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Kolyma Dating
Online dating service
FoundedNovember 13th, 2022; 1 years ago

Kolyma Dating was a cross-network dating service ran by KolymaNET. It consisted of 19 chatrooms in total, allowing for two users to occupy a room to talk.


The idea for Kolyma Dating was announced on November 3rd by Kuz on Telegram[1]. On November 12, he officially announced Kolyma Dating on November 12th[2] alongside a preview screenshot of the site[3]. Kolyma Dating used code from the earlier Heyuri Dating.[4]

It briefly launched the day after at 12:00 PM EST for a 4 hour test run, with the text, but was closed a little over an hour. Afterwards, the site redirected to a message from KolymaNET's Internet Services Directorate that stated the following:

"The program has concluded earlier. All matched contacts will be offered positions within the network and certification of union. 6 successful matches. Thank you for your participation, it may re-open in the future."

Later, Kuz went onto a thread on /soy/ discussing the website and revealed that the site had closed due to "underaged Ukrainians trying to sell pics of themselves", and as such the site would not be coming back[5].


An example of a Kolyma Dating chatroom.

The site consisted of a total of 19 chatrooms, two of which (13 and 14 respectively) are designated as "TR - Halal". Each chatroom was capable of hosting up to two users at a time. Users could either enter a vacant room and wait for another user to enter, or simply enter a server of someone waiting. They could also enter a small tidbit about themselves, and select their sex as either Male or Female.

Whoever joined a chatroom first would control it, being able to clear the chat or kick a second user that joined. If a user attempts to leave a chat room, confirmation pop-up with the text "You just leave. may i?" shows up.[6]

At the bottom of the page, there was a notice with the text "WARNING: Homosexuality is against the law," as KolymaNET prohibits the promotion of LGBT.[7]


According to Kuz, most of the users were trolling rather than using it for its intended purpose. However, there were at least 12 users who actually attempted to e-date, as KolymaNET announced there were 6 successful matches.

/soy/teens agree that Kolyma Dating overall was coal[8][9].



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