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Kurwa guy

Kurwa (or kurwagem) is a meme originating from /int/ and /qa/ comprising of IAS gems involving extreme (or light) contemptuousness against Poles, usually made by Gemposters from aryan countries. The origin of Kurwa (or kurwagem) as a whole is still unclear, yet it has been ramping up even outside /int/ and /qa/, mostly posting usually on /soy/ in the form of comics and other memes featuring the Kurwa guy caricature, which are often based off hilarious videos of beavers ("bober") such as this one. The kurwa guy is also known for being in a romantic relationship with a chicken, which he calls "da cheeken". Below is a tear-jerking, awe-inspiring, A24 slowburn scene of kurwa guy saving his chicken from danger:

The kurwa bóbr hates kurwa guy very much for always filming videos of him, and he often physically attacks him in retaliation.