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This is a transcript of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBHMzvaS-Eo

DOLL: Hello everyone, I am DOLL, the manager of the moderation team for the party. Today we will be beginning a new Q&A series with the current administrator of the party, Kuz. All questions today have been gathered from posters on soyjak.party, and if your question wasn't covered in this video, we plan on having more to come. And with that out of the way, are you ready Kuz?

kuz: I am.

DOLL: Alright, awesome awesome. First question is, what made you decide to come back to the party? You had a lengthy post on Telegram where you criticized sites such as the party, Kiwi Farms, etcetera.

kuz: Well, I had obligations to fulfill to DOLL and to Max and everyone, and it doesn't bother me to come back and help where my help is needed.

DOLL: Right, right. And I appreciate, thank you very much, I appreciate your help.

kuz: You're welcome.

DOLL: The second question is, from the users: Kuz, we worry for your health, are you okay?

kuz: [laughs] Yes, I'm doing very well, thank you for asking.

DOLL: I assume your treatment's been well?

kuz: Yes, everything's been going better than I thought it would be. As far as treatment and everything's going, it's progressing well, I'm not worried about anything sudden happening.

DOLL: Alright, cool, awesome. Third question is, how long do you plan to stay admin for?

kuz: The foreseeable future.

DOLL: Foreseeable future?

kuz: Yes, there is no planned end in sight.

DOLL: Okay. Cool, cool.

kuz: Not to my knowledge.

DOLL: Not to your knowledge? [laughs] Fourth question is, why did you buy the party in the first place?

kuz: I've always had an eye for potential in people and in websites and businesses and investments, and I just thought it had a lot of potential. I think that was proved right.

DOLL: You also enjoyed it a lot, from what I remember.

kuz: I did, yes. I did enjoy it.

DOLL: Great. The fifth question is, will you be making changes to the site or leaving most of the changes to Doll?

kuz: I don't have any changes planned. I don't think I'll change anything. DOLL is helping me. Nothing that happens at my level will be done without the approval of the other guys.

DOLL: Who's the other guys?

kuz: You and Max.[1]

DOLL: Okay. Yeah, I was just wondering, because people are not too familiar with Max right now, so.

kuz: Yes, I'm sure people will get to know him.

DOLL: Great. Sixth question is, how did you deal with your AIDS diagnosis, and what would you say to people in similar situations?

kuz: Well, shock first, obviously. I should have been better prepared. I guess the biggest, this is very cliché, everybody says this, but the most important thing in these life-changing situations is to not panic. I panicked and acted erratically and made mistakes, but it would have been better if I had remained calm, but as time went on, I did calm down and accepted what happened, and I guess the only advice I could give for other people is to just... not panic.

DOLL: It's obviously a life-changing event, but you have to go through something like that to know that you're on a time limit.

kuz: Right.

DOLL: Anyway, our seventh question is: what do you have to say about the leaks where a moderator accused you of posting homosexual and borderline pedophilic content at times?[2]

kuz: Could you ask me that question? That IP address didn't- doesn't belong to me. There are terrible things that people said I did, but the IP address resolves hundreds of miles away in Maryville, Tennessee. I live in Memphis. The IP address was shared with four other people, four other admins. So Kaguya, obviously, he, I talked to him. He had posted a lot of reprehensible things, and people call me a homosexual. I'm not, obviously. People just infer things based off of your personality and things you say, but I'm not a homosexual, no, or a pedophile.

DOLL: Right, of course. I've met your wife. I know how she is.

kuz: Yes, people just, people want to infer things. I don't know how people can ask that question to me.

DOLL: It's okay. It's how the internet is, my man. That's how it goes. Everyone gets hit by stuff like this, but we'll move on from that. Eighth question, how negatively or positively do you think taking the role of hosting sites such as GUROChan, Heyuri, the Sharty, VidLii, and others has affected your personal life?

kuz: Well, there was a positive effect because I like the users. I love the users. I like providing for them, but there was, of course, a negative effect, too, which was that it took a lot of time for my family. It took more time from just life in general, but I have mixed feelings about it, but, you know, the time has passed.

DOLL: Right, you can never get it back. Sorry, man.

kuz: That's part of coming to terms with everything. I can't always get everything back, but I have to view things through a realistic light. There was positive and negative aspects of it.

DOLL: Of course. Our next question is, what do you enjoy doing in your free time?

kuz: I like to cook a lot. I've been cooking a lot recently.

DOLL: Cooking's awesome.

kuz: I love cooking.

DOLL: Yeah.

kuz: Yes.

DOLL: You've been cooking. You've been walking around recently. Uh... what's it called?

kuz: Well, no, not really.

DOLL: It's something that's been going on Telegram that I've seen, but...

kuz: Yeah, well, I've been at times constrained to a small area, like a courtyard, but I have taken more time outside, yeah, like you said.

DOLL: Right. That's good. Question number 10 is, are monthly live streams like DOLL had planned going to continue to happen? If they are, are you planning to be part of them?

kuz: I don't know. There's two things. I don't know, I don't think I have the time to do that every single month, and two, I don't know if enough happens in just one month for them to justify a live stream just every single month. That seems like a lot to me. That's why I didn't really do it very often. I think for me, I don't know what everyone else would be doing, but I don't think that I could do that every single month.

DOLL: I had initially planned in my live streams that I was going to do it maybe once every three months or maybe even once a year.

kuz: Once a year sounds good.

DOLL: Yeah, but a poll, I decided to do a poll like I often do, and the vast, vast majority of people wanted one every single month, so I was like, okay, I guess we're going to do one every month now. Just whatever comes to mind, whatever people ask me. Stuff that's going on on the site, et cetera. I have both of them still up. For whatever reason, they weren't taken off of YouTube yet by the Jannies, so I suppose here we are. Got to figure out something to talk about next month, so the next ones do. Next question. Is the 4chan deal back on the table now that you're back?

kuz: I know Max didn't want me to give lame answers, but I can't answer that question.

DOLL: Okay. Can't answer the question. Okay.

kuz: Just one question I can't answer.

DOLL: Oh, you're going to love this next one, then. Number 12. Who is Eduardo Foltz?

kuz: Heh. Uh, a gentleman.

DOLL: Gentleman.

kuz: That's my answer.

DOLL: Nothing more.

kuz: People always want things about my personal life. This should be questions about the site, but that's my answer. The gentleman. That's all I'm saying.

DOLL: All these questions were sourced from the site, by the way, so they're just things that people tend to talk about. It's all good.

kuz: Right, right.

DOLL: We can always figure out other stuff to talk about.

kuz: There will be more about that in the future, I'm sure.

DOLL: Okay. There you go, Foltz.

kuz: *chuckles*

DOLL: Number 13- oh, did you want to say something?

kuz: No, no, no. Go on.

DOLL: Okay. Number 13. How are you planning on spending your next decade?

kuz: I want to have a family. A son. I told you I wanted to adopt a son. Or a daughter. I spend a lot of time with my niece today and I've brought a lot of things into this world, but I haven't brought any life into this world. I think that would be a wonderful thing I could do if I was able to bring positive life into the world. That's what I want to spend my next decade doing.

DOLL: That's a very lovely goal, personally.

kuz: That's what I would love to do, too.

DOLL: Next question. What's your opinion on Joseph Stalin?

kuz: That's a weird question. I think... That's such a strange question. Joseph Stalin, he's... There's good things and there's bad things about every leader. You can be a good leader and a bad person. In China, when I was in China, there was a rule about Chairman Mao: 70% good, 30% bad. I think that you could apply the same rule to Stalin. 70% good, at least.

DOLL: He did do some good stuff.

kuz: There was some bad stuff he did. There was bad stuff, but there was terrible things that he did. But the Nazis were terrible people. And he defended Europe from that.

DOLL: He was the one that stood up.

kuz: He was.

DOLL: Next question. Is your personal blog coming back? I assume they're talking about the Netmode link.

kuz: No. No. I don't think. Maybe the writings could come back. I don't know if... There's silly things written there. Maybe I could transcribe it somewhere else.

DOLL: I think that's what people are looking for.

kuz: Yeah. There's some good writing.

DOLL: Next question. Number 16. What will happen when you or DOLL or any other former Kolyma affiliate all decide they don't want to host the site anymore?

kuz: If for some reason all three of us decided we didn't want to host the site anymore, it'd disappear. Right? If everyone just decided to up and go, it'd disappear. That seems pretty clear-cut to me.

DOLL: There you go, folks.

kuz: If DOLL and me and Max... I don't really think that would happen. But if it did, I guess it'd just vanish.

DOLL: To allay any... What's it called? Worries. I will be here as long as I have to be. As many hours, as many days as I need to be. I'll be here forever, for all that I'm concerned about.

kuz: Yeah, pretty sure. DOLL isn't going anywhere.

DOLL: Number 17. How much did the party cost to purchase?

kuz: That's a... That's a... Me and soot, we agreed to $2,000, Was what we agreed on.

DOLL: 2,000 [dollars]?

kuz: 2,000 [dollars].

DOLL: People have been tossing around $5,000, $2,000, $600 for many months at this point. If I remember.

kuz: Maybe I said something else at some point. But the answer is 2,000 [dollars].

DOLL: Okay. 2,000 [dollars]. Number 18. Will you be handling the ban appeals again?

kuz: No. That's your job.

DOLL: No, folks. It's all me. Number 19. How was your trip to Washington, D.C.?

kuz: Oh, it was very good. I took some pictures and videos of some shrimp. And I couldn't go to all of them because of time restraints. Max wanted me to fly back before I could spend as much time as I wanted. But it was very enjoyable.

DOLL: I've only... I think I've only ever flown through D.C. I've never gotten to walk around. It's always been something I wanted to do. Go to D.C.

kuz: Yeah, I walked by the White House, too.

DOLL: You didn't see any weirdos there, did you?

kuz: No.

DOLL: Good thing the news is keeping it honest: There's no weirdos in Washington. Anyway. Question 20: Final question. If you could give everyone here a bit of advice, what would it be?

kuz: Spend more time with your family if you have one to spend time with. If you can, call your mother, hug your father. Spend more time with your family. Too many young men out today are too disassociated with their family. It makes me really sad. So if you have a family, you should call them. If you have a mother still, you should call her.

DOLL: Important advice from me, just as an aside. Your friends that you have right now will probably disappear within five years. No matter how good of friends they are, they'll move on. They'll go do something else. Your family is always going to be there. Your family will be there.

kuz: That's true.

DOLL: Even after they're gone, they're still going to be with you, so make sure you cherish those memories.

kuz: Yeah.

DOLL: With that, that is our first Q&A concluded. Kuz, thank you for your time.

kuz: Thank you very much for having me. It was a very enjoyable time.

DOLL: Of course. I've loved it. I will see you all on the party. Thank you very much, folks. Bye-bye.


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