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Warning! The following may feature disinfo, psy-ops, or other infohazards created by the CIA. Proceed with caution.

The Kuz is Trump Theory is a dangerous alt-right conspiracy theory that the former admin Kuz was actually the alter ego of former United States President Donald Trump.

When you really think about it the timeline really matches up. ‘Kuz’ first started to become known around the same time as Donald Trump’s election defeat and banishment from mainstream social media platforms. Kuz then suddenly became inactive around the time that Trump became campaigning for the 2024 presidency, and then announced his departure from the site around the same time as Trump’s indictment.

The two share similar writing styles, as shown on September 17, 2023 when The Dailyjak alledged that Kuz said the following words, in relation to Froot/the Soyumvirate: >"Terrible people. Absolutely terrible how they are running things. Never seen someone as incompitent. Terrible what they have done to that site. The polls show they want me back. Look at the new guy, let's call him 1 percenter because thats what he has in the polls. And they want me back, yeah. Is it 60%? 70%? [Reffering to seperate poll] They messed up. They hate that guy" [1]

On December 2 2023, Froot stated that Kuz actually lives in Florida which is also where Trump lives. Still think its just a coincidence?

As of today, this theory has yet to be confirmed nor has it been debunked.

On March 3 Kuz made TheKuz.win, a site literally named after TheDonald.win, and the favicon of the site is literally a picture of Trump himself. STILL NEED MORE PROOF? STILL THINK ITS A COINCIDENCE? ITS AS OBVIOUS AS CAN BE.

Later the site changed to this:

I am working on a new site to go here. It's going to be a blog about the things I care about. Please consider following me on Gab. Campaigning for a christian america and advocating to protect american rights God bless. Not involved in anything about imageboards anymore. Just a man trying to spread the good word.

- "kuz"

read my telegram post:

Beware of people who said I became such and such or joined some sect or religion. You can only find reliable information here. Not on imageboards, facebook, VK, twitter, instagram, etc Since a fake image circulated recently (which accompanied the image I posted above) saying I became a Muslim or am a Turk, thats not true. I am in Turkiye, but I am a life long Christian and proud supporter of some organizations that me and my colleagues are a part of. In specific, during my dark times, I joined the «Family Federation for World Peace and Unification», a wonderful christian organization in the USA which is supporting Americans god-given rights to liberty, 2nd ammendment, etc. And I consider myself an American since I spent alot of my life there, even if I am not technically an American by blood, its a spirit, and I have the spirit. 🇺🇸 I love jesus. Don't let people deceive you about my intentions. Again, I am not following the imageboard world anymore, but I did recently write some stuff on a website about things doll said. Ultimately, I may take it down soon because I dont want to start drama with him, no matter what he says. I honestly was just surprised to see it. I reiterate my position about recent things, I am a proud christian. And I extend my warmest gratitude to Reverend Min who brought me into his wonderful church. Thank you again to him and the Unifications Church, you have my sincere, whole hearted support, whatever that means. I also extend gratitude to various people on Gab who introduced me to the truth about America, Qanon, Donald Trump, etc - I am so surprised and learning more and more every day. God bless. 🇺🇸✝️ >


Froot is Trump

They are both orange idk. You will NOT investigate.

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