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Yuri Kuznetsov
BornYuri Mikhailovich Kuznetsovm, June 30, 1988 (1988-06-30) (age 35)
Bologoye, Omsk, RSFSR, USSR
Occupation(s)Network Administrator, Money Lender, Dataminer
Best known forKolymaNET, involvement in the 'party
SpousesMasha Kuznetsova (m. 2006; w. 2009)

Unknown (m. 2011 d. 2014)

Natalia Kuznetsova (m. 2021)
IAS?Varies. See: Yurijak variant

Yuri Mikhailovich Kuznetsov (30 June 1988), also known as kuz[1], and k♡♡z by his employees, is a 33 year old Russian business tycoon, attention whore and prolific dataminer[2] to the 'party[3]. Kuz is the founder and administrator of the Kolyma Network[4], a Russian internet company which provides services such as webhosting, server rental, and VPNs (but at the cost of datamining)[5]. He also used to administrate Heyuri[6] , and his Company is known for hosting many imageboards with questionable contents (Gore porn, loli, etc.) and backgrounds (hosted before by sellouts) , such as Gurochan[7]. He also employs flase-flag tactics and lying to get whatever he wants.


Kuz was born in 1988 in Omsk, Russia , several miles from the Kazakh border.[8][9] Kuz is married (even though there's no proof),[10] He lives in Memphis, Tennessee after allegedly fleeing the Russian Federation for tax evasion.[11][12]

In 2005, kuz started a Russian textboard website called 9channel[13], which was notably the first Russian textboard.[14] The site grew but never became particularly active, although kuz likes to pretend it was "the biggest anonymous website in Russia", though this is very easibly disproven. The website was widely known to be only a hotbed for the sharing of illegal material, pirated movies, and "crime announcements", or posts announcing or displaying small crimes (like vandalism) anonymously. The latter became such a problem that it is specifically written into the Kolyma Networks rules that "crime announcements" are banned, although this did little to curb the problem. The website was shut down in 2017 along with most of kuz's websites.[15][16][17]

Proof of the existance of 9channel is scarce as users of the website were generally rather secretive. There are no public archives, as kuz refuses to release any, the site also is not on archive.org or archive.is because it is was tor-only.[18] There is however a "Devyach" (9ch in Russian) twitter account which contains a tor link and was created in 2009.[19] This is very likely the real 9channel as it cites its location as Omsk, Russia, and contains a common 9ch slogan in the description.[20]

In 2008, kuz contracted HIV from a prostitute on a "business" trip to poland.[21] Critics suggest he actually contracted it from being brutally raped in the Russian Military, which is a common occurrence.[22] However kuz never actually served in the military, citing poor eyesight.[8]

Political opinions

Kuz's political opinions seem to "change" to appeal to as many people as possible, as he wants their trust so he can datamine them.

Source of wealth

Most of his money was gained through an illicit exit scam.[23] He has said on a few occasions that it was from "smart investments" and "good luck" though this is not true.

Relationship with Soyjak Party

The Yurijak variant is a uncommon but quickly growing soyjak variant depicting kuz.

Kuz has been subject to multiple controversies throughout his career.

Kuz is best known for for being the center of several major controversies and drama on the 'party, such as CP spam, DDOS attacks, attempts to overthrow soot, wiki vandalism, pro-kuz propaganda spam, psy-ops, doxing, bad-faith arguments, and others.[24]

Reception on Kuz amongst 'party users is negative. A vast number of 'party users critisize him, citing CP spam, threats, hypocrisy, and more.


These contributions are part of a coordinated effort to mentally manipulate and demoralise the party's userbase in preparation of a possible takeover.

A more "soy" version of the classic yurijak

Even tho bbc

Kuz seems to have kickstarted this meme in early November 2021. Though he has noted that he was not the first to make such a thread, he did popularize it by flooding the entire catalog with >even tho bbc spam and BBC gibberish in December of 2021.[25]

Attempted purchase

On January 25, 2022, Kuz leaked emails between him and soot wherein soot offered to sell the 'party to kuz.[26] However, this thread turned out to be a troll. Soot did actually try to sell the site to kuz[26], but after things cleared up in his personal life and he changed his mind, with kuz apparently making this thread just for some (You)'s after he knew the deal fell through.

The deal was for 600$ in bitcoin in return for ownership of soyjak.party and a backup of the site on the day of the transfer, effectively giving kuz complete control over the site.

Amongst the leaked emails were multiple emails to soot which soot answered that contained requests for IP's of posters on the 'party, as well as requests for thread deletions for 'legal issues'. Whether soot accepted these requests is unknown.

February 16th Debate

On February 16h, 2022, after hours of kuz-related spam and severe wiki vandalism, soot and multiple mods finally broke and banned kuz from the wiki.[27]

The ensuing chaos marked the singular largest kuz-related sperg out since the 'party began.

Soot's accusation

In a kuz-related thread, soot made a post with the revalation that, despite leaving, kuz was actually still in the 'party, and in this very thread.[28] The thread blew up seconds later. Many users were skeptical and offended that soot was leaking the location of a user, and many more were gleeful that soot finally took a stance on the kuz issue.

Kuz's assorted responses

Kuz posted in the thread repeatedly.[29] He explained how he had left when he had, and that people who supported him were simply his actual grass roots supporters. He also quitely admitted to having members of the NSS patrol the website[30]. In a touching moment, kuz even said it "hurt him" to lecture soot so harshly, and he wished their relationship was better[31].

Soots mood noticeably changed after kuz started responding, ending in them agreeing to "reconcile privately" through email.

Users response

Many agreed with soots distaste of kuzs' behavior, many of those same people berated soot for leaking private details of a user, while assorted anti-kuz personalities such as the morrocan, swede, and israeli also dropped in to give their 2 cents.[32]


The first ever filter was implimented in the party because of the thread, turning "kuz" from "im trans btw".[29] This thread may also have marked a historic moment in the change of soots attitude towards kuz.

Second Soyvil War

On February 21, after a Janny went rogue and deleted multiple threads and permabanned some users, as well as a mod going rogue and posting an tranny anime character with his capcode on, Kuz announced he was making his own 'party, known as soyak.party. [33][34] After Soot leaked dms between him and Kuz where he threatened to "ENACT THE PLAN TO DESTROY THE PARTY," many party members went there to mock him. Kuz then leaked their IPs in retaliation, causing more 'jakkers to bombard his website. Kuz subsequently shut the site down, but another user claimed he was responsible for the shutdown, by "exploiting flaws" in the site". The soyteen spammed another site using the software, Gurochan, but failed to replicate it, likely proving that it was kuz shutting it down. Kuz also redirected the site to a blogpost he made about health.

The 'ru was also deleted temporarily in the chaos, but the admin said it'd come back.

The dailyjak reported that Kuz had vowed to destroy the sharty by all means, but later edited it after saying that kuz had reached out to them and said it was "misinfo" and that he had never said anything of that sort.

Chuds hit kolyma, raiding Gurochan, the spamlist, and signing up kuz's wifes email to spam. The NSS responded by wiping many pages on the wiki and spreading demoralization threads on /soy/ for hours. By 1AM, the fighting had ceased, with no major changes on either side.

By the end, little trace of what happened was left. Soot or a similar mod deleted most drama threads on /soy/ and kuz's mods erased all traces of the raids on his sites.

This event saw many 'party users who formerly supported him turn away from his new extremist ways, especially after he leaked the IP's of people who spammed his website. It also saw the final friendly link between kuz and soot severed, as both swore hatred against eachother. Within minutes of the war breaking out accusations began flying, with both kuz and soot accusing eachother of spamming cp on eachothers websites, with soot even claiming that Kuz had doxed him privately.

Relationship with other websites

Despite widespread hatred on the 'party and other sites such as kissu, kuz has a massive base of supporters in Russia[35], specifically on his own websites, such as Heyuri[36], 9channel[37], Vidlii[38], and the Kolyma Network.


Kuz's favorite one, according to himself. His supporters there number about a dozen, because the site is incredibly small.

Devyach (9channel)

The first website kuz ever made, all the way back in 2005. User estimations range from 1,500 to 20,000, with kuz claiming over 1,000,000 users. Regardless, it was significantly more active than Heyuri, likely equal in size to or larger then the 'party itself during its hayday in the early 2010s. However kuz wad forced to shut it down in 2017.

His popularity there is massive, with several "9channel" discord servers popping up during and after the 2017 collapse, which kuz sometimes visited or even owned, where he would nearly always be met with circlejerk praise.

In January of 2013, 9channel users attempted to rig a public vote for the name of a new Coal Power Plant (how apt), proposing it be named the "Y. M. Kuznetsov Power Production Plant", however the vote was cancelled. This later became a meme on 9channel.[39]


In february of 2022, kuz bought Vidlii.com, an american video sharing website. The site was in complete disrepair and was about to be shut down when kuz bought it.


Kissu is an american /qa/-based imageboard, of which kuz was formerly a part of. Kissu and Kolyma had a brief war where cp spam was exchanged before both sides banned mention of eachother.

The war was very unpopular in Kolyma since many Heyuri users enjoyed kissu's content, but kuz reiterated his "pro war" stance and the sites name was banned and its Owner (Kai Nicoll Griffith) added to a list of "Enemies of Kolyma" in September of 2021.[40]

Kuz leaking the IP of a user who criticized him.


Kuz falseflaging as pedo 'jakker

Kuz has been subject to multiple controversies throughout his career.

Child Pornography and Pedophilia Allegations

Kuz is a commonly cited suspect for the constant CP spam[41] that has plagued the 'party. Critics allege it's in Kuz's best interest to shut down the 'party as he sees it as a rival[[. The CP spammer only ever comes online when Kuz is also online, which could mean that they are the same person.

In February of 2022 another wave of CP and kuz drama hit /soy/ as multiple subtly edited bait and switch videos appeared on the 'log, using a number of famous soyjak videos with CP spliced in to wage psychological war on 'party users.

A person alleging to be kuz was seen in a Discord screenshot, wherein a user known as "Pollyanna" was repeatedly accused of being part of an "all-swedish pedophile discord cult" where users worshipped a 12 year old girl known as "Hexagonalpeach". Pollyanna never denied his involvement with the group, instead claiming that the group was harmless and it was kuz who was antagonizing them. After a long argument where "kuz" posted several pictures showing "hex cultists" trying to entrap and frame him, the thread was deleted and the argument stopped. It turns out it was a corporate joke between Pollyanna and the cult, he even larped as the infamous swedish girl having a "comeback", being a 14 year old boy from London, reasons for these events suggested that Pollyanna wanted to frame and dox Kuz through grooming him therefore posed as a little girl that Kuz allegedly had previous relations with, sourcing from that Kuznetsov had joined the cults discord server that still is up and fully accessible.

Similar events that point toward this narrative were compiled archives of the 9channel discord, whereas it had shown that Kuz also posted actual child pornography of children between 8 and 14, to no surprise considering Kuz is a tor-frequenting, imageboard-hosting schizo. In the beginning of these allegations Kuz repeatedly tried to conceal it by saying it was all just an edgy joke and that it was also "unclear" that they were so young.

The rules on kuz's favorite website


Kuz, or at least his company, is public about his datamining . His company's protection service, the NSS, openly admits on their site that their goal is to:

The NSS is tasked with a variety of tasks, such as monitoring dangerous users, cooperating with the surveillance office to collect and catalog information on certain users, remove internal and external threats, and ensure the social integrity of the whole of the Kolyma Network.

The Network Security Service has been involved in a number of scandals and blackmailings, as well as false flag operation, psyops, and even assasinations (seriously).[42]

Controlled Opposition

Kuz deliberately hires people to hate him, then makes them act as stupid as possible to give the illusion that his enemies are retarded.

Rychuvak Scandal

Kuz was involved in the creation of a bitcoin trading platform which mysteriously disappeared in 2018, causing about 250,000$ in bitcoin to be "lost". According to kuz, his partner "Vass Boldizar" took the servers with him, left and was never seen again.[43]

Manipulating the dailyjak

The dailyjak is a pro-Kuz soyjak-oriented propaganda telecommunications network which regularly provides news posts and updates on the latest trends in jakking. It regularly provides news and updates on the 'party, and if they involve kuz, they are careful to not portray him negatively.

Tax evasion

Kuz fled Russia in 2014 for tax evasion.[44]

Anti-Vaccine disinfo

Kuz regularly retweets anti-vaccine disinfo on his twitter account.[45]


On January 26, chuds called out for Kuz's websites to be DDOS'd. Minutes later, the 'party started issuing "DDoS attack warnings" and forcing users to click verify (dox themselves to the NSS) before they could post.

Kuz once hacked the imageboard of one of his rivals and made it redirect to an expose.[46]

Support for the Democratic People's Republic of Korea

On November 26, 2021, Kuz allegedly retweeted[47] a conspiracy theory alleging that the 2014 Sony Pictures hack was a false flag operation by the United States government to damage the international reputation of North Korea.

Downfall and dissaperance

In early 2022, once it became clear that Soot would not sell him the 'party, Kuz entered into a deep depressive state and noticeably changed. On February 5th, 2022, Kuz made his final post announcing that he was leaving the scene forever.[48] The next morning, the US State Department announced that Kuz had been found dead at his Memphis estate.

He is buried at Staro-Vostochnoye Kladbishche cemetary in his native Omsk, Russia.

>Actually he just made a troll post and is still here, Soiteens seem to be incapable of ignoring a bait as long as the topic is somehow related to kuz, which is evident just by taking a quick look at the recent state of the catalog, where kuz is mentioned about 150 times.

Alleged sightings

There have been NO sightings of kuz. He is NOT alive. You WILL take your medications.

Actually he just made a troll post and is still here, Soiteens seem to be incapable of ignoring a bait as long as the topic is somehow related to kuz, which is evident just by taking a quick look at the recent state of the catalog, where kuz is mentioned about 150 times.

See also (datamining link, do not click)

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