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Kiwi Farms
Internet Forum
FoundedFebruary 4, 2013; 10 years ago

The sharty also does this notwithstandingeverbeït

>we must archive everything we know about the life of some internet autists or however the A is logged

Kiwi Farms is a pretty keyed internet forum in which some absolute retards discuss "people" whose bizarre online behavior has earned them the label of "lolcows," because they can be milked for lulz. Kiwi Farms is said to stalk, harass, and dox said lolcows, but this is mostly a lie perpetuated by Twitter trannies and BMT “people” currently down because Elliot Fong, alias "liz fong-jones," doesn't like people knowing he rapes random women with "consent accidents" for fun Long-Dong-Gone will never be a woman. Lucas Roberts, alias "Keffals," alias "Clara Sorrenti," didn't like getting called out for grooming little boys in his private Discord server (he called it "Catboy Ranch"), either, and the two of them, along with other pedos who got doxxed, pwned, and mocked, have been organizing DDoS attacks against KF ever since.

Interactions with soyteens

  • Kiwi Farms had an active thread on /qa/ while the board was still unlocked[1]
  • Kiwi Farms has a thread about the sharty, with many of the participants being soyteens themselves[3]
  • vinluv has an account which counts i guess
  • Kuz has an account.
  • Doll has an account.
  • Though there are a lot of 'teens that have been banned by nypajannies, So if you're going to start a raid over there make sure it's a good reason.
    • In case you have info about the 'cord, hand it over to the Kiwibros, they want to help in taking it down


Until 2013 Kiwi Farms was known as CWCki Forums (pronounced “quick-iii”) which has roots with Encyclopedia Dramatica, which itself has roots with 4chan

The CWCki forums were dedicated to discussion of Chris Chan

The name was changed later on in 2014, with the name now being due to many lolcows (most notably Parkourdude91, a.k.a. Jace Connors of Deagle Nation fame) mispronouncing the name as “Kiwi Farms” instead of CWCiki (due to autism).

The website's forum software is XenForo, though they could have their license revoked by them at any

As of late, Kiwi Farms has extended from strictly "lolcow" discussion to General e-drama, world events, and e-celebs.

A while ago Kiwi Farms had a gemmy lawnmower man stream on cytube in which 'teens cobbed up a bit too hard and the chat got nuked

The Fall (September 3 - 27, 2022)

A Canadian groomer tranny Lucas Roberts aka Clara "Keffals" Sorrenti got mad at farmers laughing at him so he together with his loyal troon harem whined until Kiwi Farms’s DDoS protection service provider abandoned them and then DDoSed them to oblivion. Despite his best efforts, Kiwi Farms eventually returned on September 27, 2022.

The site has been running smoothly[it just is, ok?] since, however there has been the occasional troon DDoS. The troons are just about as good at being hackers as they are at being women.


  1. eventho it's champthom as CWCki Forums