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On december 17, a Soyteen going by the name of Chud pondered as to what the mysterious deformed video of "The Lawnmower Man" was about.

By making a spectogram of said video's audio, then elongating it, another Chud was able to find a 5 character code, then, after, someone had the idea to put it in the 'chive (, which redirects you to actual 'p.

One of the videos posted

Said 'p is a Krautchan page of little girls porn.

TLDR 'p archive code is embedded onto the audio;

CONTROVERSY AND QUESTIONS: people are denying the actual presence of the 5 character code in the audio itself, and are asking Chud to show his work.

Who made that original video and spammed it on the 'rty?

How come that this 'p comes from Krautchan, a site that has died 5 years ago? Krautchan is still alive it just changed its name to kohlchan