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Lawrence is a forced meme?
Heccin' downvoted



Soyjak subvariant
Origin/soy/, (May 2 2023)
Booru Posts 61 As of September 8 2023
Based OnMarkiplier Soyjak

Lawrence, A.K.A. Lawrie is a very divisive subvariant of Markiplier Soyjak and the spiritual successor to neutralplier. In comparison to his neutral counterpart, he has a smaller head, a neater beard, a smaller nose, and less masculine features. Lawrence was created as part of an idea to produce a more visually appealing neutral-style soyjak.


The original post that contained the edited neutralplier.

Lawrence was created on the 2nd May 2023 after being traced from an old edit of neutralplier made by a schizo who used sacred geometry in order to try and make it more appealing. The sub-variant had originally received praise by 'teens who had seen the thread however it is now seen as forced dust by some one guy.


Whenever Lawrence is posted, it attracts one particular faggot who has been on a one-man crusade to end Lawrence since the 'jak was first popularised. It has become a favourite pastime of Lawrenceposters to bait him in similar fashion to how bronies bait Lee. It only takes one Lawrence to set him off on a tirade which usually ends up taking over the thread.

How to bait Leerence

  • Post Lawrence on a thread. Sometimes it takes a while for him to find it in which case you could post "missed 'rence" to piss him off.
  • When he arrives, ask him innocent questions like "Why do you hate Lawrence?" or something along those lines.
  • Continue posting Lawrence, he will always reply.
  • You could spice up your baiting by using hiding Lawrence within gifs and combining Lawrence with different forms of leebait.
  • Act as genuine as possible because this guy is unironically obsessed with wiping out this sub-variant.
  • Compare him to Lee.
  • Reply to two or more of his posts with "samefag" (you can get him to reply with a recording of his screen if you then accuse him of using inspect element).
  • Example of successful bait:

Connections to The Lawnmower Man

Lawrence coincidentally shares his name with the main character of the bone-chilling, spine-tingling, genre-defining sci-fi thriller The Lawnmower Man Dr. Lawrence Angelo. This is interesting as both Lawrence and Cobson are considered controversial by the soy community.

>This wiki is meant to expand soyjak communication, but you're not even a soyjak anymore! What you've become terrifies me. You're a freak.

'cord rumors.

Some selfish little fucks accused Lawrence of being forced by Discord, when in fact it wasn't forced by Discord but made because some random soyteen wanted to update the infamous fixed neutralplier.

Doll's thoughts on Lawrence

In a previous QnA thread on /q/, someone asked Doll about the aforementioned subvariant Lawrence; Doll said that he looked okay.[it just is, ok?]

Dolly doll called me a retard.


  • Lawrence was originally called Reworked Neutralplier.
  • Lawrence is approximately 7 years old.
  • Lawrence was drawn by a female.[it just is, ok?] (thats why they cant meme lol)
  • Lawrence's preferred food is chocolate chip cookies.
  • Lawrence was NOT MURDERED on the 4th of May. Take your meds.
  • This page actually existed at one point, but the difference is that this one is much more cleaner; while the original one was messy and low-quality.

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