany to win the war.
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