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Kuzism, also called Kolymaism is a soylitical philosophy which was developed by former admin, Yuri Kuznetsov. Some of the major aspects of Kuzism include board consolidation, pro-zelligism[1], anti-frogniggerism[2] and the desegregation of IAS and NAS. Those who follow this set of beliefs are referred to as “Kuzists”. Kuzists, more so than Sootists, tend to be patriotic about their website and leader, and support outsiders referencing sharty culture as they want it to spread so the site can be more influential. Kuzists also tend to favor a more authoritarian culture. Kuzism can be seen as the sharty form of progressivism as it encourages new and NAS topics as opposed to sootists.

Kuzism and Grey Kuzism (Dark Kuzism is considered irrelevant and not viable according to the author of the poll) is the third largest soylitical ideology behind Frootism and Sootism, at around 22%.[3]

Main tenets

It is characterized by a blend of liberalism, coal mining and state capitalism. The ideology emphasizes the importance of coalers and offsiters, viewing them as the backbone of soyciety.

Kuzism advocates for a cooperative relationship between the coalers and 'jakkers to establish a government that supports NAS on /soy/, populism, main boardism, and freedom of speech (with certain limitations). It values offsiters highly, as reflected in policies that aim to increase the presence of NAS on /soy/.

The ideology is also marked by its opposition to conservatism and IAS purism. Kuzism is culturally left-leaning and libertarian in principle, but it is critical of one faction of shitposters dominating over the others.

In essence, Kuzism seeks to create a site where communities work together, with a focus on equalitarian values and the well-being of all citizens, particularly those in marginalized cultures.


Many 'teens (mostly Dollists) dismiss Kuzism as being an ideology which fosters a cold, oligarchical culture with a weak line of communication between users and staff. However, Kuzists are quick to point out that they appreciate having more of the important tasks being handled completely by those who are well-experienced with the site and all its technical shit.

Dark Kuzism

When Kuz returned briefly, Kuzists hoped for a new era of Kuzism called Neo-Kuzism, but better known as Dark Kuzism. However, this fell through when the Second Great Purchase happened instead. Dark Kuzists tend to be more rebellious than regular Kuzists, and believe in a harsher stance against NSFW.


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  1. kuz praised the zellig banner efforts and added it, it was later red under dollist rule who deleted it and was anti-zellig
  2. Kuz banned frogposting from /soy/ due to popular demand
  3. https://strawpoll.com/BDyNE3Q78ZR/results