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KnowYourMeme, also known as KillYourMeme, best known by its acronym KYM, is a website that is supposedly dedicated to documenting memes and hosting meme images.

Despite ostensibly being a meme site, KYM hosts an enormous amount of tranime, [1] furry, [2] and My Little Pony "art", [3] much of which does not conform to the common definition of "meme", instead being crypto-pornographic drawings lifted wholesale from sites such as Pixiv (a Japanese art sharing/social media website) and Twitter. [4]

Mad at Soyjak memes

So it's all fine and dandy when a meme you guys like gets spammed to death (or shit, it doesn't even have to be a real meme at all, just an image dump article like Helltakers or whatever). But you can't handle it when the site is used for its intended purpose of documenting memes (be it unpopular/hated/obscure)? Maybe they're not the problem, you guys are.
Carrie Enright, brave KYM user best known for standing up to degeneracy and hypocrisy [5]

Soyjak has an article on KYM whose image gallery is an excellent resource for soyjaks, despite being controversial with the site's userbase [6] and prone to being vandalized by the site's moderators, who are a little too trigger-happy with the "delete" button when it comes to soyjaks. Many KYM users object to soyjaks being posted there, but some are ambivalent, [7] neutral, [8] or even supportive [9] of soy posting on KYM.

Those in favor of posting soyjaks on KYM argue that soyjaks are a meme that must be documented like any other, while those opposed claim it is posted far too much, clogging the site's image feed.

The soyjak article's image gallery has been "raided" several time by various keyed soybros from the /qa/ board of 4chan. [10] These heroes bravely ventured to hostile territory, where they were baselessly accused of "raiding" for daring to document a meme that the KYM population disliked, and were relentlessly harassed by KYM's userbase and banned by its moderators.


To the blissfully naive outsider, KYM looks like a comprehensive dictionary of memes, nothing more, nothing less. Dig a little deeper, however, and you'll find a complex, twisted culture that in its darkest reaches houses pockets of rank degeneracy. Every conceivable fetish and paraphilia has been posted about, depicted, and defended. There are rumors that the KYM staff allow this because the page views on pornographic content are all that's keeping the site afloat. The KYM community is rotten to the core, filled with zoophiles, pedophiles, and tragic political partisans who police every facet of the site, pointlessly debating anyone who will engage with them, fighting imaginary battles that make no difference to the world and serve only to bring a flickering iota of dim satisfaction to their worthless, otherwise joyless lives.

KnowYourMeme users are quick to become enraged at memes they don't like and anything else that might disrupt the flow of softcore porn uploaded to the galleries. When the slightest inconvenience arises, they flock to the forums to whine. [11] They also stalk the profiles of anyone they disagree with, downvoting every single comment he makes.


KnowYourMeme is a hotbed of autism and degeneracy. People who come to the site expecting memes will be sorely disappointed, as most of the site's images come from a fairly small group of coomers who obsessively spam the image galleries with non-memetic, crypto-pornographic "art". To make matters worse, these images are impossible to avoid, due to both their quantity and the presence of another group of users who rabidly comment their sexual fantasies on these images and their associated articles, keeping them elevated in the "Trending" section and thereby burying any actual memes on the site.

A revolution of non-coomer users would be impossible due to KYM's moderators, who wholeheartedly endorse, condone, and turn a blind eye to this rampant degeneracy.

The KYM Banwave of 2021

Oldtroons can do it too

Around mid-2021, some oldfag KYM users were banned. The banwave started with two notorious coomers: Icecane, best known for typing disgusting essay-length comments on smut images, and openly fantasizing about the sexual offenses he wished to commit on various cartoons. The second coomer was Dracorex, an autistic, 30+ year old zoophile fond of derailing threads by offering unsolicited information on his sexual preferences. [12]

In June of 2021, two more oldfags were banned: Vinluv Handesbukia and Mr Croat, both occasional 'party and /qa/ users. The reasons for Vinluv's ban is unknown, but has been theorized to be due to his documentation of 'jaks. However, adding to his almost endless crusade of getting unbanned from the many websites he lurks (YouTube, FunnyJunk, etc.) Vinluv has stated to be in contact with co-creator Don Cadwell and moderator Phillip Hamilton to get his account back. Further information is unknown. [13] The Croat was banned due to allegedly sending users "transphobic insults". [14] In late October, Vinluv got unbanned through the help of Don Cadwell. He has continued to maskpost as usual.

Notable KYM lolcows

Below are listed some KYM users notable here for their involvement with 4chan,, and/or soyjaks in general.

Name, account link, and profile picture Description
Mr. Croat (formerly known as "Croatian Bastard", before that: "markochan")
A Croatian artist and meme-maker who is active on KnowYourMeme, /qa/, and His opinions on soyjaks are complicated; he has tried to stem the flow of soyjaks to KYM diplomatically by venturing to /qa/ and politely asking that they reduce the amount of soy posting taking place on KYM, however he rarely reacts to soyjaks with the same rage as many KYM users and has even made many 'jaks himself, mostly punisherjaks (soyjaks with the comic book character The Punisher's face edited on). He was in cohorts with fellow artist/former Know your mememer Vinluv Anton Handesbukia (or VATH) who befriended the Croat over shared interests and later used Croat as a drug mule to smuggle maskposts into the site after his banning. He was banned on July 27 2021 for alleged "transphobic insults", as part of a larger oldfag ban wave.
Various soy posters (pictured: albinorhino)
Multiple gigachads from /qa/ began soy posting to KYM in September 2020. They extracted large amounts of seethe from KYM users simply by posting a few MS Paint drawings of a screaming bald man, and exposed KYM's solipsism and insanity when KYM users reacted to every new account that posted 'jaks by accusing them of samefagging and schizophrenically babbling about other soy posting accounts. Since then, a few other accounts have posted soyjaks on KYM in significant quantities. Some KYM users known for soy posting are listed here:
  • southern yeehaw and albinorhino - Two of the OG soy posters from /qa/ - both banned.
  • green light and peanusweanus - Two soy posters who worked in tandem as part of a subsequent wave of soy posting - also both banned.
  • originalusernamemaybe - A committed archivist of 4chan memes ('jaks included) who has survived the banwaves by bootlicking KYM's users and moderators and taking care to avoid being perceived as a "spammer" by leaving fair amounts of time between image dumps.
  • Linkzor24 - At first glance, just another anime-spamming coomer, but this user also posts 'jaks and other 4chan memes and is irreverent with and critical of the userbase. Most users who act this way would quickly be banned, but Linkzor has somehow avoided this fate - likely by being an oldfag who keeps the toilet bowl that is KYM's galleries overflowing with anime images, or perhaps by being part of a Discord cabal with the moderators, which has been posited as a way of avoiding getting banned. [15]
Square Memester
Average coomer KYM user who particularly dislikes soyjaks. Fond of calling soyjaks, and indeed any wojak-related meme, "crap-edited". [16] [17] [18] [19] Despite this, he still occasionally posts 'jaks found elsewhere on the internet. [20]
Depiction of KYMtards attempting to stop /qa/ from documenting memes.

Soyjak.Party Article

On the 15th of February, 2023 KYM staff member Philipp created a Soyjak.Party article. The article itself is inoffensive.

The Refreshening

Once soyteens found out about the article, reception was mixed. Some thought this would kill the sharty. One teen made a thread demanding the page be given millions of views. 'teens started using auto-refreshers and add-ons and the page reached over 80,000 views until the butthurt trannyjannies reset the counter back to 2k views.


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