Kuz (Soot's perspective)

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Yuri Mikhailovich Kuznetsov (30 June 1988), also known as kuz, and k♡♡z by his fans, is a 33 year old twink and Soot's personal fleshlight. Kuz is gay and he WILL let you know that. He is one slutty website host, thats for sure. Kuz can often be found jerking off to sissy hypno porn and stretching his asshole with a BBC dildo after a long day of shitting up the sharty. Kuz has a sex harem of 13 year old boys he calls NSS that flood websites he wants to own with child porn. This is unsurprising considering the fact that Kuz loves his underage cousin, who he often practices sucking TLC's with. Yes folks, this is one slutty Russian indeed. Kuz gives Pinejak a run for his money, he sure does.

Soot pounding Kuzes pink russian hole.

Source of his Homosexuality[edit | edit source]

What a slut!

Most experts agree that Kuz is a raging homosexual because he was raped while serving in the Russian military. On that day, Kuz learned how much he loved cock. Kuz loves nothing more than to please a man. Kuz loves Soot's cock, Lemon Nojak's cock, his cousin, and his harem in that order. This isn't your average slut. No, no, he is the sluttiest 'jak in the seven seas! Kuz is like a robot with one prime directive, and that is to get on his knees and take cock. Oh, behave!