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To be researched: Does Kuz truly exist? Who is Eduardo Foltz and Carter? Is Max Kuz alter ego?. Can (You) help us?

Fact check: TRUE

During "Kuz's" reign as admin, there was much speculation that "Kuz" was not his real identity and perhaps didn't exist at all. Inconsistencies in Kuz's backstory lead to further speculation as to who "Kuz" truly was. When Froot became admin it was revealed that Kuz, as well as Max, Dr. E, and Chood were all alter egos of a 19 year old named "Carter" living in Tennessee.

Eduardo Foltz

Shortly after Kuz's acquisition of the sharty, dataminers used reverse search technology to find Kuz's private social media. Leading him to private and unprivate them several times over the next few days, as well as heavily censor discussion of them. Interestingly, these accounts were made under the name "Eduardo", leading some to believe that kuz's real name is actually eduardo or that kuz is simply hiding is true identity and "Eduardo" is a stunt double.

meds now eduard is just some construction worker

albeit he didnt comment on kuz and he privated his socials the second people started jerking off to him

kuz is carter who is eduardo????

maybe someone find him and harass him


During a recent thread on /q/, Froot has stated that Kuz is not a RuZZian bbc slut,(even doe we all already knew that) but in fact a pedophile from Florida named Carter and also wordfiltered "Kuz" to "Carter". However, he did not provide any actual evidence so it's not unlikely that Froot just made that up.

^ i already knew this because i was off my meds and not taking my BBC since froot is admin 6


No, Froot is not Kuz. You WILL take your MEDS!

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